Stepson and daughter have sex

My stepson 21 and my daughter 18 were having issues about five months ago always arguing and fighting over every little thing, I discussed it with my husband and we both thought it was because neither were having or had sex, I knew from their bed cloths they were both masturbating quite a lot, I arranged for my husband to go away for a long weekend so I could have a serious discussion with both of them so I arranged for my girl to go on the pill , even though initially it was very embarrassing I convinced them that they should have sex together and things would get a lot better, we all got undressed and I showed my girl how to suck cock she learnt quickly and they both enjoyed it, then vaginal penetration they were pretty clumsy so I let Paul fuck me while I explained and Linda watched I had a nice cum but did not let Paul then it was her turn they went real well and both had orgasms so I left them to practice.
The following day I taught them how to do anal and 69er's they were getting along fine and loved cuddling and talking, things were going so great I decided to move them into the same bedroom telling them not to worry about closing the door or when they wanted to have sex they could even do it in front of my husband and I if they wanted.
We are all so very happy now, I hope this post help's other parents where the kids may be squabbling


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  • Wow!. What a great mom!

  • I am 27 and since last summer I have been having sex with my step son who's 17 now.

  • I brought our children girl now 19 and boy 17 up to have sex with each other from a very early age, we always had them sleep in the same bed naked most of the time when they were young they always bathed together and I taught them to wash each other paying particular and lengthy attention to the genitals it did not take long and they played with each other most of the time even in the lounge room while watching TV, when they were 14 and 12 we put my daughter on the pill and they started fucking all the time they had done it quite a bit before that, they still have a fantastic sex life and have never ever created a problem for us

  • Your a great mom xxxx

  • Thank you so much I was expecting a lot of negative comments from this subject but looks like a lot might do the same

  • It really is a lot more common than you might think I have had sex with all our children 2 boys 1 girl starting when each was 18 and we don't think it is too strange my husband has not but he is aware of our activities and the kid's now are thirty, twenty eight and twenty five and even though two are married we still fuck just a family thing I think

  • So really nice darling xx

  • My parents went out of town needing to have my little 12 yrs old sister stay with me. I was 25 yrs old at the time we wasn't close with our age difference. It was awkward since I had a studio apartment. With no place other than sharing the bed with me my parents in a rush didn't think about that I'm assuming. Seeing my sister in her short T shirt her sexy legs and pointy tits gave me a erection. My mind was going stupid with sexual thoughts trying to fall asleep. I finally did to wake up in the middle of the night coiled up with her my cock out of my boxers pressed against her flat tummy. I opened my eyes she was sleeping I culled her ass holding her tight. I fell back asleep waking up still holding her she giggled saying I need to pee can you let go of me. She got out of bed her sexy body got me rock hard again. She came back getting in bed cuddling up with me. I slowly gripped my hands around her ass pulling her close to me. Your sexy I like sleeping with you I told her she giggled saying she liked it to. I asked if she wanted to get naked and cuddle closer. She giggled asking if I was going to have sex with her. I asked if she wanted to have sex with me she smiled saying yes it would be fun. Obviously she wasn't a virgin we fucked like lovers for hours. The whole time our parents where gone we fucked. The two of us for about 17 years continued to have an affair even while married to others. My wife caught us one day fucking she beat the shit out of me. She threatened my sister who told her if she tried hitting her she would beat her up. My wife ended up calming down saying our little sex phase either came to an end or she would tell everyone. We agreed knowing our relationship had gotten sexual out of hand.

  • Biggest mistake our parents made was having me and my step sister share a room on holiday for two weeks, two horny 16yos we fucked like rabbits most days, how she never got pregnant i will never know, years later we both have separate families and only us know

  • Not our step kids but our twin teenage son and daughter have been sleeping together almost 3 years now. No fights and very seldom even a raised voice to each other. Daughter is on the pill, no worries.

  • After we married my husband and his daughter moved into my house immediately my son started having sex with her, like me she is very noisey so we moved them into our granny flat they fuck like rabbits I don't know how they keep it up at least 4 times a day every day however life is great and there are no arguments at all

  • Thank you we are going through the same thing I have talked to my new husband and we are going to get our two to start having sex together we think your on the right track

  • I think its all made up in ur head

  • Yup

  • I'm 76 ... and wonder if you could adopt me, please?

  • No, have a wank instead

  • Exactly the same as our two my son and stepdaughter apparently for no reason started picking and arguing all the time it was a nightmare in our once peaceful home we were really sick of it then my husband told them he was going to renovate the second bedroom and they would have to share for a while they were just across the hall and the first night was horrible on the second night they had sex and we have never looked back, we did minor reno's to the second bedroom and put in a heavy duty king size bed with new linen, pillows eta they moved in and life could not be better they even ask advise about new techniques and positions they are so lovey dovey it is not funny

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