Ex wife sex

I visited my ex wife last weekend, went to eat, had a few drinks, started talking about past times. I got a little touchy/feely with her. I started rubbing her back and neck. When I kissed the back of her neck she gave in as usual. I lifted her Tshirt and unhooked her bee for better access. Rubbing her shoulders I slid her bra straps down and had complete access to her beautiful tits! I squeezed them and played with her hard nipples, pulling and twisting them until she started her moaning. I started sucking and nibbling on her nipples. I had her remove her pants and laid her down. I caressed her inner theighs up to her panty line. Gently brushing against her pussy. I felt her getting hot and she started moving so I touched her pussy more. I pulled her panties off and started caressing her pussy barely slipping a finger In between her lips. I leaned down and licked her clit as she grabbed my head and guided my tongue all over her pussy until she started grinding her pussy hard against my mouth for her first orgasm. I licked her and fingered her thru several orgasms until I had to have my relief. I stripped down and she started sucking my dick, she always loved sucking dick and is good at it. she laid me down and climbed on me guiding my dick in her wet pussy. She felt so good. She rode me as I played with her tits. I bent her over for dogie style and seeing her pussy dripping her juices I licked her to another orgasm them shoved my dick balls deep in her. She enjoyed being fucked hard like this so I gave her something to remember. I pounded her until I shot my load deep in her pussy with her grinding against he milking every drop of cum out of my dick. She sucked my dick clean of our juices I dressed and left her. I can't wait for her call for another visit.

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  • Even though I'm remarried now I have been having sex with my ex husband for years. He is the one man that just knows how to make me orgasm . I do feel guilty at times for cheating on my husband but can't resist the sex I have with my ex husband.

  • The thing about our new relationship is we don't have all the daily bs to put up with. We enjoy each other's company more now, doing and seeing things together we enjoy but didn't make time for before. And our sex is great now! She knows how much I enjoy eating her and seeing how many orgasms she can have before she lets me please myself. I love how she tastes and she enjoys me filling her with my cum.

  • You are a better man that me. My Ex and I thought was "supporting" each other after the divorce because of the kids. Then I woke up, I was being played.
    I HATE that bitch I don't care how pretty she is. If I was in the same room with her, after the nauseating feeling of being in her presence passed I throat punch her.

  • Why aren't you two together?

  • Divorced years age. Still support each other. Just live several miles apart.

  • Maybe one day you guys will get back together.

  • It's working good for both of us right now. We go hiking, camping, and enjoy each other's company when we can get together and the sex is great!

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