I should hate sex but a crave it

I am a woman and only 24 so hopefully I have a long life ahead of me. I have lived a lot already and have been strong to it all. I was in foster care since about the age of four and when I was in my early teens both the father and son of the family began molesting me. The father never had intercourse with me he just liked to run his hands all over me and occasionally would give me oral. The son just groped me a lot and asked me to give him hand jobs. I do not think that either one knew both were doing it and I would have thought that this would have made me hate sex but quite the opposite is true. I can never get enough of it, my BF tells me that I am an excellent lover and has no issue with my drive. He is always turned on whenever I want him and I also love to watch movies and have numerous sites bookmarked on my tumblr. I have often thought about going to a psychologist but at the same time I am happy with my life now so why change it.



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  • I was molested as a child. From my experience you either go 3 ways after being abused. Get help and be normal like I did, become a sex addict and sleep with many partners, or become a druggie and abuse alcohol. I rarely drink, never tried any drug, never been arrested. How I managed from the childhood I had is extremely rare.

  • I think being molested at that age can effect you in different ways, some can't stand to be intimate while others become very sexual even over sexed.When I was twelve I was moved from one foster home into another with a married couple who didn't have any children. With in two months the husband was showering with me and jerking me off . It progressed to him watching his wife give me oral while he watched and masturbated . By 13 I was having intercourse with his wife and receiving and doing oral on him. At 14 I was placed back in the care of my grandparents. I was constantly looking for sex through out my teens and nothing was of limits, boys, girls even grown men. It took years to come to terms with what and why I acted like I did. If you are happy in your life , be happy .

  • My step father was also molesting me, he went way further then what happened to you. When I eventually told my mom she blamed me for being a tramp. I haven't seen my mom in 12 year's

  • I'm so sorry she blamed you for him molesting you. Its strange but a lot of mothers feel jealous of their daughters and blame them .

  • Oh I know, but waiting in the living room while your husband has sex with your daughter in my opinion is wrong. I will probably never talk to her again and that's the really sad part

  • Wow , she knew he was having sex with you and never confronted him about it? That is horrible! I don't think I could ever have a relationship with her either.

  • It's even worse then that , the things he did are horrible. And he never paid for it from her or the law. Everyone blamed me.I was a minor how could it have been my fault

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