Sex Fantasy

I've had this fantasy for a while.

And it all started when I was groped for the first time. It was in a mini market, this old man leaned forward and grabbed my pussy, obviously, me being a 10 year old, walked away. But I remember going home and thinking about it, hoping I wouldn't have walked away.

Then when my family and I moved into our new apartment, my father had asked me to go downstairs and guide the guy to out floor. I put on some clothes and went down.

He walked in the elevator with me, and as soon as the doors closed he walked backwards with his hand on my pussy. Obviously, I pushed him away and wanted nothing to do with it. He had trapped me between the walls and his back, pushing his hand further and further.

When we had reached our floor, he pressed for the ground floor again and continued to touch me. At this point my hands were on his back pushing him away. I went home touching myself wishing he had gone further and slipping his hand. He took two trips from the ground floor to the seventh floor and note that the elevator was slow.

Now, I rethink of that man. Continuing the fantasy of me turning him around and feeling his crotch. Letting him have his way with me.

Beside that, I also think of him threatening me to come an hour later on the building stair case last floor. Eventually leading to a daily thing where he uses me and I pretend to hate him but deep down enjoy it.

I fantasize about random men using me wherever they please.

There's something about me being useful to others that gets me, partially why I often go online.

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  • I fondly remember the time a kid from my school came up from behind me and grabbed my but under my skirt. I was shocked but smiling. When he asked me if I liked it I didn't say anything but he saw me smiling back. I've loved being groped since. I wish pleasant groping was more normal, common and accepted

  • Well look at the weight just falling off me and how trim and hot I am starting to look with all this weight loss.

  • Similar thing happened to me when I was nine. I was at the little neighborhood store about eight a.m. A man came in right behind me and followed me to the aisle where the soda pops were kept in the refrigerator. There was no one around and he spoke to me saying "what a pretty shirt you have" and touched it in front. He moved his hand around and finally pulled my shirt up and played with my nipples. It drove me crazy with pleasure. Long story short, he said if I went with him in his car he could touch me there without us getting caught. I said ok because the feeling was so good. He parked at a city park, I lay down across the console and he pulled my shirt up and played with my nipples. I remember saying that it felt good and I loved it. We stayed there for quite some time, maybe almost an hour. He used a lot of explicit sex talk and he sucked my nipples and we did other things. After he dropped me off back at the store I never saw him again, but I thought about it often and wanted for some man to do that to me again.

  • Hell that's amazing. Please tell more. The idea of doing that to someone your age and hopefully being able to at least put a finger inside your little wet pussy would drive a guy wild. He did this I'm guessing? Hopefully he tasted your little cunt too and you put his penis in your mouth? Yes?

  • You must have an amazing little body for men to be willing to take huge risks like that

  • Yes i remember i was ten and in a storeroom getting something for my mom and an old man came up nehind me and just put his hand up my skirt and felt my bottom and made me moan. He just threw me on floor and took of my t shirt and lifted my skirt up and took of my panties and i was scared but also excited. He licked me down there and fingerd me and i was crying and he said im a good girl. He put his cock in me and i was so sore. He even licked my chest and told me im so pretty. It must have lasted about ten minutes and i felt horribale pain and he lifted me up and said heres money and gave me 20 dollars. I know its wrong but after that i wanted to meet him again and never did..

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