Boyfriend asks me to play with his ass

My boyfriend asked me to stick my finger up his ass while we were having sex, I dont know if this is normal or not, should I worry?

Ive had previous boyfriends ask me for weird stuff while having sex but this felt very out of place, and if I may be honest a little gay. I dont know if my boyfriend has some homosexual urges, sexually hes always been very normal, weve been going out for half a year now, we usually have sex 4 or 5 times when we see each other during the week and weekends. I try to suck his cock just as many times as we have sex to keep him happy, should I do it more? I mean everything is normal. Ive had previous boyfriends who wanted to fuck me a lot more and also boyfriends who barely touched me once or twice a week. Some men are strange in their sexual needs.

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  • Just put your finger up his ass. He is telling you what he likes, tristing you, being intimate, sharing himself.

    And you are worried he might what, go gay on you?

    This is why men screw other women behind theor wife or gf's back...because women are so uptight, evaluating everything, expecting life to be exactly how they want it to be.

  • Incidentally, anal sex can be very pleasurable to women. It takes, for anyone with an ass, a lot of lube and a bit of patience and lots of love and understanding but I have, personally, caused a woman such a strong orgasm that she lost control of her bladder (it is call intercourse incontinence and it is not uncommon) and I do not mean female ejaculation although that may have happened and she did not, for one second, stop fucking back, when my orgasm happened, I was pulling on her hair, she was almost vertical, her breasts were bouncing everywhere and her hand was a blur over her clit and her SECOND orgasm was so hard that her squeeze of her anal musculature actually hurt me -it was both good and bad if that makes sense.

    There are a lot of ignorant people out there and there is a huge amount of repression, fear, and ignorance (as in lack of knowledge as well as the other kind) out there and following it can kill something that sounds like a very good relationship. Get informed and learn all you can because even if he was bi (as I am) that does not mean he would be unfaithful or promiscuous as hell, (even though that is exactly what people believe), it just means that he would be happy with whatever he found when he stuck his hand down the front of someone's pants. He almost certainly isnt even curious about sex with other guys but even if he was, what do you get? A guy that can look at porn and agree when you say the porn actor is hot? how bad can that be?

  • Ok, first, anal sex is more common than people are willing to admit. Second, gay does not mean "got fucked by a guy and liked it" gay means "able to fall in love with another person of the same gender identification" and no amount of anal sex will change that no matter what anyone believes. Reality is that the anal region is loaded with nerve endings and a prostate massage while getting a blowjob is an extraordinary experience not unlike having a butt plug in your ass with a Gspot vibe held against your Gspot while a magic wand hits your clit while you massage your breasts and if that sounds insane making good, that is similar to what he will feel. The second most common fetish among heterosexual couples is pegging (a strap on, your hips, his ass) and it is only good because it is you doing it to him and it would not work with either your sister or your brother (as an example) doing it to him. Part of it is the anal sex but a larger part is the role reversal and power exchange; the mindfuck if you will. Him wanting anal does not mean you are not taking care of him. If anything, it means that he trusts you enough to be very, very, open and vulnerable with you and that, that vulnerabilty, that is the essence of love. So, go, read Tristan Taormino's books and spend some money and get a good strapon and bang his ass good; he will love it.

  • I'm with you love no way anyone has or ever will touch my ass I love pussy and that's it for me sorry.

  • Ok what are you 12? Having a FEMALE place HER finger up his bum doesn't make him gay. If he was having a MALE put HIS PENIS up his bum that would make him gay.

    Your boyfriend is just smart, and knows what feels good to him.Trusting you he asked you to do for him what feels good.

    It's harmless. It's sex. It's supposed to be fun and adventurous. It's a finger!!! Not like he asked you to put your whole fist up there.... calm down!

  • My BF was fucking me one afternoon and a guy that was also there started in but fucking him as he did me. It was a awesome 3 some.

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