Virgin in terms of no sex but mentaly i am a whore

Im 19 i never had sex before. I was masturbating since i was 7 no one knows. I only touch my clit. I watched a lot of porn since my father had this collection of porn cds. It started as curiousity and then i started to feel weird below. I searched and felt good. I started humping a pillow when no one is at home.

Then as i grow older, i grew bolder. I started watching and rubbing my clit to search for that great feeling. I tried inserting a finger inside after I orgasmed but it hurts so i never tried that again.

I rubbed my clit. And i can last up to 7 orgasms straight after i finished while watching alot of porns. I get turned on by hardcores rapes. Brutal i dont know, it turns me on. I feel wet just thinking of it. I got widrawals when i stop suddenly for a day or two. I get super pissed off.

I think im a whore though i never had sex.

6.4 years ago


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    • It is very normal for a girl your age to think about sex, and rape fantasies are fairly common for women, and some men too. .... But, careful about binge-ing on porn like you're doing. It can give you some unrealistic ideas about sex and life in general. My suggestion is to get out of the house and do things, go ride a horse, play tennis, etc. If you want to live out some of your sexual fantasies you might think of joining a swingers community and meet some people in person to talk about it. Meeting people to talk about having sex is a turn on too. If you don't feel comfortable going ahead you don't have to. But you will eventually find people you do feel comfortable with, and you can plan out just what you want to have happen. You can't sit there watching porn all the time.

    • Lol, I'm a guy and we sound similar. I've been a horny person for as long as I can remember. Think I was 8, maybe 10, when I started rubbing my dick against the pillow and the bed (and in between legs of stuffed animals like I was fucking it). Just felt so good and couldn't wait to be alone so I could do that. I turned 12 and I started jacking off, didn't feel as good as rubbing it against something but at least I wouldn't make a mess on my pillow, and I lasted longer. I got into watching porn on Starz, like Hotel Erotica and Platinum Blonde, and when I was 15 I stumbled across YouPorn and been watching videos there and other sites ever since. I love to cum. For so long, I would cum 3-5x a day. When I woke up, in the shower or halfway through the day, and then when I went to bed. Need a girl who likes to cum as much as I do, I can fuck whenever I'm hard, and especially wear each other out at night to sleep.

    • I love it too

    • You're not a whore. You're just exploring your sexuality and there's nothing wrong with that.

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