I cum hardest when she pegs me

My girlfriend recently admitted that it was a fantasy of hers to do a guy in the ass and so she and I have been getting into role reversal lately and she's pegged me a few times. Though I'm typically pretty dominant in bed I have to say I've enjoyed letting her take control more than I thought I would. When she wants to peg me she sets out a pair of thong panties on the bed for me to find when I come home from work for me to wear. I was unsure about it at first since but I'm glad I went along with her fantasy. I got rock hard when I put on the panties and the raw desire in my girlfriend's eyes almost made me cum on the spot. She likes to get me on all fours, pull the thong aside, and fuck me. I orgasm so hard from it and blast the panties with my cum. She gets ridiculously horny from it too so we end up switching positions and I fuck her in the ass afterward and I always seem to cum hardest after I've been pegged. So ladies, if you want to fuck your man in the ass, tell him. And dudes, bend over and take it. It won't make you any less straight and you might like it.

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  • I have never orgasmed so hard as when my gf used her toy on me. She turned me into a slut that night lol. I ended up ejaculating in my own face and mouth while she buried her toy in me

  • I broke up with a girl because that's all she wanted to do. She'd do 10x a day if I let her. And she was a real bully, especially when she was nailing me.
    She got my new girlfriend, now wife, drunk and fucked her -- just because she's a bully wanting revenge. I wouldn't mind if it the did it sober just to be adventurous. My wife is all embarrassed and pissed. Old GF befriended her just to fuck her, then call me up and go ha ha, I fucked your new girlfriend. And she really let her have it, she played softball catcher.

  • It would be really hot to have your wife watch this woman take your bum again

  • Sounds good an arsehole for an arsehole

  • It is true, my wife has been pegging me for about 6 months now for 15 times and since the second time I get super hard and have amazing orgasms!

  • I've gotta tell you --- the idea about the Broadway show tunes... and another man's cock in your ass sounds pretty good to me. But you can keep the music. Wish my wife wanted to peg me ... and also have a big cocked man drop by for me to fluff with my mouth --- before he eased his large cock in my ass for a good fucking. Thanks.

  • Tell her what you want.

  • Pretty soon you are going to be singing show tunes from Broadway and getting all fussy about the house linen if she keeps pegging you. But you want that don't you? Next up she will have some guy over, waiting in the closet and blindfold you....as you get ready for her to peg you....he will walk in and HE will peg you good.....and fill you ass with cum.....

  • Hey that is one of my biggest fantasy.

  • No chance. Not a fan of show tunes or same sex stuff. We still have normal penis in vagina sex far more than she pegs me.

  • It's the first step you know she is thinking about you taking cock in the ass. I've pegged married men for their wives delight many times with my cock. Popped those cherries good.

  • There's a huge difference between these things. Stuff with another dude is a huge leap and I don't think it can be assumed. Besides why would a woman want to share her man anyway?

  • You're so full of shit. Having STRAIGHT sex with your FEMALE WIFE doesn't make you gay even if she's pegging the guy. Fuck off with your homophobic bullshit.

  • Sure don't my wife pegged me 4 or 5 days a week and I've never had a real cock in me

  • Four or five days a week? That's a lot. My gf and I only do it once a week at most. But if that's what you both like then go for it.

  • You can tell yourself that....but deep down you want the real deal. Ask the wife and she will tell you. Will you do what it takes to make you happy? BTW I've pegged all sorts of married macho men...test pilots, CEO, athletes.....

  • I showed my girlfriend this post. She laughed at the idea that it meant she wanted to bring in same sex stuff. Then she put me in panties, bent me over the couch, and fucked me to an explosive orgasm. And then I bent her over the couch and made her squirt from my cock buried deep in her pussy.

  • My girlfriend came home from the mall today with some panties for me. String bikinis and g string thongs. She says she gets dripping wet seeing a strong man like me in delicate little panties. I never would have worn panties before but if it turns her on this much I'll wear them. I guess I like it too because I get so hard when I put them on that my above average size dick pops up.

  • Try this - lie on your back and have her enter you and slowly fuck your ass while she jacks you off. Talk about eruption! I gladly off up dat ass when she wants to do that to me.

  • I'll have to try that next time. Sounds like it could be good. I cum very hard just from her penetrating me so I can only imagine what it would be like with her jacking me off too.

  • Just tell her to go very, very slow and if you feel like you're about to cum tell her to stop. Have you ever heard of edging? If not look it up. Let her bring you to the brink of orgasm and then stop. Once you finally do cum you won't believe how amazing it feels.

    Two can play the edging game as well. I'll lick her until she's right on the edge of orgasm and then stop and start all over again.

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