Victimized...but I liked it

Years ago, I suffered a traumatic experience of being attacked and sexually penetrated by someone I knew well. It happened in the presence of other people, guys and girls as well. I'm a black male and he and the others are white. I only mention that because there was a racially degrading tone to the incident. I could not go to authorities either.

Over time, I've healed, gotten back to normal etc, but unlike some people who block things like that out, I remember every aspect because having survived...I liked it. I love women, am in a great relationship now and don't even think about men in that way, but that guy's dick looked and felt great (even though there was pain) especially when he mounted me and faced me, his wiry physique was great and he was relentless.

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  • My girlfriend was raped repeatedly by her stepfather over several years. Although she hates what he did to her, the only way she can get off is if she relives the rapes. She makes me wear an old plaid shirt of his, English leather (his cologne) and take her in specific places and positions, bent over the back of the couch, on the kitchen table, anal in the shower. When we do this she cums hard, often multiple times, then often breaks down and cries. When we don't do tit this way she gets mad, and often physically violent with me.

  • Wow, that is something else. but I guess it's a problem if she says it's a problem. In my case, it made me more sexually aggressive when I dealt with women, not all the time, but I could go there easily, which was a plus. It's like getting your ass kicked in a fight, then when you fight again, win or lose, it's warrior mode. Also that penetration felt great but I know I can't relive that exact experience again. It was the right amount of pleasure, pain, humiliation, being taken by surprise, everything.

  • I only wish someone would do that to me, even though I'm not gay. I just feel the need to please a group of men (preferably black), in every way possible. It would be best if a hot chick wanted to watch,and make me her cuckold! Maybe someday.

  • Well in my case there were chicks watching. It was a setup. They were encouraging him on, not loudly, but definitely enjoyed watching. They snickered, stared, taunted me, one of them was telling me "shhhhh" , when he was pounding me and I yelled out. They were turned on

  • Psychology is so complicated. I was a virgin and acquaintance raped by my friend's boyfriend when I was 19 and being forced into sexual acts against my will now holds a weird turn on for me.

  • You're right, psychology is complicated. Because of my body's reaction to that incident, I think about it periodically and my climax was so strong that everything else about it, I accept.

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