Should I let my dad touch me?

My dad has always tried to touch me. It turns me on so much and I really want him to fuck me. The problem is, I'm 13. I've watched my dad watch father daughter porn and I want to suck he's cock so bad. He moans my name when he jerks off and I get super wet. Do you think I should have sex with him?

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  • Let him fuck you, it's the most intense sexual experience you'll ever have, I have no regrets.

  • This was 1.2 years ago...

  • It's not rare as people think to have these desires happen to one or the other. There are many cases when it happened between both being sexually attracted to each other. That's a bit more rare when both have this happen but it normal or natural. It causes allot of tensions in the family either addressing it. Many will fight though it by trying to argue and cause conflict to stop feeling this way. Then there are those who the desire takes over and the need to confront and seek a sexual encounter. In most cases when both have sexual desires the encounter is overwhelming. In these cases girls girls reveal in interviews it was the most intense sexual experience. Also reveling it caused later sex in relationships frustrating. Many stating that they can't enjoy sex with boy friends or husband's. Being a female who shares this frustration after having almost a two decade long affair with my dad. I can attest no man has ever came close in anyway to filling me sexually like my dad. My resentment toward him was short I forgave him almost as fast as I got mad. Moments after forgiving him making him take me far another marathon of sex.

  • So how old are you now? How old is dad? Still fuck him? Read the book The Kiss

  • OH MY GOD! Does ANYBODY on this thread know the terms "Satire" "Joke" or "Internet Troller"?! I'll bet you anything that this "13 year old" is just some 26 year old fedora wearing, my little pony watching, basement living man! Just trying to see how many people he can stir up! God DAMN! And to all of you who are talking about the "Laws of the church" need to shut the fuck up about it. WE GET IT. YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING. DON'T CRAM IT DOWN OUR FUCKING THROATS. *drops mic*

  • Wait till you are old enough

  • It would be sex education

  • No, you shouldn't. That's immoral, amoral and forbidden by the law of the church. Otherwise, I'd say you're sick and crazy. You urgently need some butt paddling by one of your teachers.

  • You are both sick and crazy. There are crazy people on here as no real sane person would encourage a 13 year old to commit incest. I hope you dad gets caught and goes to jail. Each computer has a number that is attatched to it when it is connected to an internet and the police can find the location. As someone on here said, they monitor stuff on the internet and some get caught this way. Not enough people get caught. Shame you threw what was special about you away. I said no when I was a young girl facing incest and over and over I have been so glad, because when you grow up and see how really wrong it all is you will be embarrassed.

  • No, how sick. You will regret it some day. Watching porn makes you want to do weird or wrong things. I feel sorry for you, because you aren't a good daughter and he isn't a good father. What about your mother that you conviently left out??? Be more of a grown up than he is and tell him if he doesn't quit with the porn you will go tell the police or someone at school that he is trying to molest you. That is what it is child molestation and it has no expiration date on him going to jail. Even many years from now he can go to jail. CHild RApe/molestation is sick and that is the only sexual relations you can have with him. Don't regret things later, give it to a boy you love and want to grow old with.

  • Yeah do it. He would love to have you take his cock in your mouth and swallow his load, just as he would love to lick up your warm pussy juice. He'll be pounding your tight little cunt before you know it.

  • Its obvious you both want sex but you are under age if you had sex with him he could go to prison, you will pass this phase in your life I did

  • In my opinion yes, but only if you both feel right about it, who really cares weather they're family or not ,it's a new level of trust and live and if your both down with it go ahead, as long as it's not like abusive but strictly love :)

  • No you are under age

  • Any new exciting news with your dad?

  • Sadly. Nothing really. I'm at my moms now and I miss my dads cock.

  • He should send you pics at night time. I would say videos of him cumming, but it's better if he saves it for you.

  • No ! But you can blow him !

  • Best cock I've blowed.

  • All girls should let their dad's fuck them.I fuck my 7-yezr-old daughter and her 8-year-old sister. Their little bald cunts are so tight, and they both scream out as I'm shooting my spunk up them.

  • Shut up you do not

  • You should post more. Lucky you

  • That is so hot.

  • Please remember you are under age, if you do it your dad he could go to prison, it happens when you start to feel guilty and disgusted with your self after wards

  • Do it! JUST DO IT! Don't let your dreams be dream! Yesterday you said tomorrow! SO DO IT!

    Seriously, don't listen to these fuckers, just fuck your dad. It's fun and you want to and you'll love it.

  • I did.

  • When you calmed him down, did you blow him when his gf was in another room or did she leave? I bet he missed how your mouth feels.

  • She was in the other room sleeping.

  • I would really love it if we're still talking when you're old enough, we should totally hook up. Of course, you can still spend all your time on your knees in front of him and sleep at his place to fuck all night every night. I wouldn't take that from you or anyone. Can make him cum, his friends & your friends cum, and then make me cum by sending me pics or telling me about it when you're home and not too exhausted. :)

  • Thatd be cool.

  • Do you have somewhere else we can text?


  • I said I want a girl who does that, because it is SO hot when girls suck their dad's dick. I already get hard a lot each day, but it makes me hard even more, and to the point where I NEED to cum. I wish I had somebody to always tell me about what they do, it makes me cum more than anything else. I dated a girl online who said she did that, but wouldn't tell me that much. I thought about that in the shower and shot multiple shots of cum. Still think about it years later, but need something new. Just to hear on here at least. But I'd love to have a gf to text and ask what she's doing and she'd reply that she's blowing her dad or fucking him, or to be kissing her or holding her in my arms late at night and she'd tell me she's going to her dad's tomorrow. Be great. MAYBE someday...

  • 13 is below the legal age

  • I know, but I was only 11 when my dad first fucked me. His cock was so big and boney that I screamed the whole time it was ramming my ravished vagina. I'm 19 now and I can't get enough of his cock. My name's Carol, and daddy says that he often thinks of Carol Kirkwood, the TV presenter, when he's fucking me.

  • I'm going over to hes house tomorrow and I can't say to see how it turns out. I'll make sure to tell y'all how it goes.

  • I'll be reading it before I shower ;) Been thinking about your post in there and throughout the day for the past wk.

  • Sorry I've been keep you waiting. I'll make sure to post it late tomorrow ;)

  • It's ok, when a girl sucks & fucks her dad, it's worth waiting to hear about. You know, you're really nice too. Longest I've talked to someone on here I think. Really hope he gives you SO MUCH cum!

  • He did. We did a round two to.

  • I knew you would! I thought you would be fucking all night and I wouldn't hear about it til tomorrow. No details though? It's ok, I love to ask, so you answer :) Did he have a big dick? Did he cum on your face first or in your mouth? Did you like cum? Did he lick your ass or just bury his tongue in your pussy? What did he say when you were sucking his dick? How quick did it take you or him to make a move? You should totally have sex in the shower too or when taking a bath. What's next for you and him?

  • He's dick was huge. I think 8 or 9 inches. Very thick. He cumed in my mouth first because I gave him a blowjob first. The cum tasted weird and different but it's something that I would have to taste again ;) . Both to be honest haha. While I was sucking him and kept saying how I was so naughty and how it was so wrong but he couldn't me. It didn't take him long but after a little bit he grabbed my ass. I don't know really what's next. I'll be here til Sunday. Should I have sex with him again? Do you think he would want to?

  • Nice size cock sweetie being young and as tiny a possible makes sex fill fuller you can't get that special feeling back. My dad is very thick compared to most guys 7 1/4" around and little over 8" long. I was really young it took allot of playing to finally stretch my pussy to accommodate him. It hurt the first few times but once I got use to it omg felt amazing. We fucked all the time for around 8 yrs no regrets no man can satisfy me like I was with my dad. My dad and I still fuck when we get a chance my husband has a bigger cock than my dad. When finding the right husband my dad told me to make sure he was bigger. My dad wanted me to be satisfied during sex in a marriage he is so sweet.

  • The same thing for me my dad is very well endowed I was young almost 12 yrs old and started puberty. I always adored him and puberty set off a fire between us it was crazy. I dressed sexy flirting I knew he was checking me out always turning to catch him checking out my butt. I would wink at him and shake my butt teasing him this lead to mutual flirting. One night laying on the couch next to each other our hands wondered. We started to make out after the show was over my dad cock that was rock hard and now in my hand. He asked if I wanted to sleep in his room walking to his room. I knew or we both knew we was going to make love a mutual understanding without words. After that sleeping in his bed never my own when I stayed with him. My mom had came over early on a Sunday morning to pick me up. We was naked in bed he was taking me vaginally doggie style we noticed my mom watching us. My mom smiled all very nervous my mom voice crackled as she said she should had called saying she was sorry interrupting us. I had a rush of fear and surprise her eyes opened wide she just stood there looking at us. Nervous as she was waiting for me to get up so we could go to the store shopping. I was hoping she would had given me privacy to get out of bed naked and change. But she obviously wasn't I finally got out of bed naked. My pussy gapped from a weekend of sex dripping of my dad's cum. My mom eyes glued between my legs my dad's 9 1/2" tent told the tail as well. I was getting dressed my mom asked me of I was remembering to take my birth control pills. Nervous I said yes my voice cracking I hope so my mom said telling my dad if we was going to have a sex thing going on you better not get her pregnant. My mom was very blunt but obviously OK with it my dad never said a word to shocked as he said later. My mom in the car said we looked sexy together saying she figured it out about a year ago. She said watching us helped her know she wasn't crazy she laughed. Continued

  • My mom said you two make a cute couple and joked about being Impressed with me taking his 9 1/2" long 6 3/4" thick around cock. My mom who obviously knew his exact size talked excited remembering the pleasure he gave her every time they had sex. I giggled agreeing her preference to his thicker size cock being the Un equal for sex. I told her we know we can't be a couple and that's not what it's about. I told her we just enjoy being romantic and showing our love thru sex. We had a long discussion and she understood our relationship and supports it 100%

  • Of course you should! Maybe have sex in the shower. You're at the age in your life where you should enjoy things as much as possible. Don't get pregnant tho lol. Get fucked everywhere in the house and in a pool at night time and suck his big cock every chance you can when his gf's not around. Every place she goes to & sits at, she's not going to know you had sex there. Next time he sees you, he can buy you oil so your shiny body will make him fuck you faster and harder. Just hope he tries not to cum til he sees you again so you get more out of him, maybe this time he'll cover your face :) 2 little questions: Are you a blonde, brunette or redhead? What if your dad wanted his friends to come over and have you suck their dicks?

  • I was dirty blonde but I yes it to bright red. I would love he joined hes friend in. We fucked again and ugh it felt so good. He's girlfriend came over today and they fucked and I was upset. That's my cock!

  • Lol. I'm sure he thought about you the whole time he was with her. And remember, they're just bf & gf, if they ever have a fight and split up, that dick is all yours. Just hang in there and be glad you got to have sex with him like you wanted. You're a good little cocksucker for doing that and wanting his friends too :)

  • I hope one day he joins in he's friends. Yesterday morning they got into a fight and my dad was mad and tense so I calmed him down.

  • How'd you manage to do that?

  • Lots of begging for hes cock you could say that.

  • I suppose if you watch porn with your dad you are very comfortable watching explicit sexual content, I would be very embarrassed if it were my dad also excited, a girl wonders about her dads sexuality, I did after seeing him with a full erection I did think differently about him after I kept thinking of the image of his hard dick stuck out in front of him, he didn't cover up and said your going to see one, one day you may as well see mine but don't mention it to your mum he stood there and let me have a good look at it, did go wet down there, thinking back it was very naughty of him showing me his dick but I did enjoy having a good look it. It depends how far you want to take it, sex with a parent is very taboo, let me know I am very very interested I would really like to hear about it

  • I took it the whole way and let my dad fuck me when I was 10. I'm 31 and married now, but I still let my dad fuck me when I go to visit him. Afterwards, I often do my shopping with his cum in my knickers.

  • I don't think is was wrong of your dad to show his dick, you wanted to look, you had a very good look at it and it had the desired affect in making you wet, I thought of my dad differently after seeing him with a hard on, when I saw it standing up I realised it gave me life,

  • I keep catching my dad naked with a hard on, I am sure he does it purposely for me to see, when I go up stairs he walks out of the bedroom heading for the bathroom with it bobbing up and down, I don't have a problem with it I like to look also watch his arse,
    I have had wrong thoughts

  • Your signame is easily googleable, delete it

  • When your dad said that you're going to see one someday so it might as well be his, what are your thoughts if it was a natural thing where any dad thought it was the right time and took his daughter into the room and whipped his hard dick out in front of her before she saw anyone elses?

  • My thoughts when I saw dads dick and he said about seeing one one day and it might as well be his, I was very pleased he was showing me his dick and taking interest in me and my education not many dads do, he does have that right I suppose with his daughter, I was only us in the house, on his next afternoon off he said we should have a very long adult talk, and its just between us,
    I an eagerly waiting for next week

  • Oh that'll be good! And yeah, dads should have the right to do things with their daughter, and if she wants to touch it and put her mouth on it, she can. No one has more respect and love for her than her dad does. Glad your dad is good to you too.

  • I did want to touch

  • Now that I have more time to say this: I think at a certain age when the dad feels the time is right, he should bring her into the room and pull his hard dick out. Hopefully she'll do something with it, and he'll keep bringing her to the room 1-2x a week to get her good at sucking dick. When he feels it's time to move on, then he'll move onto sucking her tits and licking her pussy, and then to eventually fucking her. I think dads shouldn't say anything about cum and let it be a surprise, especially if she's just playing with it the first time and randomly gets blasted in the face lol. Even when she gets a bf, if she likes doing all of that with her dad, then she shouldn't stop.

  • Definitely should! And have him cum all over your face too. You're a good girl. If only you were old enough, I'd be lucky to have a gf like you.

  • Haha I'm thinking about it. He has a girlfriend though (my parents split up.) And I'm going to see him soon so I'm going to let him touch me when hrs girlfriend is gone.

  • When you do, you should wear a mini skirt and tank top with nothing on underneath, and then find the right time to bend over in front of him and show him your ass. If I was in your dad's position, that's how I'd want it to happen. Just imagine, your dad thinking that you suck better dick than his gf does lol. Let me know how it goes?

  • I'll definitely do that. I will make sure to share it. I can't wait til I go to hes place ??

  • Come on we are all waiting

  • We can't either. Wish I could speed up time lol. Do anything your hearts desire and tell us what happened start to finish. And I know your dad wouldn't need to watch porn anymore because he has you, but hopefully next time he does, you can be on your knees in front of him while he watches :)

  • I am already waiting to heat from you
    Jen3698 xx

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