I let another guy fuck me

I was in the military overseas in the desert and women were very scarce. I had a roomate who use to walk around naked and always joked about me sucking his big dick. We were both married, but I started to think about it. One day he said you want to suck my big dick tonight? And I said sure. He walked over to me, he didn't think I would, but t took his big dick in hand and opened wide. He pushed in mouth and started fucking. He was moaning and I kept sucking until he grunted and flooded my mouth with his cum. We did that every night and he started begging to fuck me. One night I said OK and got on the bed doggy style. He greased up his dick, grabbed my hips, and started pushing his big dick up my ass. It hurt a lot and i tried to get away, but he pushed me face down and pressed his 220 lbs frame over me so I couldn't move. He keep right on fucking until he exploded deep in my ass. After that we fucked all the time, we also did it missionary while he kissed me and sucked my nipples. I even learned to ride his dick like a chick.

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  • You just got me precumming

  • When I was 18 and in the Navy stationed at Mc Murdo ice station in Antarctica after two months going without I started masturbating in the shower just about every time I took a shower, Shit everyone was doing it, Then one day this Hispanic cook I think I was the last one taking my shower and he came into my stall as I was washing my hair, I had my eyes closed not to get soap in them and he began running his fingers down my sides and I said what the fu and he stopped me when he took hold of my hips and in one thrust buried about two inches into my ass and god it stung but he didn't move but he kept me from ejecting his cock out of me little by little he got more into me then he pushed me forward and his cock bent to his balls and that was the first time he started feeling good to me and he started 9in fucking me deep and slow. After about five minutes ort so he rammed his cock deep and filled my ass with his cum, that I loved. He kept himself in me talking to me quietly telling me to be there nightly about the same time if I wanted more. Finally he shrunk down enough and fell out of me and his cum followed running down the insides of my legs onto the floor of the shower. All night and all the next day I was thinking about what he said to me about being there tonight and I got in the shower actually 3 minutes early, guess I wanted what he had to offer. Four days later he and two of his friends had their way with me in the veg locker for over three hours and that's where we met at 1400 daily after that till I got transferred two years later. God I miss those days and nights.

  • I am 66 years young and guess you gave me a call and wanted to know if I was the Will Robinson that was stationed in Mc Murdo ice station in 1968 and I said yes and he told me his name and I was floored and he wanted to get together with me and we set a date for three days away/ We met and within two hours he had his cock buried ball deep in my ass and he fucked me four times that afternoon. We now get together any time he wants me for he has moved in with me and I am his just for the taking of me just as he did back then.

  • Lots of military guys have life long fuck buds.

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