Wife cucked me...I got what I wanted

Wife is 52 curvy 50s pinup body with 38DDs with a nice bit of sag. She is meeting up with her lover tomorrow in Barcelona. They are both there on "business" but he has his priorities right as he will be at a Barcelona football game when she flies in! They see each other a couple of times a year but are on skype every weekday. Too risky for him to skype in the weekends lol as his wife is unaware this has been going on for four years.
The first time she told me about the sex with him, but now I get very little information. But I do know she sucks and swallows...which she won't do for me. Actually I kind of like that in a kinky way. First time he fucked her, I knew it was going to happen...and it was gut wrenching...but also made me hard. I still like to think about her getting fucked and getting something different. I have met him and he is a nice guy, which makes it easier.
Some people may think I am a bit wimpy about it but I think it is different for everybody, ie if it works...it's good.
Unfortunately they both live in different countries, so it is days before she gets home to me. But I do love the idea that he has used her and had his hands all over her body. She says he does not have a bigger cock but that the sex is great (and he knows how to use it:-) ).
Yes- honesty and love is the key and I want her to have this time to explore her sexuality and that doesn't mean that I have to have the same. Her and her lover both appreciate their time together and that they have my blessing.
I am the one that had been saying to her for more than 25 years that if she met anyone that she wanted to have an affair with that it would be OK with me. Like many of you, she always said that would never happen that she loved me and could only be with one guy at a time. She also said she could never potentially hurt another woman by getting involved with a married man.
I would always bring it up when she travelled for business and I always got the same answer or she would say, be careful what you wish for as I don't think you could handle and there would always be the risk that she would leave me as she could not be with another man at the same time as me as for her sex could only come with love.
Well...four years ago I got an interesting email that shocked me as she told me about a guy she knew from a project that they were involved with and had been at a party at a colleagues house in Washington DC. He suggested that they leave and go to a jazz club. She liked the idea but was surprised that he didn't invite anyone else along.
She loves attention and flirting but usually that is as far as it goes. He bought her champagne and great food (which is definitely one way into her panties) and they had a nice time.
They were both staying at the same hotel...and he invited her back to his suite to finish the bottle of champagne. Now this is where you would expect he would have got her into bed. Well he did try to get her to stay (of course) but instead they ended up talking to 3AM. I know a lot of people would not believe that, but I know my wife and I am sure that is all that happened.
Clearly she was interested though. She then had to go off for several weeks to work on a project in a remote location and she told me that all she could think about was this guy. I encouraged her to email him and she found he was saying all the right things!
It was more than six months before they could see each other again...but by that time they had been emailing/skyping every day and were ready to rip each other's clothes off next time they met...which they did. So it was a total transformation for my wife as yes she now does all those things she thought she could never do-
1/ sl**p with someone else while still being with me
2/ Have an affair with a married man
3/ Be in love with two guys at the same time
She has told me that she loves me (otherwise there would be no sex) and that is OK with me. I would have preferred it if it was only about sex but I know she can't just do it that way. I know he really enjoys the relationship (of course) and tells her how important she is to him but I don't think he loves her...he just loves the idea of the affair...except the guilt of cheating on his wife.
For us it works (although I wish she would give me more details of their sex together). She is in love with me and has a good job here that she would not give up to move to his country. Similarly he has a good life where if he split up he quite possibly would lose his job (which is with a f****y business) and he loves his wife/f****y. So it is actually quite safe for all involved...as long as his wife never finds out...
To make things even stranger she will be visiting his country for five days at the end of this trip and staying her lover and f****y. They both know that nothing can happen while she is there as it is too risky, so they both have to be careful how they act.

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  • My wife and I were in a similar situation where she was staying in a different city (New Orleans) for work. She was 39 at the time and hooked up with a 23 year old guy with a huge cock. I never met the guy and she did not tell me much about their relationship but she was really happy and they were together for 3 years. She came home for visits every other weekend or so and her normally tight pussy was fairly well used and definitely a lot looser when we had sex. Her relationship with him ended only because he got married. She ended up having a few short-term sexual relationships after that but nothing as serious as the first. It was exciting to know that she was being well fucked by a younger guy and then allowing me to have sex with her when she came home.

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