Better pussy than my wife's

I cheated on my wife and it was the absolute best pussy I've ever had. It was so tight and wet and moved everywhere. Her pussy was the tightest I've ever had and it even had suction, it couldn't wait to be pumped full of cum. I was rock hard and smashed her cervix, her pussy made me orgasm like I never have before as her whole vagina filled with my cum. Now everytime I fuck my wife, I can't help but notice how loose her's is and it's harder to cum.

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  • Please fuck my virgin fiancée if you want better pussy! It's my cuckold fantasy for another man to be her first. Her virgin cunt will squeeze yoir cock harder than any pussy you've ever had. You'll feel like a champion, too, knowing you have my fiancée's virginity and I can never get it back. Be the first to fill her cunt with cum.

  • Give her a divorce. Did your wife have kids then that may be why ? All of them deserve better in this short life than to be stuck with a loser cheater. That slut you are doing will one day be the same. You are a loser. Give her a divorce and let her find someone who is worthy. Are you the guy from the 3some gone bad? You sound like that loser.

  • This makes me so happy to be the other woman! And not a stretched out MNLF... Mom No one Likes to Fuck! Lol!

  • I know what you mean. Affair pussy is the best. Mine also used her pussy muscles to suck the cum our of my dick. My wife has not clue or interest in doing that

  • I'd love for you to fuck my virgin fiancée, and get the best affair pussy you'll have.

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