My mother in law stares at my crotch

She does it blatantly. everytime i enter the room. even when my wife or anyone else is there. I had no desires for her till after a few times catching her. I kinda love it now. I watched her change once and I love her tits and lace panties. Once i let my cock peep out of my boxers as she walked towards me to say goodbye and her eyes went there as usual and she did a double take just before we hugged. she loves to press her chest hard against me every time we hug. I want to fuck her now. especially when she wear tight white t shirts without a bra, so tight i can see her areola and soft white shorts, I can see her lace thong. managed to get a pic of her tits. love it. want to buy her lingerie but don't know if she will react negatively. my wife and i don't have sex enough.. and her mom is single. I can't wait for her next visit.

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