Wife wants him

So we put in a pool with tax money. A nice in ground pool. I had a buddy over last weekend. We were just hanging out, playing PS4 and having some beers. He asked about the pool so we changed and went out back.

I went inside to grab some more beer and my wife said, "Damn, your friend is hot." I said, "Oh yeah?" She said, "Yeah. Looks like he has a big dick too." Now this isn't unordinary. She's always commenting on tits and ass and dicks.

Then she said, "Think he would fuck me?" I said, "Well, you are pretty hot. Prolly." She said, "Would you let me?" I thought she was talking hypothetical. I said, "If you really wanted to." So she went to the bedroom. She took off her clothes and started to put on a bikini. She had just the bottom on (tied at the sides). I asked if she couldn't find the top. She said, "Nah. It's in the drawer. Going out like this." I said, "You were serious?!" She said, "Yeah! I wanna see how big his dick is. If you're a good boy, I'll let you eat my pussy after he cums inside."

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  • I totally understand man. I have quite a small penis, only 3 inches long totally hard, so I really don't satisfy my wife very well. So I'm ok with her getting some big dick on the side. Because we are both very much in love with each other, and she always comes home to me. I have even been allowed to watch her get fucked by another man in our bed an a few occasions. However no matter where she gets fucked at, home or away, I always get to lick that creampied pussy clean.

  • Iv got 8 inches if you like to share you wife with me

  • Yeah dude, I love eating a strangers creampie from my old ladies pussy. It's the best if your right their and get fresh. But I'll even take the morning after creampie. It all good.

  • I'll fill her with cum while your their if you like to share her with me

  • Right. Then Mary fucking Poppins showed up and bought everyone jizz flavored ice cream. Give us a fuckin’ break. You group of 12 year old shit asses oughta get your asses beat for even being on sites like this.

  • That's awesome man!!! So envious!!

  • I'm Yes and it wasn't the best BJ I've ever had 😯

  • Bitch u got played

  • A buddy of my hubby is really hot and I always wanted to fuck him. He is very handy and can fix just about anything. So one day my hubby was out golfing and the sink backed up. So I called Ted and asked him could he help me out. He said sure. Well I greeted him wearing this hot black sheer blouse and no bra. I looked down at his pants and he had a huge boner on. So I let him know I noticed his erection. I then told him I was sorry but I always wear sheer blouses when I want to fuck. its a signal to my hubby he is about to get lucky. I told him that I was waiting for my hubby to get home so we could fuck. I also told him that my hubby called and told me they got late start. It would be hours before he got home and I need to get fucked now. We kissed I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. That was really great day. Oh by the way as you may have guessed the sink was fine.

  • I'm always teasing my husband's friends. I've never fucked any of them, though a few would be contenders. I just love talking about sex and seeing them get worked up. It's a dirty thrill.

  • I'm 23 and the same way like you. Love teasing my husbands friend to the point of them getting all worked up.
    Then one evening after foot ball Sunday my husband said you know one of these days you're gonna get it and I'm not going to help you. I asked him what would you do if they did , he laughed and said well you're asking for it.
    Well the next Sunday foot ball Sunday again and I was being a good hostess serving their drinks and Larry one of my husbands friend slapped my butt and I asked you like , he said damn rights and I said "well kiss it you'll learn to love it" well he grabbed hold of me pulled me down onto his lap pulled my skirt up my panties down ripping them off of me and kissed my bare ass five times. He said you're right now I love your ass and kissed me again right on my ass hole pushing his toung a bit into me several times as he got cheered on by the rest of the guys including my husband.

  • I wanna put n her ass my 9" cock

  • I'll take sloppy second

  • I'd love it

  • One of these days maybe

  • Actually , id like that idea so much and it make me hard . Wish my wife do the same .

  • Skank tease

  • They got deleted from real life instantly

  • My husband has a friend who is hot. Every time he comes over, I try to dress down a little for him. In the summers, it is usually a basic bikini, spandex shorts, or something similar that leaves little to the imagination. He is always looking, which gets me slippery as fuck. Since I dress that way often in the summers, my husband doesn't register that I'm trying to flirt with his friend, lol.

  • That is just so nice, I hope they keep on fucking each other, my husband and I share with a real terrific married couple at least twice a week he moves in with his girlfriend and my boyfriend moves in with me, when we go on holidays we act as if we are married to the other one and stay together all the time, we don't do threesome but have let each other watch having sex and have often done it in the same room

  • Nice

  • Love t

  • My husband basically set me up with his best friend and believe me when I say that was a big mistake on his part for I fell in love with his 11 inch thick cock and we have been fucking daily without my husband knowing about it.
    He introduced me to anal and I was surprised that I could take all of him in me there too and I loved it especially when he would unload into me there deep.

  • Yea my wife takes a black guys 10inch andwho can blame her.

  • That's fucked up. Never would I let and ugly black guy touch my wife.

  • How about a dp , love it

  • There's nothing better than a long cock deep in your ass. You're lucky to be able to take all 11 inches my friend only has 9 1/2 but he really gets hard and cums a lot several times before he's thru for a bit.

  • Oh he does me daily and my favorite position is doggy and he rams himself deep giving me all 14 inches.

  • Good for you honey. Xoxo

  • Yeah see that's what cucks don't realize once they give up their woman once it's over. I let my girl suck another guy once and it was nice seeing him fuck her face but I made sure right after he was done I made him suck my cock all the way to my balls. It was made clear I dominate everything. Some people aren't in to that but it's a dangerous game. More power to you though I hope your husband finds out and you eat that 11 inch cock right in front of him. I'll keep cumming in my girls fuck toys though. I'm not even really bi it's more of a dominance thing, she gets to enjoy other experiences and I get to dominate another man, shoving my dick in down to my balls on their chin.

  • Queer fucker

  • You are gay just accept it.

  • I love it when my husband is in a domineering mood. He makes me his slave and I'll do anything to please him and several times he's push me to limits I've never known.
    I'm 23 and totally in love with my husband but last week he told me to go out with our neighbor and just be me and I did and we had a wonderful dinner but what happened afterwards I was not prepared for.
    As soon as we got into his house for a night cap and he came onto me like my husband did when I first went out with him four years ago and he ended up giving me the fucking I longed for but more when he took me analy. God he had me squirming on his cock buried deep in me and when he cam I did to and we both went wild and my whole body shook for several minutes afterwards.
    ]My husband knows nothing of this and nothing about me going over to Larry's house four times since.

  • So what happened?????

  • Well my buddy kept staring at my wife's tits. She has one nipple pierced. Lots of tattoos. He asked her if she had anything else pierced. She told him he was free to check. 20 minutes later she was riding his cock

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