I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!

I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!

They would walk by my house on their way home from school and I would strip nude and masturbate so they could see me. They watched me masturbate every day. One day they were watching me masturbate and then started to walk away so I said, 'Don't go away, come back and watch me cum!". They heard me say that. One pretty brunette girl came back and did just that. She stood about 6 feet away from me and stared at my dick as my cum squirted out. When she saw me completely finish cumming she ran to catch up to her friends. She then told all her girlfriends what I did. -Glenn Willis



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  • I jack off for the neighbor gal during the summer when I take the garbage out. It is dark and quiet and very hot!

  • I would love to do that too

  • I would have been wearing a pair of crotchless panties, some black thigh high stockings, and a silky bra to masturbate in. Give'um a double feature!!!

  • I've done the same thing, but, it was for a much older woman. I would do it early morning, still dark, she would walk her dog. She finally got brave enough to stand right outside the window and watch as I would pump out a giant load, sometimes onto the glass. She began to expose her breasts and pussy as added incentive. Not bad for an old broad, but, we never hooked-up. I was an avid, really pathological voyeur, and we are often exhibitionistic, as well. One night when my wife was out of town, I stripped except for tennis shoes, and wandered down a dirt trail in the woods to watch a nudist couple go about their business. They never made a showing, and I was walking back to the house when I met my neighbor on the dirt trail, walking her dog. I tried to hide, but, she caught me. When she realized it was me she laughed, and chided me for my nefarious habits. Then, she made me jack off, right in front of her, as she verbally abused me as a " Pervert, peeper, weenie-wagging cum shooter !" and more ! When I blasted my load she said, "Look at all that cum that should be up a cunt, but here you are shooting it out on the fucking ground ! Pathetic ! " Man, I loved that old bitch !

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  • I taught my five year old daughter to masturbate, she came into the bedroom and caught me naked on my bed with my legs spread wide open. I was masturbating my clit and I was about to orgasm, for some reason I was turned on by her staring at me and I orgasm with her watching me. I had a great orgasm and just relaxed with my legs still wide open, my daughter climbed up on the bed and layed next to me and spread her legs. She was copying my actions while looking at her vagina she was moving her fingers around her vagina. I put some lubricant on her vagina for her. With one hand I spread apart her labia, with my other hand I placed in on top of hers and guided it around. I showed her where her clit was located, after a couple of minutes she was masturbating herself. I was very very excited by showing her what to do, I had to masturbate again. Now when we are alone she wants us to masturbate together, I have to be honest about this and admit that we have progressed to masturbating each other. And now I've taught her how to have oral sex.

  • Lucky girls. Wish I could watch.

  • No niggers!

  • You are going to be in jail for indecency with a child fool!! Get a midget and then you can be a pervert legally

  • I'm 16 and my next door neighbor pays me $20 a pop to watch him jack off. I made $120 last week just sitting there while he works it.

  • 16 is legal here. I wish you could watch this huge black dick squirt and throb.you want to be fucked don't you pretty girl?

  • Can you get them to wank you of .

  • Haha Ur tupid

  • HaHa Ur Cupid

  • There was a guy in my neighborhood like you. But he at least had the decency to let us use his pool.

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  • I had a neighbor just like that, we would use his pool and he would stand inside ,in front of his patio door ,all glass, and jerk off watching us. One afternoon I went over by myself to swim, he gave me a much closer show only standing a few feet away from me stroking his dick while I swam in his pool. It was the first time I saw a man cum. I guess he felt a little braver because I was all by myself.

  • There's a special place in prison for people like you.

  • Lovely fantasy Glenn, wave the magic wand and it will all come true. Bless!

  • Probably shouldn't have signed your name to that Glenn

  • There's no way that's his real name. In fact this confession doesn't ring true either. Does he have a wealth of fifth graders hanging around to watch?

  • How dumb are you

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