Big cock

I went to the adult theatre feeling horney, watched some of the movie and some of the patrons. This guy moved over close to me and pulled out his dick and started stroking it. I invited him to sit next to me and he moved over. I gladly reached down and started stroking his dick for him. After it got good and hard he put his hand on the back of my head and guided me down to suck him off. I tasted his precum while swallowing his dick and started playing with his balls too. It didn't take long until he started shooting cum down my throat and in my mouth. I swallowed it all and sucked every last drop out of him. He left and another guy sat close to me, he pulled out his dick and it was the biggest dick I have seen in person. I invited him over and quickly started on his cock. It was nice and thick, as I slid my mouth down on him. As he got hard he started pushing my head down on his dick more and more, forcing his dick down my throat. He stopped me and said for me to follow him into the bathroom. I did and we entered a stall, he had me lower my pants and underwear. He sat on the toilet and guided my ass onto his dick as I spread my cheeks for him. It hurt so good as he entered me. I started riding him, taking him deeper and deeper as I rede him. He lifted me off and bent me over and entered me from behind. He shoved his dick up my ass. He fucked me hard, pounding into me. His big balls slapping against mine. Then I felt him start pumping his cum deep in my ass as he buried his cock in me. I felt each blast of cum as it was injected up into me. He stayed buried in me until his errection went away and he slipped out of my stretched and gaping ass hole. We dressed and went our separate ways, him leaving, me going back in the theatre to regain my composure and hopefully suck some more cocks. The rest of the night I felt his cum as it leaked out of me, it gave me the most erotic feeling. Knowing it was leaking out as I swallowed more cocks.

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  • I'm still in highschool, a sophomore and recently tried a big cock. I met this guy, a man when I was downtown and he guessed that I'd fooled around with other boys. He said he could tell by how cute I was and that he could see that I have a boy's ass that's ripe for fucking. I got all embarrassed and started blushing and he then said when he saw me all red, "I can tell a fresh ass that needs fucking and a fresh fucked ass, they look kinda the same!" He then said that " you got one fine fresh ass that needs a mancock. I can tell some cute little boys been wetting his little dick in that perfect little ass of yours, hasn't he?" I nodded, I couldn't believe I nodded yes, it was true, how'd he know it? He then told me I need a man, "Every prettyboy like you needs a man, it's natural." I went with him to a one room apartment, sat on his bed in my underpants while he showered. When he came out of the bathroom still slightly wet but naked I understood why I needed a man. With wide eyes I took him in my mouth and with still wider eyes I took him in my "perfect little ass!"

  • Have you been back to please his cock? I bet you have, I imagine you have let him fuck You everywhere he wants to. I bet you can't stay away from his man cock. Feeling it fill your ass streatching it tight as he goes balls deep inside of you. I bet you enjoy how much cum he pumps deep inside of you. Then you leave and for hours you get to feel it leak out of your ass, as you think about the next time he gets to fill you up again!

  • Sounds good. How big was his cock? Did you enjoy sucking on it? Did you enjoy how his man cock filled your ass, enjoy how it felt sliding in and out of you? I bet you did enjoy how it felt when his dick started pumping cum deep inside of you, how good it felt as it slowly leaked out of you later.

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