The word has gotten a bad rap. There's nothing wrong with it, really. I have fucked more men in my marriage than my husband has fucked women in his life. He's twelve years older than me too, so go figure.
He would never cheat on me, but I would welcome it if he would. I live like we have an open relationship. It would be easier if we did, but it's still works.
I'm really hot and like to satisfy others. There's just no way to contain it. It's ok that I'm a slut. I'm happy so many men get to enjoy me.

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  • From a woman's point o view I've Never really understood women like you. So proud and boastful but genuinely just a weak person to frightened to tell their husband so he can have fun too or simply throw you on the side of the road like trash.

  • We don't need your understanding! My husband is having a grand time. Our relationship benefits from my infidelity immensely, birth physically and emotionally.

  • I'm 38 and married to a guy who is 12 years older. Due to health issues, he cannot have sex. He's okay with me going out and meeting up with some friends for what amounts to casual swinging (there's about five of us that meet up every two weeks or so). The important thing is that he knows about it and I love him dearly. It's just that there are needs that he can't fulfill. You should at least be honest with him about what you're doing, imo.

  • I understand that point of view, but my husband would die.

  • Simple! Just tell him and leave him. You can have all the men in the world you want and he can have some dignity and get on with his life with a good clean and decent woman. LanaH

  • Why is LanaH even on this site!?!

  • Why Not?

  • Because you seem like a prude.

  • I think there are a lot of us out there. My husband's satisfied with occaisonal sex, but my libido has always been way higher than his, and he knows that. We have a don't ask don't tell policy. I keep my sex life completely separate from my home life. My husband and I have a great relationship on every other level. Why throw away everything else a couple has built just because their sex drives are different?

  • "My husband and I have a great relationship " so great you work on a don't task don't tell policy. LOL... What you meant to write is i have a great relationship and my husband doesn't. it kills my husband inside so we live a lie but i convince myself he loves our relationship also.

    Is it something you both agreed on when you met? LanaH

  • Our difference in desire showed up early, while we were engaged. We did a lot of talking and soul searching before we got married. I never lied to him. We clicked on so many other levels, and we fell in love. I was the one who instituted the don't ask don't tell policy.

  • Well good for you then i say. You were open and honest and he accepts it. Why doesn't he try to hook up with other women? You should he encourage him. Help him set up an account on a site of sorts.

  • I'm a 59 year old male, married for 40 years now and I have a mistress who is married and she's 41 years old. I call her a slut and a whore and she doesn't mind one bit. She's fucking me and five other guys off and on without her hubby ever knowing. We all cum in her pussy and send her home for her hubby to enjoy our sloppy seconds unknowingly. She's a fine little petite sex nympho that loves having her panties pulled down so she can spread her legs and enjoys draining our dicks for us, mmmmmmm.

  • I consider myself a slut too, and have my "boy friend" call me slut too. Love it! He's actually married to a friend of mine. I also sleep with other men - some married and some not. I am safe and clean. I just love to please and be pleased. For me it's just sex. I don't want any of them for keeps - not even the single ones.

  • If you are single then what are you confessing about? An active sex life?

  • Yeah, no need to complicate things, right?

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