Being properly trained for anal sex

My husband and I have a fantastic sex life, the only thing that he would not get involved in was anal sex with me, I have desperately wanted it for years because most of my girlfriends have it and really enjoy it, about 7 months ago one of my best girlfriends suggested we come over on a Sunday and they would let us watch them hoping my husband would dispel his fears, it was so good and my husband was interested, she suggested we come over every Sunday and they would train me properly expanding my bum to take him without any problems with butt plugs, dildos and plenty of lube that went on for six weeks till we were confident we were OK, after another couple of weeks we were ready and decided the initial mounting would be conducted on the fluffy lounge room mat, me on all fours doggie style, everything went fabulously slow at first but when we got in the rhythm it was just so great I had three fantastic orgasms before he unloaded very deeply in me, since then we mainly do anal now it is sooo good

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  • Tina's first boy friend broke her in.

  • That's damn hot!

  • Your so correct proper anal training is really needed for most, it took us 3 months with the usual to get me comfortable and i am so glad we did we have had no problems and just love it, my best girlfriend and her husband come over about once a month and we do it in unison face to face doggie so we can kiss each other, we do not share, while we are not lesbians our husbands both want to watch us do a 69er, might happen

  • Funny I never trained for anal a man just did it to me when I was 17 and I loved it ever since.

  • You are pretty lucky sweetie, most women get hurt the first few times because the men just want to shove it in and hump, we are so happy we had the training as everything went so well plus my friend and her husband made it so easy and comfortable, we are planning a mutual session where we both get it at the same time, that should be nice

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