My friend and my wife's panties

A friend at work asked me to bring a pair of my wife's used panties so he could smell them. At the moment I thought it was weird and I didnt think I was going to do it but later that day at home I thought "well whats the harm" and decided to go to the basket of dirty clothes and grab a pair of my wifes satin panties for him.

The next day when I gave them to him he immediately put them in his face and got incredibly aroused just smelling them, to my surprise he even started licking the panties on the part of the crotch and started saying how good my wife "tasted"

I guess any man's reaction would have been to get incredibly jealous of another man doing this type of thing to his wifes panties but to be honest that wasnt my reacion, on the contrary, looking at this man getting so incredibly aroused with my wifes panties really turned me on.

I started bringing more of my wifes used panties for my friend, I loved to see him licking the panties and he even started telling me about his fantasies of licking my wife's pussy and how incredible it must feel to bury his cock inside of that pussy.

This is the part where it got dangerous, this friend of mine has a higher position in the company where we work. He started telling me that he could give a very good word about me to my superiors so I could get a promotion; but he asked me that in return I take him to my house so he could meet my wife in person. Up to that point he had only seen her in pictures.

For some reason I decided to do it, my wife of course didnt know anything about my friend and I took him to our house and he spent one afternoon with us from 6 to 10pm. My wife didnt notice anything out of the ordinary but I could notice how aroused my friend was just sitting in front of her. My wife was wearing shorts so he would look at her bare legs and feet every chance he could and he would stare at her ass every time she stood up to bring something. I think I even saw him touching himself at one moment.

Before he left that night he asked my wife for her email address so they could "keep in touch", he just told her he likes to make new friends and he liked us a lot. My wife gave it to him.

I dont have access to my wifes private email so at this point I really dont know what messages they could be exchanging between them. I feel that I might have taken this too far and Im afraid my "friend" might start trying to fuck my wife.

He did honor his part of the agreement though, he put a good word about me with the big bosses and things have started going great at work, I dont know what I should do

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  • I was in a very similar situation but my wife agreed to have sex with him to get my promotion. It was a significant pay increase but I think she did it more because she was very attracted to the guy. I really think the promotion was just an excuse and justification in her mind. But I also have to admit that the sex with her was a lot more exciting after she started fucking him!

  • Same situation here wife fucked two of my bosses . Financial rewards where unbelievable she is outstanding in bed .

  • Depends on your wife. She may get very excited by his bold advances, and give in to them, for fun, and pleasure or because he convinces her that its good for you, that he will help you at work.

    She may also ignore him completely.

  • Lol get ready to taste your friend's semen because you are going to have it the next time you kiss your wife's mouth

  • Gunna plow ur wife

  • Well you asked for it he is going to fuck her many times

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