Oral sex

My husband finds oral and anal sex disgusting and refuses to even talk about it. He says God would not want a man or woman to commit these acts . Well I guess I am just not as religious because I love them. It took along time but I finally found a couple men that are clean and enjoy just doing the things I enjoy. So I have been having these affairs with these men for about 4 year's. Turn of fate is we got a new church board member and it's one of those men. I sit beside my husband and look across the table as we talk about church business and all I can think about is the wonderful sex we had earlier that day.

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  • God has nothing to do with it. The Bible says it. The Bible was written by ppl. Written by ppl 2k years ago when it was against the law to do such things. Edited by the Catholic Church to serve their own purpose. The Bible is a bunch of memoirs of ppl that they wrote after they lived their lives. So they were retelling old stories. So it wasn't exactly accurate. Then it was translated from one language to the next. Each time the translator added or removed stuff they didn't like. Bottom line, have anal sex. Have gay sex. Suck dick. Eat pussy. Have a 3some. Do what feels good.

  • Ain't religion grand

  • Do what makes you happy , life is to short . My wife had a car accident years ago , after recovering she " found god " and our sex life went to hell ,suddenly all the things we used to enjoy in our sex life were now sinful. Sex was once a month if that with her laying on her back waiting for it to be over. I finally let her convince me to go to her church, after the service they had a little meeting where they talked about how they where going into other neighborhoods to spread the word. I was hanging out waiting for my wife when a woman struck up a conversation with me . It turned out that her husband was a church elder who spent more time with the church than he did with her. That simple conversation lead to a 6 year long affair . Cheating sucks but so does living in a sexless marriage.

  • I know it's immoral , but like you I have cravings and needs. Thanks for understanding

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9: Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men

  • I know this , I must say lust has taken me over

  • You should remind him of 1st Cor. 7:3-5

  • I was once married to someone that sounds like your husband. It literally starves a person for sex and personal affection. I cheated as well.

  • A man just left one of my favorite guy's actually. I have never had such hard sex in my life. My entire body is completely relaxed now. I feel drained.

  • He is oppressing you sexually. Do you. Don't feel no ways about it. Regardless of the haters that will be in here.

  • Ty for your response

  • I would eat your pussy, I love sucking and nibbeling on a sweet clit. I would tease the inside of your pussy lips with my tongue. I would lick up your cum after your orgasm's. Then I would bend you over and ass fuck you until I shot my load of cum up your ass. I would send you home with my cum leaking out of your ass soaking your panties.

  • Oh my God

  • Sounds moral to me Mrs. Church lady

  • I know I am probably going to pay for it in the long run

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