I want to have sex with my aunt

Plain and simple, I want to have sex with my aunt. I'm in my early 40's, she's in her mid 60's. She's married to my moms brother and there really is nothing special about her other than her flirty personality. She's always been my favorite aunt even though I don't get to see her very often. There's just something about the entire taboo aspect of it that I've always liked. She's always been chatty with me at family gatherings, always has a friendly hug when she stands by me, is very bubbly and as sweet as they come. We've never been able to be a close as I have wanted because of some family drama, so every chance I've ever had to see her was special (I see my other aunt and uncle all the time, I have a very close family). The other day I was given her phone number by my mom and asked told to call my aunt for some advice since we now work in an industry that's compatible to a degree. We had a great little chat and she promised to do some homework for me and call me in a day or two. Well, she called today and to put it bluntly, our conversation was flirty and lengthy. I was at my girlfriends house and had to hide in her room while on the phone because so she wouldn't hear what I was talking about. My aunt suggested that we get a bottle of wine and cry on each others shoulder about how frustrating our jobs can be at times. She also kept telling me how funny I am and she talked endlessly. Time and time again she mentioned us getting a bottle of wine, getting drunk and talking about things. I was a nervous wreck on the phone, both because I couldn't believe what she was saying as well as trying not to raise suspicion with my girlfriend. There's also the aspect that I really like my uncle and have always admired him, as well as my cousins. I want this to happen so bad and I know good and damn well I will pursue it until it either happens or I totally embarrass myself. I do get to see her in les than 2 weeks and CAN NOT WAIT. Granted, the entire family will be there, but you better bet that she'll be getting all of my attention. My girlfriend has also benefitted so far. Once I got off the phone with my aunt, I immediately brought my girlfriend to her room and dog fucked the shit out of her....all the while fantasizing that she was my aunt. We've dated 2 years and we've never had crazy ass sex like we did today. We always have good sex but today was on an entirely different level. I just could not stop thinking about my aunt. I left my girlfriends house and drove straight home, watched some "aunt/nephew" porn and jerked off several times thinking about her. I'm soooo totally fucked, either in a really good way or a really bad way. I'm just glad that I now have her cell number and can send her a few random, yet sweet texts before I see her in 10 days. All of you fuckers better wish me luck because I'm going for broke on this one!

5 years ago


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    • You should because I want to have sex with my aunt I'm 51 and she is 85 but I still want her badly

    • Yh I would love to fuck my aunt she has the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen just seeing her gives me the biggest hard on. Every time I go over to hers I sniff her dirty panties getting a taste for that sweet sweet pussy. I would only stay over in her house just to sniff and lick those delicious panties. When her husband would go to work I would go into her room and snuggle up next to her and could see she was only wearing her Lacy pink panties and there the same ones she would leave in the bathroom and I would go sniff and lick them clean

    • Cool bro

    • My Aunt was always partial to me growing up and when I was at their house we talked a lot. As I got older I helper her around her house and done all her yard work. I was 15 when I began to notice she was showing more and more skin around me. Bending over out in the yard in her shorts showing her cleavage all the time. Just things that made a 15 year old boy jack off even more than I was. All I could think about was getting my dick in my aunts sexy body.
      I jacked off all the time thinking about fucking her and loved thinking about her sucking my dick and swallowing my cum. Most of all her ass got my attention. I knew about anal sex because I had read and looked at plenty of dirty magazines and I dreamed of fucking her sexy ass.
      One Saturday morning at breakfast when my Uncle was out of town working. She and I were going to work in the yard most of the day. She began to talk to me about things she had never mentioned before and wound up dropping her robe there in the kitchen and after telling me she had needs and she wanted me to help her with them. She sucked my dick on her knees in the kitchen then took me back to the bedroom and we had sex for hours and that night after telling her how much I loved her ass she let me fuck it and shoot my load in it.
      We had sex often for years and still do but not often. She is still very hot and loves to fuck.

    • Wishing you all the luck. Please keep us updated! I'm rootin for you as I have a fantasy similar to this!

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