I want a female pimp

I'm a guy who loves to crossdress and have sex. Doing it for money would be exciting. But I want a woman to be my pimp.

4.1 years ago

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    • I found a woman who was dominant who agreed to help feminize me and be my pimp. It was fun at first but when I told her I didnt want to do it any more her and another woman who was friends with her beat me up then beat me until I agreed to whore for them. They forced me to work as their sissy prostitute for over a year and I was so scared and miserable . I was forced to whore my sissy ass out at adult book stores and at parties that they found to send me to and made me work for almost nothing. I was working a party that was raided by the cops and spent a month in jail and when I finally got out she had moved and I was finally free

    • An ex boyfriend of mine had the same fantasy as you so I started dominating him and he loved it when I feminized him but couldnt get himself to really go out and find men for sex like a real prostitute .I beat the bitches ass and took him to an adult book store and made him suck cock and I keep all the money . I told him that I am going to keep forcing him and keep the money so he should just do it willingly and I will let him keep part of the money

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