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Why do all the women sound and look like they're in pain and going to cry? It can be a turn off at times.

5.8 years ago

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    • My wife said she cried when she gave her first blowjob. She loves doing it now. "A big dick in my mouth, and I know he's going to cum in it -- yuk. I cried throughout. I put this off, I was almost 20." Can you reenact it and cry? I said. "Sure, I can cry my ass off if I think of Joey." It's such a fucking turn on, I watch her in the mirror, on her knees giving me blowjobs, crying her ass off. "If you don't mind the Joey part, your big dick is a clone of his big dick. If I don't look up I'm sucking him off."

    • My Japanese wife did 2 AVs when back in the mid 90s before moving to the US. She said that a lot of men want the women to act more submissive and more like they are not wanting to have sex. Plus the higher-pitched voice sounds younger. One of the AVs she did was a gangbang with 5 guys and they still wanted her to have that voice when getting fucked.

    • She still doin' gangbangs? Love me a slutty jap milf if she does! lol

    • Yes she is. Close to once a month. Usually friends of mine, but they bring new people too. Lost track of how much cock she's had a long time ago. Lol

    • Asian guys aren't hung and it makes the girls sad.

    • Make you mad?

    • Also the looking at the camera all the time or faking little uhhs. So silly to watch that crap instead of getting the wife or girlfriend and really doing it. Waste of time in life that you can't get back.

    • Most of the cries really turn me off

    • Seriously. I have always thought the same thing! They don't seem like they enjoy it at all.

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