Love anal now

For quite some time my husband tried to have sex in my butt but I refused, about ten months ago he showed me a sight that really explained how to start off and exceptional helpful tips on training and preparation prior to being mounted, we started following the programme and I was really starting to get very excited about it.
It took about two months before I was comfortable wearing a butt plug just a bit larger than my husbands penis and letting him enter but not push in with a lot of lube every time we had sex, eventually we were more than ready and decided to have it proper, we selected missionary with my legs real high and anus reaching for his dick it was quite comfy and very sexy, he mounted and pumped slowly then got into full motion it was fantastic and I had two great orgasms and to feel him cum deep in me was terrific.
We now have anal most of the time and particularly love doggie style, so girls please don't just give up on it, read all about it train properly use plenty of lube and only do it when you are comfortable, you all need it believe me you will not be sorry.

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  • I am a 23 year old female married for three years and my husband wont even consider fucking my ass at all. Little does he know our 17 year old neighbors son loves fucking me analy for I won't let him cum in my puss but he sure fills my ass with his just about daily sometimes several times a day.

    I'm not on BC and he happens to be BLACK and god he's hung.

  • That’s hot . My wife went out with her friend one night and somehow got on the topic of anal. Her friend must have told my wife she loves anal but her husband hates the idea. My wife then told her she also hates anal but I love it and used to do it with my last girl.
    She came home and told me during the time we were having sex. I told her you said what?
    She told me it was ok cause her friend Krista told her we should swap dates one weekend .Thats when our sex tencified extremely. I asked her if she really wanted me to fuck her friend Krista and she replied yes!!! Her hubby can’t give her what she needs and she said Krista made a comment that she would love to try anal with me and not to be kidding with her. Oh my... all I can think of is Kristas thick perfect ass all the time now

  • Good for you! Anal is my favorite and lots of lube is a must. My favorite position is on my stomach with a pillow under my hips. I know my husband has hit his stride when I hear the "fapping" sound LOL! I love feeling him cum in me.

  • Excellent advise Honey, we have been doing it for years, it did take a while before I was happy with things but we took it easy and everything really worked out well, anal is by far the best sex for my husband and I he really likes the extra tightness it provides and I like his cum really deep in me sometimes it feels like he is squirting in my belly

  • Thank you so much my husband has been trying to bugger me but now that I have read your story we looked on the net and got some great hints like you so we have started the training and are both looking forward to doing it proper

  • Good girl you clearly will not regret it, we nearly always have anal now we do it at least five times a week, just to think of all the time I rejected him what a waste but we are making up for it

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