Mom in law staring at my crotch....

Never really found my mom in law attractive until I kept catching her staring at my crotch whenever i came into her sights. I started to get turned on after I noticed that it wasn't accidental. So I would wear boxers or jogging pants which was tight enough to see the outline of my semi hard cock. At this point, the stares became longer, even when there were others in the room. I made I had a semi hard on when I know she's gonna get a view. It was easy too since she would wear tight tees without a bra. White tee so tight I could see her areola so clearly with white soft tight shorts with lace thongs. I guess she wanted to help.

So I would have a good wank fantasising about me just pulling my shorts down when I catch her staring at which point she would suck me off.

One day during her visit, after a night out with her and her daughter, I decided to leave my handphone on video mode to catch her changing out of her tight spaghetti top. Really wanted to see her in the nude. Was so nervous going into the room pretending I needed something while picking up my phone after I knew she was done. Love the video. Finally managed to see her beautiful busty saggy tits. Unfortunately, she changed into her nightgown without taking off her panty. Next day, as she was about to leave, I came out of my room in a sleepy stupor as I went to say bye with my cock peeking out of my boxers as she came up the steps towards me, she looked at my crotch and did a double take. We hugged so tight and I love the way she presses her breasts against me. She took a second look as she went back down the stairs.

She visited us recently, this time I opened the door in just a towel and went back to the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. I folded my towel around me and made sure that from the side, she could see my cock. She pretended to take things out of her bag for a while not far away and as she was in a half squat, I am sure she had a good direct view. As she approached the bathroom, I decided to then say hello and gave a welcome hug. Loved her body against my bare body. As we separated, we stood close and spoke a bit. Her breath was heavy. I couldn't resist so I grabbed her waist and thanked her for a present she had given me for christmas... couldn't find another reason haha. We spoke for a bit in a my hands around her waist. I felt the urge to kiss her, so I pulled her close and chickened out and gave her a peck on the cheek instead. Later I had my music on and waited in my room for her to walk pass. As I saw her shadow approaching, I pretended to put on my shorts with my ass facing the door. She definitely saw it. Wish I had recorded her reaction. Took pics of her panties for some visual. She has such sexy lace thongs. I would love to fuck her but I don't know if she will go that far. Oh well... till then, I shall enjoy the game.

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  • Great story. I feel the same but have not got anywhere close to getting a hug whilst cock is out! Please provide an update (or access to your video clip)!

  • I was changing clothes with the bedroom door open when my MIL stopped by once. She did a double take as she walked by...that second look lasted longer than the first. I catch her checking out my crotch all the time. If we're all at the lake house, I'll get my cock semi-hard in my swim trunks, she always looks. Bet she wonders what her daughter feels when I'm fucking her.

  • The best sexual experience I ever had was with my MIL so if the signs are there and she's willing, go for it. The fantasy and the build up make it amazing.

  • Pretty hot story. I'd love to hear more.

  • This is pretty messed up. Pull yourself together and stop being such a perv. I'm assuming you're an adult. Act like (a responsible) one.

  • Go to another site please and stop judging people.

  • I have a pretty mil. My wife and her look much a like. I have never once permitted myself a wandering thought let alone flashing her. My fil was a Marine and I have seen him mad a few times. My brother in law would beat my ass till I begged for death.

  • You wank to your MIL. Just admit it. You see her all tanned and toned up, wearing a nice sun dress or shirts and her shapely legs. You want that don't you? To kiss her and feel her under you.....

  • I jerk off to my 83yo MIL, Dottie all the time

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