I am a woman who loves to suck dick.

I started sucking off guys very young when I was in High School. The first time was during lunch break. My boyfriend took me to lunch then we parked, after a few minutes of kissing he just pulled it out. I wrapped my hand around it and wondered what it would feel and taste like.
I opened my mouth and started in. I had talked to girlfriends that had done it and none of them like it, especially when the guy came. I had even watched a porn a friend had gotten from her brothers collection of a girl going down on several men.
I loved it from the start! I loved the way it felt in my mouth and the way it made him act, like it was the best thing that ever happened to him. A few minutes later he shot it in my mouth. It happened all of a sudden and was a total surprise. Not having any experience I had no idea every guy didn't shoot that much. Wow, it just went on and on and I gagged but didn't spit it out.
Of course then he wanted it all the time and I didn't mind. I was still a virgin and was very afraid of getting pregnant so a bonus was keeping him and keeping him happy. Bad thing was I found out he was screwing one of my friends so I dumped him. Soon after I lost my virginity to this really hot guy who didn't give a shit about me.
Off to college and this is where I really developed this obsession with having one in my mouth. Almost all of my friends only did it because they felt they had to. I did it because I loved it. I really loved doing it in places where we may be caught. One night we where at a party and I looked over and some girl was on her knees sucking her boyfriend off right in front of everyone! I thought wow that looks hot so I got down and started sucking off my boyfriend. When I looked up lots of people where watching and that really turned me on especially when the guy let go. Trouble is he started treating me like I was a trashy slut.
Then I met my future husband. First date, we had dinner and a movie and I sucked him off on the drive home. I never expected him to call back but he did. Later I found out it was his first blow job! I was seeing someone else at the time too and it was wonderful. I was full blown into the cock sucking fetish by then and having two guys to "use" only made me want more.
I began to date more guys at the same time, all because I was only looking for my fix. I was only having sex with my future husband but even when we where doing it I fantasized about sucking another guy off at the same time.
One night I was out with a girlfriend and she suggested we go over to a guys party house. I knew how crazy these guys where but she talked me into it. She knew about my fetish and she even hinted it would be my chance to really let loose before my upcoming wedding. I really wanted to stop doing things like that, I wanted to be a faithful wife but after a few drinks I agreed.
Didn't take long after we got there before I was on my knees. She was already going at one guy, riding him like he was a horse. This guy shot in my mouth five seconds after I started! I didn't even have a chance to swallow before the next guy shoved his in my face. Then the next and the next and I finished everyone there. At the end they where just masturbating and shooting it in because my jaw just didn't work anymore.
I went home and for the first time was totally ashamed of myself. I vowed never to let a guy other than my husband put it in my mouth again. I lost interest in sucking men for a long time, even my husband until after a year of marriage and I ran into one of my ex boyfriends.
We talked and he walked me to my car and after I sat down he just pulled it out. Right there in the parking lot! I just stared then he took my hand and pulled it to his erection. It felt so good, so hard and so full. I told him no and drove away so turned on I played with myself on the way home and until my husband got there. I met him at the door naked and told him flat out I wanted to suck his cock!
He was all for it, I had not done it for him for a long time. After that all I could think about was doing it. Then I ran into that guy again and this time I sucked him. After that I met him twice a week until his wife drove up and almost caught me with my lips wrapped around her husbands dick.
Then there where other men until my husband caught me sucking off a guy in the parking lot of a bar. I had told him I was stopping with a girlfriend after work but I was meeting this guy I had been "taking care of" I just looked up and there he was looking thru the window. I didn't even get to finish the guy.
I told him I was sorry and it will never happen again and we worked it out. But I am not sorry and I have no intentions of stopping. I am just leaving now to meet this guy and I have every intention of sucking him dry. If husband finds out again, well he married a cocksucker what does he expect?

5.4 years ago

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    • I am a bi cocksucker since 8 years old. The first was a 34 year old chicken farmer, than other kids of both sex in my neighborhood. When I got caught sucking a five year old son of a high-school teacher, I had to live in a boarding school run by Christian brothers for 6 years where I was turned gay. Altogether I must gave sucked over 150 cocks in public parks and washrooms 🥒, and a lot of anal too...

    • And they wonder why they always leave lol

    • Well Baby 69 is my favorite position

    • I absolutely love to eat pussey

    • There is nothing sexier to me than a woman who loves sucking off men, I dated a girl early in life with a severe oral fixation for cock, she would give me blowjobs every chance she had, she was a bit of a exhibitionist also who loved doing me in public places, I dated her for 8 years and wish I had married her, I've had many, many lovers in my life but never anyone with the skills and lust for it like her. If I ever get married again the woman I marry would most definitely have to be a loving cocksucker, I would love sharing her with all the men she desired to be with, I think it's just over the top sexy !!! The one thing I miss most was after I satisfied her in intercorse I enjoyed rolling over on my back and would almost always be sucked off to explosive orgasms. A woman who doesn't enjoy it is just down right boring to me, she would never admit to me that she was with other men while with me, but I knew she had to be because I had a job that I would have to travel sometimes as long as a week and I would notice little differences in ways she would suck me which would make me blow my load 10 times harder fantasizing her sucking off other guys. It's the ultimate sexual quality any woman can poses.

    • Any women craving a hot, throbbing, rock hard pulsating cock with a large and we’ll defined juicy head in their mouth? I’m an attractive male, early 40’s and in a relationship so this experience would be purely casual… we don’t even have to talk… just a dirty exchange and I promise you a big hard perfect cock between your lips, sliding over your wet tongue and touching the back of your throat… I want to know how badly you crave this experience and how much you love to suck cock… I’d also expect you to swallow my hot load which I’ve been told tastes sweet… south Florida…

    • I'd be interested in receiving the same :).

    • Boynton?

    • I would love to give someone head right now

    • Hit me up. I want it as much as you want to do it.

    • Male or female

    • Oh Really I would love if you gave me head right now my partner Throbbing right now

    • Marty,Maine it's big

    • What state are you in?

    • Oh, NE

    • I’m in Bellevue Ne. Where you?

    • You are a terrible woman cheating on your husband

    • I think she's great !!!

    • If this is real, you shouldn't let your fetish be an excuse to be an absolutely despicable human being.
      If you want to be a human Fleshlight for many men, cool. Do what you want.

      Don't drag your husband down with you.
      You should be on the street after he caught you the first time.

    • I would love a good blowjob

    • Mmmm would love to have suck my big cock off

    • Are you in Wisconsin

    • Lol i am

    • You sound like my wife! We met in college and have been married for 12 years. On our first date we had dinner and drinks etc. As I'm driving her back to her parent's house she said "I don't want to go back home just yet" and leaned over pulling at my zipper. Once she took my cock out and started sucking it I nearly lost my mind. I remember I came in her mouth as I was driving up her driveway. Right then I knew I wanted to marry this cocksucker!

    • Nothing better than a gal that loves Truly loves sucking cock. I use to love my morning blowjob but l lost her to medical problems 😞

    • Tampafunlady@gmail.com
      tampa area fellatrix

    • Try going from an ex who absolutely loved sucking cock anytime / anywhere, because she loved making you happy, to someone who sucks it for a few seconds and is done...can't just walk now, cause we have a kid..but I am looking into finding out if there's a way to find an ongoing solution here in vegas.

    • I’m in Florida and need the same, good cock sucking gal needed for a lifetime relationship 👍🏻

    • And nothing excites her more than sucking a new guy's cock and tasting his cum for the first time.

    • And where are you?

    • You're just the kind of guy my 47 yr old wife loves to suck off on a regular basis. She loves sucking the cocks of the deprived of quality head or any head at all. She's an amazing cock sucker who loves to eat cum, especially if the man's wife won't eat his. If you were in our area, she'd love sucking out your cum whenever you wanted her to. She's serviced several guys cocks regularly before, a couple of them as often as weekly. In addition to me, sh currently keeping a married friend of mine's cock serviced when he wants to be sucked off. His wife can't make him cum like that.

    • Your wife sounds like my dream woman as a wife or girlfriend 💓

    • Wow 😳 and you French kiss her

    • Wish i lived in Vegas 😃

    • My kind of lady

    • Im not one to give other men blowjobs but I love giving my husband blowjobs. It is my favorite thing to do. Ive learned exactly what he likes over the years and lately we have done some daily training to get me able to deep throat down to his balls. I finally did it last night for the first time. His dick swole up bigger than I have ever seen it. He was so turned on and I cant wait for him to walk in the door from work any minute now so I can surprise him after his long stressful day.

    • What a beautiful wife, I know why her married you. You have a very loving heart ❤️

    • Friday night we went to a party and my husband got drunk and we put him to bed. The host came on to me and I ended up sucking him off in the same bedroom! After he came I made him promise not to tell but I know he will.

    • Stupid

    • If you are still out there I would love to do a night of 69’s I love to eat pussy as I get sucked off. I can do it forever. I am in Syosset, NY I HOPE YOU ARE CLOSE BY

    • The hottest thing a date ever said to me was, "I love the way a guy's dick feels in my mouth. I love the way the veins and ridges feel against my tongue."

      I never forgot that woman.

    • God I love blowjobs. I wish I was one of your regulars.

    • I don't mind being with a girl who's addicted to sucking other cocks, as long as I'm the only one she fucks & has feelings for.

    • Im married women that loves sucking cocks suck off total strangers all time love it so much

    • Where are you located. I need you. Hit me up. I want you to do as you please with my dick

    • Got time for me?

    • I love getting my dick sucked where are you from?

    • Lol wow, how many sti's have you gave your husband

    • Where are you from baby

    • Come checl me out on xhamster it is 9808bigjoe

    • Fuck I have jack off just thinking about you

    • Are you close

    • Thx bb

    • Suck my

    • Id love to

    • I wish I could find women like this in the Orlando area.

    • U can suck mine

    • Hey

    • Need my cock sucked

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