My son

My ex husband and I separated when my son was very young. My ex slowly drifted away from his life so when my son was around 10 I was the only person he had. By the time he hit puberty, around 11 or 12, I noticed he started expressing his sexual desires, and he directed his sexual curiosity towards me.

I used to let him sleep in my bed with me sometimes, so many times he would get very close to me and started hugging me and grabbing my thighs and my legs; it wasnt an innocent or tender touching like he used to do when he was a kid, it was different, I could sense his desire when he put his hands over my body, I even sensed satisfaction when I allowed him to.

To be honest I was young too and I didnt know how to react to all this, I loved my son, I wanted the best for him and in a way I felt flatered that he would direct his sexual impulses toward me. I guess I just let him touch me eventhough I knew it wasnt correct for me to let him put his hands on me, and I saw him getting a hard-on many times before anything happened

Little by little things just escalated, until one fatal Saturday morning (I will never forget) that my son and I were together in bed. We started playing around and I let him get on top of me and put my legs around him, I was wearing a long nightrobe but when my son put my legs around him he noticed I wasnt wearing any panties, he saw my pussy right there for him to take it. I could see he got incredibly exited right away and he pulled his pants down, while I started saying "what are you doing what are you doing" he got on top of me and started pushing his cock inside of me

Once I realized it was happening, I remember I was more concerned that he enjoyed his first experience than feeling pleasure myself. I put my feet behind him, under his hips and I just let him fuck me how he wanted, I wanted him to enjoy my body and enjoy himself. He was 14 at the time so he got very exited very fast, I think it only took him 5 minutes when he started moaning very loud, right after that he came.

I had never seen my son that exited and happy in his life, he moaned and screamed as he was having his first orgasm with a woman, eventhough it wasnt really a sexual experience for me I loved the fact that I gave my son that kind of pleasure, and in a weird way as a mom I was proud that I made sure my son's first experience with a woman was a very pleasurable one.

After that first time we started having sex more often. He wanted to do it all the time every day so I had to be the adult one to control the situation. I also taught him how to control himself when having sex so he wouldnt come so fast. After a few weeks, he was able to stay fucking for a while longer and I started enjoying the sex too

I even let his macho side flourish when I would moan loud and would encourage him to "give it to me" like a man would. I could see that even at 14 or 15 he loved that feeling that every adult man has of taking control and fucking his woman hard.

Since I taught him, I created the perfect lover for myself so I admit I started enjoying the sex just as much as he did, but at the same time I was always aware that we were doing something terribly wrong. As his mother I always knew that he had to find a woman in life and learn to be happy with that woman emotionally and sexually. I always told him that too. I would tell him that we were having sex and enjoying this for now but eventually we were going to have to stop doing it because he had a to find a normal relationship with a girl, and to be honest I had to do the same thing in my life too.

We had sex from the time he was 14 to almost his 16th birthday. Around that age he met a girl and soon enough that girl became his girlfriend, at that moment I knew it was the perfect timing to let go of our little thing.

We stopped having sex continuously but for the next 3 -4 years from time to time I admit we had the ocassional one night stand, it would happen especially when he would break up with a girlfriend and I had to remind him that there are better women to fuck out there in the world. I never regretted reminding him of that by giving him sex, and since I knew he was heart broken I would make sure Id give him amazing sex.

The last time we had sex was he was 20 years old, he was already a man and I let him take control and have his way with me like a man. He was no longer a little boy, he grabbed me by the hair and fucked me hard like a whore. He made me moan and scream that night with his big cock, I think deep inside we both knew it was going to be our last time, I knew very well what he liked in bed and he knew very well too how to make me feel like a wild woman. After that night, it never happened again.

4.7 years ago

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    • I love fucking my mom being fucking since I was 18 on 50 still fuck my mom

    • I am a single mother of my son and raising him the best that I can and at times he's more than I can handle.
      He's 15 now and has his circle of friends and they spend more time at our house than they do at home. At home they include me in all of their games even when they decide to smoke out. First time for me was last year getting high with them lead to getting more than I bargained for letting four young men have their way with me. I didn't plan on it happening but it did and now when we all get high together I know what is about to happen to me all over again, no longer with the original four for at times it's like 9 or 10 and I let them all fact is I encourage it.

    • My husband works away a lot so I am going without sex. I know its morally wrong to let your son have sex with his mother some find the thought disgusting, things started to happen between us when he was in his teens, nudity with us has hot been hidden or flaunted if we were to catch each other naked it wasn't a problem we didn't quickly cover up,, what started to happen was each morning after my shower I walked from the bathroom naked we all did he would come in my room every morning on some pretext to talk to me he was having a good look at my body I thought he is just curious also I enjoyed the scrutiny him looking at my body I was thinking what it would be like to have sex with my own sun what it would be like if he fucked me I scolded myself for such thoughts, he only had his pyjama bottoms on his erection could be seen and his pubis hairs through the opening in his pyjamas I came when I saw what I saw I was shaking I was so wet I started to put my panties on in the rush and excitement I fell over with my legs open, he was on top of me at once between my legs keeping them apart, I didn't fight when he was inside me, he came within seconds and kept going I put my legs around his back he came three times, we lay there exhausted I said this can only happen once, later that day he just grabbed me bent me over the kitchen table and fucked me again, I couldent resist ever again even though I said we cant, but he complete control over me, if he ordered me to strip I couldent resist or do anything he told me, eventually he did marry, but still came back home to use me as he liked

    • My son who is 16 last October normally lives with his father in another state but he came to stay with me for three months while his dad went overseas for his work and the third night he got in bed with me and went right at me taking control of me not accepting what no meant and he fucked me really good for nearly three hours and stayed in bed with me holding onto me and we fell asleep.
      I awoke about 9 am and he had his mouth on one of my nipples and holding onto my nipple with his teeth and he must have been doing that for some time for my nipple felt all swollen and he had me turned on all over again. I held onto his head and he looked up and our eyes met and he pulled harder on my nipple and I told him not so hard and he did as I asked. I think it was about 2 in the afternoon when we finally got out of bed for good and he told me Mom don't get dressed all the way, just a skirt and blouse is all you need I looked at him and there he stood with his cock in his hand and it was hard once again. I swear this young man is a sex fiend and he's taking it out on me. I know it's wrong but I can't help myself nor do I want to even try for it has been years since I have had any sex nobody's fault but my own but I just didn't want one night stands with guys from work or from the bar I frequent. Now my own son is fulfilling my needs and doing it very nicely.

    • That boy is a real mother fucker eh !!

    • Hey sweetie how about an update I would really like to read that you are both back at it and rooting like rattle snakes at every opportunity

    • I would be very sure that you both will start up again and why not if you both enjoy it, might be an idea to start training him to take you anally that would just be so great for you

    • He was under age at the time, I know the sexual capability of a 14 year old, but if you are both ok with it

    • I'm divorced and a bit on the plumpish side. My 14-year-old son fucks me 5 or 6 times a night. My cunt is often so sore in the morning that I don't put on panties when I go shopping. Every woman should try out a 14-year-old cock for a night.Their pussies would never fee the same afterwards. My son sometimes spends the night at his 71-year-old grandmother's house. She tells me that after a night fucking with my son her pussy is raw for days.

    • There should be no age limit on sex. If both parties enjoy it, it should be legal.

    • My mom would agree, but would go even further if she was particularly horny and insist that real sexual abuse is parents depriving their kids of pleasure and that at-home sex education should be legally REQUIRED. As depressing as the lockdowns have been, sex ed is a great way to pass it and I'm sure its has exploded.

    • I agree - and so does my 9-year-old daughter. She can't get enough if my cock.

    • Uh, crazy maybe?!?!?!?

    • I have not had sex with my son but being divorced for 8 years I have broken in a lot of his friends they have to be 18 at least and virgins so I don't need a cherry tree haha, these young studs cannot get enough and I love training them, once they get a girlfriend they are off my list, fortunately my son plays plenty of sports so there is no shortage of guys who want to get into me and I certainly encourage them, they love me because I look young have a great body and nice personality, most are comfortable being seen in public with me or booking into a motel if we go for a weekend away, currently I have one in a chastity device a Holy Trainer they are fantastic he is so very nice to me otherwise he stays locked, I think when I don't want him anymore I will keep it for another little sub, they are happy when they get a girl because they can satisfy them and are not clumsy after having plenty of experience with me

    • You certainly are a wonderful mother and your son is so very lucky, at 14 you taught him how to please a real women I hope you gave him a full education with oral and anal along with mutual masturbation, it is a pity that you have stopped I see nothing wrong with continuing this mutual sexual satisfaction for many years to come, keep going with it please darling xx

    • Nothing wrong with that. There is no stronger love than between a parent and child when they make love to each other, so long as they are both willing, and emotionaly able to understand what is happening. I'm not sure how old you are now, but I'm sure you will find that the two of you can still make beautiful love together. I'm over 40 years old now and married, and still find time to sleep with my 60 year old mother at least once a month. My wife found out about our special relationship and is completely ok with it. She knows it is not a threat to our marriage, and understands our bond.

    • I would love to have a threesome with a hot milf and her senior silver haired dad. See them kiss deeply and his cock go in and cum. Then I would clean it out with my tongue.

    • Did you never suck his cock or let him lick your cunt ?

    • Very honest feelings in this confession. I know its been said many times ,but its not as unusual as many people would like to think.

      Growing up my best friend's mother was young , she had him at 15 . They were more like sister and brother than mother and son. At 12 or 13 we would wrestle around with her, she would always instigate it. It would always end up a groping session for us , grabbing her ass and her tits. One night while staying over his house his mother had a few drinks and was feeling playful . She started wrestling around with us in just her nightshirt, no panties and her tits showing through the thin material. It became sexual very fast as her ass and pussy came into view as we rolled around with her on the floor in our boxers. It wasn't long before the two of us were not even acting like we were accidentally touching her pussy , ass and tits with her just laughing and trying to fight us off.
      At one point her night shirt was pulled up over her tits ,leaving her completely exposed. Both of us had hard ons sticking out of our shorts, I was sitting on her chest pushing her arms over her head , her laughing and bucking under me when she suddenly froze. I heard my friend start to moan ,looked back and he was fucking her. She just whispered "Oh Shit" throw her arm over her eyes and let him fuck her. Something in her snapped as that line was crossed , after he finished inside her and pulled out she went right back to wrestling and laughing. with in a few minutes it was my turn between her legs fucking my first pussy. It happened many more times, with her always being the one to start things of by getting us to wrestle around with her on the floor.

    • Well my daughters 12 and loves wrestleing with me before bed and sometimes shes not wareing panties and her bare bald pussy grinds into me i have messed with her and spread her legs and got to see her tiny bald pussy and little clit. She for sure does be damp and looking into my eyes..

    • My daughter began sleeping with me at about 10. She was frightened by a storm.
      Over the years we never wore xlot3hing around our house. She would sometimes massage my cock and marvel,when I ejaculated. We were very open sexually. I taught her how to pleasure herself and bought her some toys. I explained various aspects of sex
      She turned 18 a few years back. We held a xoming out party. Our friends male and female initiated her to womanhood.
      I took her virgin ass.
      We still sleep together when she returns from school

    • Way to go. Amazing.

    • Bullshit story

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