I had sex with my best friends mum

I regret it but it was amazing. I was 18 and has always fancied his mum. She had double f sized bras, a good body, she dressed slutty all the time and she was hot. She was 33 (yes she gave birth to my best friend at 15, that's how wild she is) anyways she was divorced, and she went to the local pub and she must have had like 30 pints of beer or something. She was drunk out of her mind. She took me into her car and started making out with me. She started using her tongue and began slobbering all over my face. Then what happened was she lifted off her top and pulled down her skirt so she was in a bra and bikini. I at this point was so aroused there was no looking back. She took off her bra and made me suck her tits. She kept making out with me and then she stripped me naked. We had sex more times than I could count. She gave out the loudest orgasms people could hear from far away. She sucked my dick and swallowed my cum, and then she got on her hands and knees at first I licksd her ads and then she asked for anal. We did it and she said she wanted it harder so i fisted her. At the end I cummed in her mouth again and she didn't want to swallow or spit and her mouth was full, so she tongue kissed the sperm into some other drunk girl who was outside the pubs mouth. The girl swallowed it and smiled and began fingering her. Then she went off with her and left me, I went home and regretted it so much. Luckily she was so drunk she didn't remember anything, and I didn't get her pregnant. I hate to admit it but it was the best sex I've ever had.

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