I have just started fucking my wife with a 9 inch dildo

I have finally started to get some good progress with my wife !!

She has agreed to be my 'Slut Toy" for one day I nominate through a week,

we have done this a couple of times and she wore a summer dress last time with nothing under neath and I made her come out to the local restaurant for take-away, nowing she was like this was such a turn on, we played a bit last time and was great fun!

I have told her she will be my slut again on the week end to which she has agreed!!

What do you think I should plan for her??
any ideas as I cannot push too hard with her as she normally has pretty high morrals (she did)

Just not sure what to do?? drive in the country?? beach??
any suggestions what I can do to get her juices bubbling with out over stepping the mark???

She is changing since I have been doing her with the big dildo, I have never seen her orgasm like she does now, its' mind blowing watching her climax!!!

What should I try with her???

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  • I'm average size 5 1/2" long and almost 5" around I've always wondered how my wife would react during sex if I was bigger. One day I went to a sex store and got a dildo it was 8" long and 5 1/2" around. I got some lube as well that night after we fucked I snuck it from under the mattress with the lube. I started eating my wifes pussy then pressed the dildo inside of her. She quickly noticed asking what that was I told her to relax and enjoy it. She was reluctant and wanted to see it I told her no just close your eyes. She finally just relaxed and I started shoving it deeper till it was all the way inside she started moaning and her hips fucked back against the dildo now buried all the way inside her. I fucked her for 30 minutes and she orgasmed hard she bucked away the dildo flying out. She quivered smiling I put the dildo by her mouth she giggled saying it was really big. I laugh saying your pussy liked it she turned red embarrassed. She said.you size is good to I laugh saying you enjoyed this bigger size more. She didn't want to answer but finally admitted it was better. After that we have discovered she is 11 3/4" deep and can handle 8 1/4" around in girth her trash hold that makes her orgasm in only 5 minutes even squirting most of the time.

  • Be easy with her. You say she has high morals; does that mean religious? If so, you may want to use the internet to look up the part in the Bible that says the marriage bed is undefiled. Meaning, apart from cheating, you can do whatever and it is ok because you are married. Be patient with her and please her. Love hearing of people who are married and still enjoying each other instead of stepping outside the marriage. I read of another couple that go a couple of towns away and role play. One time they went to a bar and they flirted and then went somewhere for sex. She said she gave him a blowjob in a public bathroom. Maybe not things you can do, but a deserted road for her sitting on you and pounding down on your cock. Maybe ask her if she has a fantasy.

  • Cheers for that, good thoughts!! :)

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