Met a shemale from backpage

I'm 43 yrs old recently divorces while I have always liked women I've always had a thing for seeing huge cocks. I started watching shemale and trans porn. I finally decided I needed to explore this and went to back page. Making sure this shemale was the real thing and well endowed by video chat. It wasn't cheep costing me $1500.00 for a night in a hotel. We met for dinner I forgot at times this was actually a guy. It was hard to tell and while her voice was a little raspy. Everything else seemed so female that was until we got to the hotel room. She whipped out her huge cocktail giggling wanting to see mine. It was weird I was a little embarrassed as I did her 9 3/4" long cocktail was more than twice my girth. I'm a little over 5" long she teased mines bigger slapping her cocktail against mine. I got on my knees ducking away and just holding it and admiring it. She was strong as I felt her grab my head she began throat fucking me. I was gagging and choking my eyes watering I could feel in her strength she was a male. A 23 yr old guy the age of my own daughter who now had my ass on my floor and my head bent and twisted over the bed. Her raspy voice telling me how little my price was laughing. I did tell her over the last three days of communication I wanted a bit of humiliation and force. I was trying to get up when I felt my cock and balls in her hand she squeezed and twisted. Little man ate you trying to get away as I was listening with a cock being forced shoved down my throat. I had already puked several times. She pulled out for an answer I told her my balls hurt she let go. Now using both hand my throat was being ravaged I passed out. Waking up to a stinging slap across the face, just look at my cock don't touch she said. I was on the ground her huge cock and balls hanging in my face. Tell me more about your daughter she asked you think she would like my cock. She's very petite and little very sent I'm sure you would make her orgasm. She giggled asking if I would fuck her a bit nervous to admit it I confessed to her in a heart beat. She giggled as she moved between my legs I had told her before this I wasn't sure about sex. I said let me think about doing this as she was rubbing the head against my ass. Try to stop me she said laughing I went to kick her off. We was wrestling and she was so much stronger. I felt several inches shoved up my ass my body went limp she was to strong and her cock took my energy away. Your going to know exactly how much pleasure I would give your daughter. At this point for me there was no pleasure she felt too big and was quickly all the way inside my ass. she grabbed my limp dick laughing. Telling me to make it big and hard and she would stop I tired with no luck it was like her huge cock was blocking the blood flow. She would start pounding my ass then slow down and ask how I was doing. It's a little better then she would start fucking my ass telling me to tell her how my daughter would enjoy her bigger cock compared to mine. She would love it by now I was enjoying her cock and taking a pounding. Thru the night she had her way taking me as she pleased. No condom and she had cam inside my ass many times. It was time for her to go she gave me one last pounding. I laid there my head spinning after as she gave me her card. I was sire for several days and after a few weeks gave her a call. I'm a regular client and enjoy the experience

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  • I worked in a hotel it was very high end lots of wealthy people and high end prositutes I would see time to time. After work I would go into the lounge and have a few drinks and talk to people. This one girl she was very pretty and always around I knew what she was. We started talking and I was buying drinks and flirting and invited her to my place. I didn’t bring up about her prostitution gig she knew I worked here and obviously couldn’t afford to pay for sex. We got to my place I was pretty drunk we started kissing and I reached under her dress. Quickly feeling a huge bulge I jumped back shocked she apologized and said I thought you knew. I didn’t get made and we talked I said I never messed with the same sex. She asked if I was curious I think I’m drunk and confused she laughed saying she better go. A rush surged thru me and I said I wanted to get naked and see where things went. We started kissing and undressed each other my mouth hit the floor her cock was enormous. The girth nothing I ever imagined she admitted to having surgeries to enhance the size. Over 10” long I was jacking her cock and suddenly choking getting face fucked. I swallowed her load and she gave me the best blow job of my entire life to date. She was fingering my ass and said you’ll enjoy it as she started shoving her cock up my ass. I had tears in my eyes she was all man pounding my ass taking control twisting me around. She had a firm grip and my cock and balls that bordered pain like you she giggled teasing me she was allot bigger. We met up having sex for over a year I’ve never had gay sex or sex with shemales since. I admit it was the best sex ever but I love real women lol

  • I can't remember her feet lol I do remember lots of cum not sure as science is bull shit. Since they say everyone cums the same amount all I know is she cam each time allot more than I can. Maybe it's because of the size of her huge balls mine are kinda small like my penis. It does feel weird after she take my ass for a day and shoots 5-7 different huge loads in me. I didn't think I would have actually enjoyed anal but it's amazing. I honestly do still love pushy and date women and enjoy normal sex. But I've become accustomed to being taken I understand exactly why women prefer a huge cock. I did have a one time with a lesser endowed shemale unfortunately she didn't do much for me. I'm sure of I never had been previously fucked by a big one it would be fine.

  • You make me hard bro i always wanted to suck a cock of shemale or bbc does it good to suck

  • It was good to finally explore something I was very curious and desired to try no regrets

  • That is so hot i like how you talk about her cock tell us about the feet and cum

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