Xmas party and im the xmas slut

We just had our works xmas party and two weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me, so im pretty devastated at the moment, its not an excuse its the truth, so i got very drunk and snogged two co-workers followed by sucking off one the warehouse guys in the bathroom. thats not the worse part though
after the meal was over some went into the city centre for more deinks and i got seperated from everyone and ended up sat on a wall before getting asked if im doing business by some polish men, i laughed and told them bo but they didnt leave, they pulled out a bottle vodka and the party went on. so much so that i ended up in this back alley bent over some railing with my dress up getting fucked by one after another, one did me front behing as his friend put his dick in my mouth as his other friend kept watch.
i got in that night with massive hole ripped in my tights and cum stains down my legs, on my heels, on my jacket and even in my hair. im sure there was three of them but there may have been 4
im not sure

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  • My wife lived in a apartment complex near near first job after college. She was 1,000 miles from home and didn't know anyone. 2 guys, roommates, she met at the complex pool. They were real nice to her -- every Friday they'd have a happy hour at their place -- she loved hanging out with them. To show her application she started giving them blowjobs. She's having an affair with an older married guy at work -- he helps her at job. sort of wants sex in return -- but she likes him the sex is good. She has the happy hour at her place and invites the older guy too. Thinking the roommates left they have sex on the couch -- but one guy was still there. They tell her they though she only did bj's -- but now they know different -- they want sex from her too. She figures wtf, why not. And she doesn't want to lose them. They do her every which way -- She said it was amazing -- especially being spit roast, but she feels like such a whore. Just like you do now -- but year later she has to tell someone -- she can't tell her mom, sisters or girlfriends --- so she tells me -- and she's totally over feeling like a whore. "If you had 2 girl roommates you were fucking at the same time, your poker buddies would give you a trophy. I don't know why I felt bad then -- I loved it."

  • I like to set my wife up for things like this, I get her drunk at parties and bars so guys can run a train on her or gang bang her.

  • Sounds like a lovely evening out.

  • Mmmm what was your full outfit sweetie?

  • Red dress for xmas, leather jacket, patterned tights and stilettos complete with santas hat

  • Leather jacket, dress up and bent over getting fucked at ether end? that would have looked hot

  • Wonder what your ex would have though if he had seen you down that alley?

  • He prob should watch and take a few pointers

  • You should think about going to rehab--sounds like you have a drinking problem.

  • And a sex problem, but im ok with that

  • How did you end up in the alley with your dress up? Did they ask to fuck you or just kind of turn you around?

    Hot story, we all need to be a proper slut at least once in our lives.

  • Im not fully sure why i/we chose the alleyway however i remember pointing at one saying i want you to fuck me then pointing at another saying i wanted him to fuck me, ether way they all did

  • YOU, darling, are a proper slut... love to hear more (and tell you more to make you wet) :)

  • Awww thanks babe! well since breaking up with my bf i have been rather naughty x

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