Stranger sex

I go out now and then telling my husband that I just need a girls night out. My first stop is the local CVS for condoms and lube my next stop is a really nice hotel about an hour away. I sit at the bar in the restaurant and most of the time the first guy to buy me a drink gets a great prize.
The last time I went this really short half balding guy started talking to me, usually not what happens. I gave him points for confidence, he had no ring on, I never take mine off. I looked right at him and asked if he already had a room and he told me that he did and he was staying here all week. I looked him up and down and asked him if he wanted to go there now. He actually asked how much it was going to cost on the way in the elevator, I looked at him and told him that I am just a worked up housewife that is letting herself out.
We got to his hotel room and he was still not believing me but two hours later when I was out of the shower and dressing he told me that I could come back anytime this week. I just smiled at him and then turned to the door.

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