First time 2 cocks, 1 vagina

Ok... As my beauty and I continue to explore our adventurous sex lives - together - I have really begun living the title of this experience "I'll try anything once". She is my dream girl! Most men get together and guffaw about "the wife"... about how they "never get any anymore". Yeah. Wow.

My beauty, if this is a true assessment of many women, not like the others. She is INSATIABLE! We make love for usually no less than an hour, often more! I know... because we have thin walls between us and our neighbors so I put a playlist of songs on youtube (sexy stuff like Lenny Kravitz) to muffle (I think) her very passionate whimpers, pleads, etc.

In my other stories, I share our adventures - but one I NEVER thought I would actually experience beyond watching on the computer was double vagina. Yep. My cock alongside another man's pumping in and out of my beauties incredible (and TIGHT) kitty.

We corresponded with this lucky gentleman via email after posting an ad on CL. Yes, we know... CL can be sketchy. And yes, mostly it mounts to our wasting many hours a week messaging with a guy who may or may not be the one in his pics, answering his questions - and asking our own, etc... only to have him (or her... or it?) disappear when we get to "what's your address?". We never have anyone to our home - again, neighbors... but also because we keep this side of ourselves mostly anonymous.

Anyway, this guy seemed real. He was visiting a city next to ours and staying at a hotel. We arrived, met him at his room, and as he and I got naked - making small talk, she freshened up then joined us. I am tall and suitably endowed, but this guy had me in the meat department. Thankfully I am secure... He grew probably close to 8.5 inches or more in her hand... then her mouth. She lay on her back toward the edge of the bed with her legs spread (A favorite position of hers;0) and I pressed my hard cock deep into her creamy hole. Eventually I told him to come join me and we took turns playing with her clit and tits while the other plunged in and out of her.

Then I lay beside her and told her to climb on top of me (facing down so she was doggy style). She did and guided my cock into her pussy and began riding - giving our friend a wonderful backside view of her holes. I told him to join me in her pussy and he put a condom on and as she and I stopped our rocking and began kissing, I felt him pressing his hard-on against mine as he eased into her pussy alongside me. We double fucked her quite a while, though i didn't dare thrust much for fear I would cum.

We switched so I could watch her ride his cock a bit... then I climbed up behind her and joined him in fucking my beauty.

We both pulled out and I flipped her onto her back again and pounded away - her amazing breasts bouncing with each thrust - until I shot a tremendous load deep inside her.

Stepping away, the friend took over and... I was kinda shocked... fucked my creampie deep inside my woman with his condom'd monster. He had previously written that he too had had a vasectomy and my woman begged him to take his condom off so he could feel the heat of her pussy and my cum. He did and continued banging away. Eventually he asked me if he could cum in her... she and I made eye contact. Of course, hindsight and horniness make me wish I had said yes, but I said no. He continued pounding away and I secretly hoped he would shoot inside her. At last he pulled out. I was right there - helping hold her legs wide and no sooner did his swollen head leave her pussy, the thick ropes of cum began pasting her soft, shaved flesh around her clit and lower tummy. SO much fun. Unfortunately he left for his home state...


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  • I want a marriage like this. :) But I don't want to be called "my beauty" and stuff. Makes me sound like a pet instead of a person/woman. lol

  • Never found two in my pussy as enjoyable as one each in my pussy and bum. too much of a stretch for me
    soph x

  • My beauty has been willing to try anal, but just doesn't enjoy it. And my biggest turn-on is HER being turned on... so her bum is off limits ;) Glad you find it sexy and fun!

  • That is hot

  • Mmmmm... It was!

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