I answered the door with a hard on

One time when I was in college, I was renting a room in a house with other students. My room was on the second floor just down the hall from the shared bath room. We were all very careful to do our bathroom visits in between our neighbors judging by the sound. I always went down there in just my underwear. Once or twice i had caught glimpses of others doing the same, especially the girls in their tiny bikini panties. One girl even went down there frequently topless.
One hot saturday afternoon, i had no classes, so I was hanging out in my room naked and smoking some weed to get high. I had just gotten my dick to its maximum size and hardness and was slowly stroking it marveling about its size and beauty. Suddenly there was a knock at by room door. I guess I presumed it might be one of my housemates wanting something. Anyway, without hesitation, I walked over to the door with my raging hard cock sticking out and opened the door wide. To my surprise, and to his, it was a guy that i barely knew but was friendly with. I invited him in saying, you can guess what I have been doing. I walked across the room in front of him, showing him my bare ass, and walked over to my dresser to take out a pair of underwear to put on. He said, don't get dressed on my account. I have already seen you naked. So I put the underwear down. He had went over and sat on the edge of my bed, so I sat on the floor in front of him, postitioning my now semi soft cock so that when I sat down it lay across my leg. I filled the pipe again and we smoked and made small talk. It was exciting to be sitting there with a friend and me completely naked in front of him. I sat back and spread my legs a bit. Presently he reached over and placed his hand on my leg. Without thinking, I rolled my hips over towards him with my dick flopping down on my leg just barely touching his hand. Before I knew it, he was stroking my dick and it was getting very hard again. Before i knew it he was sucking on it and his clothes had disappeared and he was naked there with me. We lay there on the floor with him sucking me energetically. He swung his body around and here came his hard dick towards my face. I pulled his bare ass closer and started sucking his hard dick as he sucked mine. It felt amazingly good.
We spent the rest of the afternoon naked with each other, mutually jacking off and sucking each other off. We both came more than once. All too soon, he said that he had to go. We stood up and hugged each other with a full body hug and we kissed on the mouth. We got together a few times after that until he moved away and I lost touch.

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  • T'were me -- I think I would make a concerted effort to locate that man and again have his cock in my mouth. Again. Just sayin' ...

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