Do black men eat pussy?

I've only ever had sex with white men and black men. I enjoy both very much.

But, white men are happy to eat pussy, but I've never had a black man eat pussy. Like, some say they do and then just don't. Others flat out say they don't do it.

I've only had one white man say he doesn't eat pussy.

I am pretty easy going, but oral sex is totally fun. I like to give more than receive to be perfectly honest. But it's kind of a let down when it's off the table totally.

Just curious.

5.8 years ago

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    • Somewhat I guess

    • When i was in the Army, the white guys would ask the black guys if they ate pussy ! All of them said no. So we kidding around with them about that. They would get us back by saying that they had big cocks, and why do white guys have little dicks!

    • I eat pussy like it was groceries. Despite the fact that i am blessed in the man area. In contrast to the question, why do most black women suck dick because they feel like they have to?
      White girls suck dick because they love it.
      I enjoy nothing more than feeling and tasting a womans orgasm in my mouth

    • It’s funny how black fools would eat white pussy but don’t eat black pussy? Lol

    • Don’t eat black pussy because black pussy smells

    • Lies

    • Stereotypical as fuck. Women of all races can be clean fresh as well as dirty and smelly. Take your racist ass on. I’m mixed and I get my pussy eaten by white, Arab, and black men. Honestly black guys do it best. Full lips sucking licking my pussy meat. They’re sensual with it and just enjoy it, unlike a lot of white dudes who just flick their tongue harshly on my clit...ehhh /: nah u suck. Black men are the best in bed and ultra masculine. That’s why all women of races lust for them. Can’t say the same for White Boys, they gotta have money for girls to like em:)

    • Black men also have a better chance of giving you aids. Women of both races do lust for black guys. However, black guys (especially) rich ones, prefer quality white women. You are mixed, so perhaps your pussy is pink, so that is why guys go down on you. And also, with all those kinds of men eating your pussy, what does that say about you?

    • Nah it's not really true, I'm black guy but I'm enjoying eating white pussy
      I eat many white woman pussy before i get married with my white wife 2 years ago
      I love eat them, love hear they moaning, love when they grabbed my head and pull my hair roughly while i go down on them
      And i love eat and suck their pussy till she cum in my mouth then swallow all her cums
      Moreover, actually my white wife also become obsessed with cunnilingus, every time we had sex she want me to go down on her
      She told me do not stop eat her till she nut and cum in my mouth for 3 times
      And yeah I'm enjoying swallow all my wife cum plus she's also squirting type.. So a lot and huge juice come out from her pussy when she's orgasm

    • Of course black men eat pussy and they do it well. So do white men. Hispanic men on the other hand, they suck at it (no pun intended).

    • Truuuueeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Hispanic men are disgustingly terrible. And small af!

    • Fuck outta here your pussy probably stinks

    • I would. If she's kind of pretty and take care of herself. Maybe 1-2 long term relations, and hasn't had sex for atleast 6 or so months, clean and disease free, I would eat her flower raw. If she swallows me then all I have to say is "get on my face now"

    • Black men eat pussy and they eat it good. I have been with many black men and the majority it pussy.

    • So did they swallow your pussy cum?

    • I have slept with several dozen black men. It appears to me that the one night stand guys don't eat pussy. The guys that want to have an affair have no problem eating my pussy.

    • My black boyfriend doesnt like to eat pussy. Hes done it maybe about 6 times. Its so annoying! It sometimes makes me reconsider being with him.

    • Baby if he won't eat the (PWP) pure white pussy you need me to take care of your needs; my BBC won't get hard until the PWP fucks my face ,drowns me with her cum and screams obscenities while she grinds my face and demands that I swallow every drop of her cum...and as an encore I'll tongue-fuck her sweet ass until she is exhausted.I'm addicted to the PWP!! You need a man who is attentive to your needs...ME,

    • Yes please😁

    • Leave him lol

    • Did you ever find someone who likes eating your pussy

    • I love eating pussy

    • Sweetheart, I’ll take care of you. If you want your ass luck please call

    • Iv had black men go down on me, only time they didnt was with a group of them and some had already cum down there

    • Pig

    • Sick ass Bitch

    • That's fuckin nasty

    • I'm black and I do. Love getting them good and wet with my tongue and then destroying that pussy with my BBC. You'd be surprised how many white women (and their men) enjoy that happening.

    • You can lick and eat my pussy anytime. I am a black women... And I am very talented and skilled at sucking a BBC

    • He said white women. Notice a trend? No one wants to fuck black women. That is why more and more black bitches identify as lesbians.

    • I'm not black, but if I was, I would eat the fuck out of white pussy. I have heard that many blacks won't eat pussy, probably because alot of black women do not keep themselves clean down there. I have been with over a hundred white women and around a dozen blacks. A few of the white women stank to bad to go down on. All of the black women smelled to bad to eat. I was sadly disapointed, because I love burying my face between a woman's thighs.

    • I get your point but can we not make this about race? If the girl is ghetto or some white trash and wasn’t raised right chances are she’s gonna smell. Black women from nice suburban areas keep themselves well kept. Maintain their hair, dress well and speak nicely. Open your eyes a bit. Seems like you just attract dirty bitches... you probably have a small dick while your talking shit. And black men eat black pussy too. Lmao they’re lying

    • No, he is just stating the obvious, that black women are simply not desirable.

    • I know this is old but you're a lying son. You must have been messing with prostitutes. Black women are very clean, you liar.

    • No one likes black women!!! Even in porn, only time black women get dick is when they are slapping them around!

    • You are a moron I have been with over 60 black women and I'm white and only like black women but over 1/2 were not clean enough to eat and they were not hookers moron

    • Again why is this a black thing? It’s the individual, Not their race, like all white women are magically clean right? I’m a dancer and I was talking to a man who said he danced with a white girl and he said her odor reaked from her panties LOL. And I’m not white

    • No you are not. You are just bitter.

    • People like you destroy a fun light hearted post. Fuck you racist prick.

    • This moron needs to go back to school.

    • If I was racist, would I have had sex with colored women? No, I am not racist you fucking moron. I was just being real, and I'm not saying all black women have hygene problems, just telling my personal experience.

    • Colored? You racist bastard.

    • Fuck you niggybear

    • Fuck you honky hick. Ugly ass small pink dick bitch. Your wife probably fucks black guys dumb bitch & let’s you eat the cum out

    • And black guys gladly fuck her since they, like the rest of society, finds black women gross. That is why only closeted black guys fuck with black bitches, and often infect them with HIV.

    • I don’t know what black women you have been with but please don’t put us all in the same “stanky pussy” category as you didn’t put all white women in the same “stanky pussy” category. That’s why people feel like it was racist.

    • Every time a white guy says something about a black it's racist there are both white and black women that don't clean well and that is a turn off to and color of man so grow up .

    • Well it’s a general statement. There’s a difference between saying this black womans pussy smelled bad and literally saying black womens pussy smells. As if white women who don’t keep themselves up doesn’t. As if your associating smelly pussy to specifically black women. Are you a dumb ass?

    • For me it is not a smell thing. Most black women are just unattractive. Studies have been done on this. Only good thing about black women is face fucking them because they know they are worthless and let you do anything you want to them.

    • Like they say REAL MEN EAT PUSSY!....i am a man and there is no bigger pleasure then watching a woman loose her mind while you are eating her out like if it was the last pussy on earth.

    • I like you.

    • Most black guys figure you're fucking lots of other guys, not just them. If they go down on you there's a good chance they're getting a mouthful of some other guy's cock juice.

    • What in the world! That logic makes no sense. Some other guys cock juice...really. Do y’all not know that MOST women use condoms during sex to avoid the possibility of stds if they are casually dating/flings and secondly a fucking shower cleans a woman and her pussy. Guys “juices” don’t get a permanent spot in our vaginas, just as a girls “juices” doesn’t get a spot in your pee hole after being inside her.

    • I'm a married man. Used to love eating pussy. Now -- I bat the other way and would much rather be sucking and swallowing a nice big clean cock.

    • Homo lol

    • Well, that’s not fair to your wife...

    • I'm not black, so I can't answer that, but I've never been into pussy that much. Mainly because growing up, I always seen them in mags with a bunch of hair or cum coming out of it, so it turned me off, and I never had the chance to taste pussy. Only time I go crazy for it and wouldn't mind tasting it, is if she's got a really pretty & wet pink pussy. She would have to say something too, otherwise I would focus on her ass & boobs and fucking her.

    • ... Well fuck you too!...

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