Son in law is blackmailing me

My husband's 16 year old son is blackmailing me with a video of me showing that I was cheating on his father. My husband and I got married when his son was only 10 years old, I noticed he had a crush on me ever since we met each other but at the time I thought it was just cute.

About a month ago my husband was out of town and I organized a little get together with a group of friends. An ex boyfriend of mine came to the house and we had a little fling while the party was happening. My 2 step-sons were on the second floor of the house so my friends at the party covered for me. My ex and I went to the guest room and he straight fucked me really really good. He fucked me all over that room for about 30 minutes and then we went back out to the party, everybody at the party knew what had happened but they were all close friends so I knew my dirty secret was safe.

Once the party finished and everybody left my step son came to my room. He told me that he knew that I had cheated on his father, of course I immediately denied it but then he said he had proof and reminded me that the security cameras that his father had installed can move to different angles(I had forgottten this I was very tipsy). He said he had a very good shot of my ex boyfriend taking me to the guest room with his hands all over my ass and almost fucking me against the door before pushing me inside the room.

Then the little shit told me that he could keep the video secret from his father but in exchange he wants me to suck his cock and he wants to fuck me.

Im royally screwed if he decides to show the video to his father, Im positive that my husband is not going to forgive me an infidelity and even worse in his own house. I have tried to talk nicely to my son in law but everytime I do it he starts putting his hands on me, he starts grabbing my ass and starts saying that he wants to "taste that pussy"

He has assured me that he is not going to blackmail me more than once. He wants me to give him a blowjob until I let him cum inside my mouth and another time he wants me to wear a sexy nightie and wait for him in his room, he wants to have his way with me fucking me in his room for an hour. He is very especific which makes me think this is really all he wants. I think Im going to have to do it.


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  • I am 26 and when Jim and I got married 2 years ago I didn't know he had a son from a previous marriage who was 15 and when we first met he gave me a kiss more like a lover than a son and his hands roamed including taking hold of my braless breasts and playing with my nipples he got to me quite quickly and in no time he had me on the floor in the living room fucking my brains out 15 minutes later filling my pussy with his cum.
    Now after threatening me about showing pictures to his dad he wants to have sex with me as soon as he gets home from school and his dad don't get home till 10 PM so he's fucking me for a good 6 hours before he'll let me up to take a shower.
    Last week I missed my period and I am afraid that I may be pregnant by him but he keeps on wanting to fuck me even if his dad is at home he'll come into the kitchen and come up behind me cock in hand wanting to shove himself into me he's one horney young man and he's gotten to my sexual side and I can't refuse him.
    He's even joked about him wanting to fuck me to his dad and guess what his dad told him he don't want to know about it.

  • Up date
    Well he got to me alright and god he must have fucked me hard for 5 hours cumming in my pussy and my ass four times and I can't believe his stamina and how quick he recovers.
    I asked him if he had another girl his answer took me by surprise and said just you mom and gave me one hell of a kiss as he shoved himself deeper into me making me groan.

    I told him after cumming in me three times we can't keep doing this and he said mom you're mine and I say when we're to stop, god what have I created as he continued to fuck me again kissing my neck giving me another hickey.

  • Hey why not just enjoy it, Get you a little buzz going and let him fuck your brains out. Hell you might be wanting to blackmail him so he'll keep fucking you...

  • My step mom was a total hottie who knew exactly what my dad needed in his life and gave it to him on a very regular basis. He went away a few times a year for business trips and the first time he left after marrying her I was around sixteen. She came into my room while I was gaming and asked me if I wanted to have some fun, I was a little surprised and asked what fun she was talking about since I had never seen her play video games. She pulled her top up above both her breasts and asked me if I wanted to play with these. I literally dropped the game controller out of my hands and got a dizzy head rush looking up at them. I could not believe how gorgeous she was, still is pretty hot actually. She had to ask me again as I was stunned, I reached up slowly and still could not believe it when my fingers started touching her breast and nipples. She stood there smiling and telling me what felt good, we had sex for about two hours while she instructed me on what felt great and what to do. She would often be waiting for me when I came home from school lying on my bed naked or doing just about anything naked when I got home. She would ask me how my day was then ask if I wanted a blow job or sex with her. She always told me to ask her anytime I wanted to do something, she rarely told me no. I sure do miss her but when I do see her she always winks at me and asks how my sex life is if were away from other people. We have had sex a few times since I have moved out but surely not as often as it was back then, I can remember weeks of daily sex with her in some form. She loved to give me blow jobs and loved her nipples played with for a long time.

  • My step son who's 18 has been black mailing me ever since he caught me getting fucked by our neighbor two and a half years ago.
    The first night he wanted me to blow him which I did. The second night he wanted another BJ and I gave into him then he wanted me to take off my blouse and bra, I said no but again he reminded me and I gave in to him. He touched, rubbed, licked, sucked on my nipples and I told him not to stop and god he didn't for three hours driving me to having a orgasm by him just doing that to me then after coming down he said no fair he wanted to fuck me and fuck me he did now that is all he wants. Any time we're alone he wants me on his bed nude waiting for him to come in and have his way with me. This evening ,my husband was half way up the stairs before he finally came for the second time in me and allowed me to get up and my bath robe back on and a mad dash to our room before he caught me and all thru getting fucked by him he was asking me how I'd love a big black cock and I kept denying that I would for it took me two years to get over the last one and I surely wouldn't tell him that.
    Billy has a good 7 incher like his father and he has a fried at work that has 11 inche3s and the black I went with for awhile had 11 and it took me two years or more to get over him, all I could think of was that 11 incher banging me good and I'd take all of him in me and anally too, but what he didn't know his older brother was also fucking me and he had almost 14 inches which hurt me a few times. Still I wouldn't turn him down. I just don't want to take the chance of getting hooked on a BBBC, but 11 inches is tempting.

  • Three days later I'm getting fucked by him on his bed and in walks his best friend a Black Boy and one look at his cock threw me for a loop and when he started in shoving his 13 inch monster into me I knew it wasn't going to be the last time.
    It didn't take him long till he was shoving all of himself into me holding onto me grinding himself deeper and rubbing against me clit driving me insane with lust then I hollered at him told me to fuck me hard with that monster and man did he ever. 20 minutes later he filled my pussy with his cum. Did he stop oh no he kept right at me making me cum on him till my whole body was trembling and I couldn't stop even if I wanted t6o and I began kissing him and whispered into his ear come over tomorrow it's Saturday and hubby will be leaving at 5 am and wont be home till next Wednesday evening. He kissed me passionately giving me toung and I returning and when he took hold of my neck and began sucking IU told him no hickies I love em but can't let husband see so he dropped down and gave me two one on each thigh right at my lips, I mean bright red hickies.
    Later I saw 6 on my neck and I don't even know when he gave em to me smiled and said to myself just wait.

  • He's not your son-in-law

  • .....

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  • Do it but make it the worst experience of his life! Tell him you like crazy weird sex. That would make me back the fuck away.

  • What is the worst that can happen, you swallow yet more cock. You did it with your ex in the house, now your step son wants to get some, your husband want to have some, you just have them lined up wanting to lick you. Give him some head and let him have what he wants, you obviously enjoy sex.

  • Wow if this is true I know he's gonna have a good time in that pu$$y ..

  • I'm blackmailing a girl. It's such a hot turn on. I text her instructions about what she is to wear. Sometimes I get her to suck me. I'm able to do things with her that I cant do with my wife. I always choose the location and I have several video cameras that I use to record her. I rarely tell her or show her unless she starts to threaten to stop it and then I will show her just a few seconds of something. Like one day I had her meet me at a coffee shop wearing a short skirt and we had coffee and I told her to take off her undies and give them to me while smiling. I had 6 cameras (phones in discrete boxes) to record her arriving, sitting, smiling and handing them over. Including one under my chair looking at her legs. The video looks like she is the one coming onto me because she arrives looking hot. Not being forced and then smiling as she hands them over and how she takes them off when asked and so on. Then she leaves and walks away. No running or crying or anything including a turn back and little good by wave.

  • Next up you will have to whore out to his friends too. But you want that don't you?

  • He's told his brother. Now the two of them will fuck you. Enjoy. Beats telling your husband

  • You're delusional if you think this will end with your step son fucking you just once.

  • I think you're gonna have to do it too.
    If you ask me, you got what you deserve for cheating on your husband. But regardless of what I think about your infidelity, letting your stepson fuck you in any way he wants it seems to be your only way out of this mess.
    I'm using the words "letting him fuck you any way he wants" (which shouldn't be a problem since it's only two times; once sucking his cock, and once getting fucked) because if you don't do whatever he wants then once might not be enough for him.

    Despite me thinking you deserve this, I am going to give you my real, honest advice:
    From what I understand, you want this whole thing to be over with and behind you, without your husband finding out.
    Remember to let him finish wherever he wants (on your tits, on your face, in your mouth, etc), to swallow whatever's in your mouth (he'll know if you spit out even a little bit, it's quite obvious), to let him go bareback if he wants to (but make sure you're on the pill since I'm assuming you don't wanna get pregnant) and to let him fuck your ass. You don't have to suggest these things (if you wouldn't happen to wanna do them yourself), but putting up with anything he asks and making it seem like you're enjoying every bit of it leaves him with NOTHING to complain about and no possible reason to demand any do-overs. Because, as you said, he really does sound very specific about what he wants, so if you'll just give him that then he should be satisfied and leave you alone.
    It's either that or him, not only telling, but actually SHOWING your husband exactly what you did, where you did it, how you did it and how many times you did it! I leave it up to you to decide whether you prefer living out the rest of your life with the consequences of him showing your husband all that, or simply putting up with whatever your stepson asks for two nights (one blowjob and one fucking) to make it all go away.

    Keep us posted and let us know what you decide, what happens and how it goes.

  • This is SHIT advice. Don't listen to it.
    Are you male or female? I guess female because you have NO IDEA how guys think. Or you're giving bad advice because you want it to happen. I'm going to post the right advice.

  • I think you got caught on purpose, because you want to fuck him.

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