Girls with long labia make me especially horny i love sucking on them and feeling them brush against my cock when im inside of them does anybody else feel the same

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  • My ten year old niece is a big overweight young girl, I've been babysitting her for her whole life, and we're very close to each other. I've never done anything with her sexually, but I have always been amazed at how big her labia and clit are. I have seen her pussy lips and clit many times before, and they are both really huge. When she was a little girl she had a big meaty pussy and her clit protrudes out past her labia. I haven't seen her pussy in a couple of years, the other day in the morning, she came into the living room wearing her nightie and was laying on the carpet in front of me. She rolled onto her back with her legs spread wide open, I had a clear view under her nightie and she wasn't wearing any panties underneath her nightie. I was staring at her pussy, I was shocked to see how much bigger her pussy lips and clit had grown. She would need a bra soon to, I noticed that she had some pubic hair also. She's ten years old and her pussy is bigger than my girlfriends.

  • Beef curtains Mmmmmmm

  • I'm with you on that brother, big clits and long hanging meaty labia are beautiful.My wife has a big meaty set of labia and a clit half the length of my thumb and just as thick. We've been stretching her labia with weights clipped onto her inside labia, which really has worked. Her labia dangle over 3"past her outside set of labia. Were also heavily into pussy and clit pumping, the bigger they are the more beautiful they are.

  • I couldn't agree with you more, I love to suck on that larger clit and lick that labia. It is so sexy and pretty. Is funny I only date women with large clit and labia.

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