Lululemon's make me fucking hard!!

I get soooooooooooo fucking turned on when I see a woman wearing tight yoga pants that show off her perfect ass & she has a fucking perfect camel toe.

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  • No wonder my husband of 3 years has been bringing home several pairs of yoga pants and body briefs every week from work and wants me to wear them for a day then write a report on them, likes and dislikes and what could be an improvement or ??.
    Our neighbors surely get a eyeful daily for it's seldom I wear anything else unless we go out to dinner or clubbing.

  • I love yoga pants to, I love camel toe. The best camel toe that I've ever seen, was a ten year old fat girl that was wearing yoga pants that were a couple of sizes to small for her. I was amazed at the size of her camel toe that she was presenting. It was very large and very visible, if it's in plain sight I don't have a problem with checking it out.

  • MILFs in yoga pants are a view of heaven

  • Went to yoga with my wife once just for the views. couldn't finish the session because of my hard on. wife did suck me off in the car though.

  • I'm with you the best sport going CT watching

  • Yoga pants were God's gift to men.

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