I fucked my mother to oblivion.

I posted a couple days ago, on Sat & said Monday I was going to fuck my mom. It's now Monday evening & I just finished fucking her brains out. We fucked for 5 straight hours & now we are both fucking exhausted. I fucked her in every single position you can imagine. She says that with me doggystyle is her fav cause I can go really really deep in her pussy & touch her g-spot. I drove straight to her house immediately after work & she had a cocktail ready & waiting for me. We were barely finished our drinks when we started making out, my mom is an amazing kisser by the way. We kissed for what I felt like was an eternity, but it was probably only about 5-6 mins. Slowly but surely the clothes started to come off, my mom had on a beautiful hot pink g-string that her husband had purchased for her. Lucky for me, I got to see her in it first. Once we were both completely naked, we started kissing some more before her mouth & tongue finally made it's way down to my huge throbbing cock. I must day my mother can suck a cock like nobody's business and for that I am extremely proud of her. Before long, we were in a 69 & my tongue was deep inside her pussy & her asshole. Soon after that she boarded my cock & I took her for the ride of her life. I swear that in the 5 hours we were fucking, I made her orgasm over a dozen times & made her squirt about 10 times. In the end I finished by exploding in the back of her throat what was more than likely the biggest fucking load ever!! She had to swallow 3 times in order to catch it all. This was by bar the greatest night of my life.

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  • I'm 26 and I fuck my 55-year-old mother and my 81-year-old grandmother. Their cunts are always ready for my cock, and granny likes to lick my cum from her daughters pussy. Apparently, she used to be a prostitute and was still picking up men when she was 70 years old.

  • My widowed mother first fucked me when I was 12. I'm 22 now and we fuck almost every night. She also gives great blowjobs.

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