Masterbating with a hot dog

I recently got so horny I couldn't handle it. I then thought about what I could stick in my wet pussy. I thought about a hot dog and the how amazing the warmth would feel on my wet pussy. So, I put a hot dog in the microwave for about 45 seconds and immediately started teasing myself with the hot dog. Eventually I started shoving the warm hotdog in and out of my wet pussy. It felt amazing and the orgasm was amazing.

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  • I love German sausage rather than a hot dog and the corner butcher shop near her will make em any size you want and he uses pig intestine rather than plastic tubes stuffing them to a good 2 inches in diameter/ They get well used before cooking them for dinner and my husband has no idea where they have been or what they've done.

  • I do the same thing except I am a man. Been sticking hot dogs in my ass since I was a young boy. Used to take some from the house and walk down the street to this big vacant lot that was heavily wooded. I had a couple of really private spots there where no one could see me and I liked to take off my clothes and fuck myself in the ass for hours while I jacked off. I still do it today but I use much bigger hot dogs and other things.

  • 45 seconds that would be one hot hotdog dildo...hope you let it cool a bit!

  • I've always thought about the insane things I would stick in me if I had a pussy... is that the only thing you've used?

  • Did you eat it afterwards?

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