18 having sex with a guy in his 40s

I'm 18, female and just graduated. And I have been fucking an older guy in his 40s. It's been going on for almost a year now. After I broke up with my boyfriend I was just messing around on tinder and got matched with him some how. And after talking for a bit we finally met up and since then we have been having sex.

He isn't timid like high school guys. And he switches it up. One night could be romantic and sweet, the next could be rough and hard. I haven't told anyone about it, except my best friend. I know I can't tell my parents and that makes me feel super guilty but I know they wouldn't understand.

I'll lie and say I'm going to stay with my friend for the weekend and spend the entire weekend at his place. He even encourages me to keep seeing guys my own age, even though I prefer to be with him.

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  • I am 23 and I find older men to be much better lovers than guys my age and I find no problems at all letting older guys pic me up at the malls, bars, clubs hell just about any where.

  • I've been with a few 18-20 year olds. My wife picks them up for her enjoyment mostly...I get her sloppy seconds. ;-)

  • Guy in my 40s, and have had sex with several of the 19, 20 year old hostesses and servers from the sports bar I go to.. They're so sexy, fit, and energetic. One, a gorgeous, super-hot blonde who's now modeling, was so into it that she wanted me to fuck her in her parent's finished basement. I wasn't crazy about the idea of being seen or caught by her father, who was likely my age, but..We did.

    While I've had several others, one of whom I gave a ride home after work, was 18, and serviced me in my car..The blonde was just unbelievable. Beauty, high cheekbones, sexy as hell, great in bed, and a risk-taker..I really miss her.

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