Want A Man...Right Now

After masturbating for the millionth time tonight, i started to break down into tears. I need a man, not just for sex, but because i sometimes need emotional support. But all the men I've met are only interested in my body, or only interested if we have sex almost every night.

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  • Today's generation is all about instant satisfaction/gratification. They don't want to work for anything, money OR sex.

  • Part of the problem these days is that you ladies give your pussy up far too easy, the so called men that you are speaking about don't and will not make a commitment for the reason of my first words. Make them wait for sex after they have spent the required time with you. By the way I'm a male been married 28 years I look at this generation and this is what the problem is no one has commitment it's far too easy to get a divorce if you don't like the person you thought you fell in love with. I love sex always have, nothing like making your lady wet and making her scream with pleasure.

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