Nudity at home

My stepdaughter has been living with my wife and me, off and on for 3 or so years. She knew her mom and I are Nudist and has no problems with it. Her mom mostly shys away from it while she's here but encourages me to be myself at all costs. She says if she has issues with it, she'd say so and probably even be more encouraged to leave and finally be on her own. Recently though she's begin to walk around nude as well which has surprised me. Not that I'm having issues with her joining in our lifestyle but I've found it difficult to not have inappropriate fantasies.

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  • How wonderful that she is naked around you! Tell her she is safe to be naked in your home and if anyone says anything to her to let you know. She's looking for your protective side, so protect her.

  • Leave it at the fantasy level and you will be fine

  • I was raised in Finland for the first 22 years of my life and nudity is a common place there. Moving to California near Santa Barbara in 2000 I was told about as nude beach just north of town on the coast and my first visit I was clothed walking down the beach with towel in hand I came to a spot kinda out of the wind for it was chilly and stripped myself of my clothes and layed down onto my towel and I was there no more than three minutes till I got some wise crack remarks for some dude who was obvious that was there to try and pick up a girl and for sure it wasn't going to be me.
    Later learned the southern part of the beach is that way and the further north you go the more naturalist you find and that's where I started in going after the first day.
    I am a nudist at home and when having company over for dinner or what ever they are encouraged to join in and if they don't I will wear clothes to keep them from feeling uncomfortable.

  • I keep a pair of shorts close by in case someone seems uncomfortable but rarely have I needed to wear them.

  • Nothing wrong with fantasies the mind can give wonderful pleasures

  • Shortly after my wife died I moved into a retirement community in California where most of the members are nudists. My oldest daughter came to visit me one weekend and was shocked with all the men and women walking around naked. I didn't want it to be awkward, so I wore shorts the first day, until she remarked on how large an older man's penis was - she was shocked to see it hanging 6-7" long and soft.

  • Yeah, we frequent a Nudist Resort near here and wife and stepdaughter are in awe.

  • Sounds to me like she may want to take it further...?

  • I don't know about that but I'd certainly not say no as long as wife was in on it.

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