My sexy mom

Im 15 years old, my mom is 39 and she is a very sexy woman. I mean she has nice legs and a very nice ass. Im ashamed to admit I have jerked off thinking about her sexually many many times

It doesnt help knowing that shes dating this guy who is 5 years younger than her and I know the bastard is shoving his cock in her and fucking her brains out every chance he gets. I know it because my mom keeps her birth control pills in her night stand and also because since Im in charge of doing the laundry in the house I can see her undies with semen stains all the time.

For sure it doesnt help either the fact that my mom dresses up with her door open all the time and shes never naked but I see her in bra and panties all the time. Of course she has no idea how my dick gets incredibly hard and I just want to fuck her every time I see her like that.

Sometimes when I jerk off in my fantasy I am just pounding her like a wild animal, I feel bad every time I think about that


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  • Try having your dick hard and tell her am taking a shower and get your dick hard and walk out fully nude with your dick hard and tell her there no body wash and make sure her bf. Is not here

  • If I was you I would tell her men that you will do whatever they want if you could be in the same room when they fuck and will clean up him and her as payment for your cum shot on the carpet LOL for me it was my aunt and her foot long dicked boss that i was forced to serve as the clean up boy!!!

  • ,mmmm my mom was your mom's age, 39 too, only i was just 11, in '92. she was one hot bombshell, her legs were incredibly gorgeous, her hard ass was so tight, breasts were very arousing to look at, her tummy was amazingly flat. i'd had my first incredibly big hardon, and had my first arousing cum at 10, almost close to 11. she'd changed clothes and not closing her bedroom door, i'd gotten hardons just watching her in her underwear, bikinis, whatever. i'd wanted to just sleep with her, my mom was flirtatious with guys alot too, finaly in january ' 92, i'd got my wish, we'd stayed at a motel, my mom loved the inroom hottubs, there that's why. when we'd shared the only bed there in room, she'd willingly shoved her ass at me, my cock got so super hard, i'd cummed through my briefs and through her panty crotch, it'd felt so incredible, and so amazing to feel where her cunt was through our underwear, she even loved the way it felt, and kissed me for it. then in the middle of march '92, it happened, as soon as i'd stripped to my briefs before i got into my play clothes when i'd got home from fith grade, my mom had smilingly told me she was going to have a baby, my baby, our baby, i'd got a big hardon when i'd rubbed her just barely there baby bump, then my mom had taken off her blouse, her almost flat tummy had still looked just amazing, when she'd shown off her bra, those incredibly sexy short shorts of hers, just barely stretched over her barely there baby bump, pregnant or not, her body was just incredibly sexy.

  • My mom was quite nice looking as well, my dad died early at only 39 from a heart attack, she was 36 at the time and I was almost 13. She took it hard and a few times I came home to find her passed out, I thought she was drinking at the time but it was prescription meds. I played with her often, mostly just her nipples and breasts but I did slide my fingers down her underwear or sweats a few times as well. If she knew it she never responded from it. I would get her to bed or just cover her up most of the time but I always enjoyed playing with her nipples.

  • My mom was seriously hot too and when she divorced my father I learned pretty quickly about dates, boyfriends and sex.

    I was aware my mom was sexy and a lot of men wanted to fuck her (and many actually did) but I never thought of her in a sexual way, not like that.

    If anything since she was very open about dating and sex with me she helped me with girls that I would bring to the house. She would let me bring girls to my room and close the door. She knew very well what was going to happen

  • When my mom was that age she'd tan out in a bikini on the deck all of the time. Sometimes I'd even see a stray pube coming out of her bikini bottoms. Without a doubt, I wish I could have (at minimum) jerked out a load on her ass or pussy. She was hot.

  • My older sister used to sunbathe topless every time my friends would come around she would also dive in the pool and come up missing her bikini bottom jump out and run for her towel, all my friends wanted to fuck her but she was just such a tease that they all wanked thinking about her

  • No reason to feel bad about it. Most boys fantasize about fucking their moms, and a few lucky ones actually get to do it. It doesn't hurt to drop a few subtle hints about how you feel about her. If she has the same feelings towards you, she will catch the hint and give you some of her hot mom pussy. If not, just keep wacking off to her fantasy.

  • Check out pregnant mom son story, incest, mom-son incext, young incest, so incest, alot of them.

  • At 39 your mom is in her sexual prime and if shes as attractive as you describe her you are right that guy must be fucking her like a beast and your mom must be loving it!

    You are a young man with a cock and sexual impulses, there is really nothing bad in what you are feeling, your mom is a nice piece of pussy living with you and you want some of it!

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