Sex rage

Ok so... i have to be honest to the people reading. I have cheated on my wife 4 times. And i really wanna do it again and again because the same sex with someone you argue with gets old and boring. Dont get me wrong i love sex with my wife...but sex with different women is amazing. Sex with jay was insane. She was black, thick thighs, juicy ass wich complimented that tasty pussy. I showed her different things and she fucked so goood.. who knew shed sex was thaat good. Next, my girl beth. That petite piece of ass rid me like a rodeo this girl was so sexy and she made ME feel like i mattered.. it was sexy being secretive cuz yanno.. its my wifes bestie. Nubre 3. Raven.... i went to a house party with a friend and met some gorgeous half neked girls. But i got a scruffy/manly look compared to most people my age so this could either make or break you.. lucky for me i was just this girls type and everytime she saw me she tongue tennised my tonsils,Picture a peach ass bent over, receiving your load. currently awaiting results ;)

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  • I don't have an issue with you cheating on your wife, but wrap that dick and don't bring any diseases home to the wife. She doesn't deserve that, and you know it. Also, you will probably be caught. Just be prepared for that. Trip ups can happen so easily and so fast you didn't even see it coming. Happy cheating!

  • Feel sorry for your wife; you must hate her to do her so horribly. Give her a divorce because obviously all you want is to spread yourself around. More than likely on a level your wife doesn't know exists, she probably senses that you are cheating. Women aren't stupid. They watch where your eyes go and how you look at women. Sex with your wife is only old and boring because you aren't man enough to do something about it instead of taking the easy road and cheating on her and any kids you may have. One man on here said he got STD from oral alone. Hope your wife finds out and lets everyone know what kind of person you really are. If you have to break your marriage contract and sleep with a slut to feel like you matter then you must be rock bottom. Grow up. Quit being a loser and give your wife the divorce she deserves.

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