Does any other girls out there like getting facefucked? i mean i love it when my bf has me on my
knees and he is fucking my mouth just as hard as he fucks me normally, gasping for air choking and gagging, it gets me off alot! it all goes back to when i cheated years ago, with three guys and i was used like a toy by three guys and they fucked me so rough i devopled this "fetish"
my question is, i cant be the only one can i?
x cassie x

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    • The way to do it is for him to sit you on the floor leaning against the bed, with your hands tied behind your back, and he'll stand over you and shove his cock in your mouth balls deep. He'll bend forward over the bed and you won't be able to move much or resist his thrusting. With his cock in your mouth, you'll be trapped between him and the bed, and between his legs. Now you're really fucked, and you're gonna get face fucked while you just sit there. Then, while you just sit there with your face full of dick, he'll tell you to rub that tongue on the bottom of his shaft like you're trying to milk him. He'll have you do that filthy little thing for a few minutes to work him up and get his load brewing in the bottom of his ball sack, making sure it will be a gusher later on, and then he'll put his hands on top of your head to hold it shoved up against the mattresses, and he'll just start plowing you. You can escape, and you'll soon be made to gag on his big load of goo that you worked and tongue stroked him to help make it. Now sit still and take it, you cheating slut! He's gonna venge fuck your mouth! He's gonna plunge his cock in and out of your face pussy fast and furious, and you better hold that hole wide open for him and take the whole thing! All 7 inches of it!

    • When he cums, it'll be volumes, and you're gonna swallow it all. You don't really have a choice since he's gonna ram it as deep as he can when he blasts that load to flood your mouth. He's gonna total your throat! If you want to breathe then you better swallow, and swallow again, and keep swallowing, cause he'll keep shooting his splooge until he's done, and it was a big one, and he's not pulling out until the last pump is shot out! Then he'll pull it out and you can take a deep breath so you don't pass out, and then clean his cock off with your tongue like the dirty whore you are. If it were me, once you were finished, I'd smack my cock on your cheeks as the final insult before moving over and letting my buddy take his turn as making you his cum dump, and again, the next guy is gonna just brutally fuck your pie hole so take another deep breath. You're gonna need it! You'll probably be serving cocks and drinking baby slime all night!

    • That really got me wet
      thanks x cassie x

    • I wana know about you and the three guys?

    • What do you want to know?

    • Everything, details on how and what happened step by step

    • Bet you give sloppy wet blowjobs

    • My face does feel a tad moist afterwards yes

    • I love it when we're doing 69 so that my pussy is getting some attention while my lover is in my throat

    • You on top or him?

    • No on the bottom

    • My fav too

    • My wife hates it. I force her. She ends up gagging and sometimes vomiting. It comes out her mouth and nose and I have to take it out so she can get over it and then shove it back in. Then I cum really hard. Totally the best.

    • Oh i dont hate it, i like it! i do enjoy gagging on a cock and pushed to my
      limits, few times i have vomitted but not loads, my fav party trick is to take the cock so far hack that when he cums i dont even taste it as it already in my throat, i can even feel the cock twitch as he cums x

    • I know you're lo King for a woman's response but from this side...
      Damn...I wish you were mine! :)

    • I dont mind guys replying if you give commenta like that xxx

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