Santa Clause

It's Cristmas time again. Every year I work at the local mall, as Santa. The pay sucks, but I love having little kids set on my lap. I'm not very fat, so I wear lots of padding under my outfit, which is great because it helps hide my erection. I'm over 60, and I have trouble getting it up for my wife, but I get hard as a rock when a little girl sets on my lap, especially if she squirms around alot. I usually cum several times during my shift. I don't think I'm a pervert or anything, I've never done anything else with kids, and a couple of the other Santas tell me they do the same thing. I started wearing a diaper to work because it helps soak up all the cum.



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  • DON'T bring your little kids to sit on Santa's lap again,there's too many pervs out their, like this one! There's DEFINITELY something wrong here!

  • I can understand the sexual attraction for a young girl, but control yourself and keep it to fantasy. You get off just by a girl sitting on your knee, you might be to dangerous to be in society. Seek help, please leave the innocent and unsuspecting children be. Don't pick the fruit from the tree until its ripe. Just common decency.

  • 100 years ago it would be common place for a girl of 13 to be married off to a wealthy widower. Usually a friend or peer of her father. Today we scream the girl is too young, or the age difference makes it wrong, but the girl would start off in a wealthy marriage, and the man would have a woman in his bed who could give him heirs. It was a win-win for both. This idea of marrying for love is something only wealthy families/countries can concern themselves with.

  • Not to long ago on the news was a 13 year old married this 78 year old man in Tennessee and she was pregnant by him according to dna tests. man you should have heard the comments at the end of the cast.

  • Fuck off and die.

  • No, you fuck off and die!

  • Please, you didn't think these adult men were taking on mall Santa jobs for the money , did you? No, most of them are unrepentant pedophiles who love having the little kids sit on their laps.

    I'm 62yo, big white beard and hair and have had my own custom Santa Claus suit for years. I even have a couple really naughty elfs who love being fucked by me and prep many of the young girls before they sit on my lap (Make sure you squirm around and get comfortable, let Santa wrap his arm around you and touch your little titties). Later we talk about which girl they would like to watch me fuck, usually while they are sucking my cock. I especially love doing private home parties, usually the mister wants to watch his wife get fucked my a well hung Santa. I keep a bag of those 12" candy canes and love sucking on them after I've used them to get some lonely MILF off.

  • I knew a husband and wife who would go around doing parties as Mr and Mrs Claus . While having a few drinks with her and asking her how they got started ( they had been doing it for years) she asked me to keep a secret and she would tell me, I agreed. She confessed her husband liked young girls and found by being Santa for two weeks a year he could get his thrills by having them sitting on his lap in their Christmas dresses and little tights. Helping them up on his lap ,resting his hand on their leg, no one gave it a second thought but it was a huge thrill for him. She told me as strange as it was she enjoyed going along with it for those two weeks because it made him so happy. Now I wonder about ever Santa who's lap I sat on as a little girl, wondering if they were getting a thrill from it.

  • They ALL got a thrill from it. Some sexual, some just emotional.

  • This is very very common. If a had a small child I would not let him or her set on Santas lap. Way to many pervs out there that seek out jobs which enable them to be around children. I thinks that Santas are nearly as bad as Catholic priests for pedaphilia.

  • Absolutely right!!

  • HO, Ho, Ho !

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