Shit smearing

Very often when my gf goes to work i shit in an empty bathtub at my house, sit there find a good porno of shit smearing, start jerking off with my poo and sometimes and very often smear it on my face. It makes me want to do it just confessing it! I love shit and love when its soft and warm so it feels fucking amazing when i jack off with it.. Trust me it feels sooo good and its nice and stinky mmmmmmm

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Next Confession

I would love to live the rest of my life as a sissy slave

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    • Get help.

    • Get a brain.

    • How about you get castrated ASAP!
      To ensure the world that you can not produce any offspring!
      And commit yourself to a psychiatric hospital!
      There's enough psychopaths in this world and I can assure you that there not needing anymore!
      This will help the world be a little safer place to live! TRUST ME! We as a world will feel so Good and it's Nice with one Stinky out of Society!
      Mmmmmm I can already taste a better world to live in!!

    • How about you just keep your twat of a mouth shut and quit molesting preteen children?

      You sick fuck!!

    • U need help

    • Bucky the pig fucker loves to smear his grossly obese wife's feces on the teenage male sex slaves he keeps in his trailer. He then licks it off them before he sodomizes the poor bastards.

    • Not disgusting, she's no kin, so it's as good as any other sex

    • Bluuuurrrrgggh!!!! Thats disgusting!

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