Dildos and lots of them!

Awhile ago my mate ask me to help him move some furniture at his mums house, she was having a new carpet fitted in her bedroom.
My mate was running late so I started to take the draws out of the big chest of drawers to lighten the weight, his mum was telling me where to put them, as I took the third draw down she said "oh that one you can just leave over there I need to sort that one out" just as I was about to put it down the bottom of the draw fell out and I kid you not 20 plus dildos fell to the floor!
I've never seen such a big collection of sex toys, you name it it was on the floor!
She panicked and tried to cover them up but it was to late, I started laughing and said don't worry, she begged me not to say anything to her son.
I've not said anything but whenever I see her I'm always asking if she's had any fun lately! She always gives me a cheeky smile back and tells me to stop it.

6.2 years ago

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    • He is also the same dude that sells kiddie porn over the internet.
      He was trying to do that here about 1-2 years ago.

    • Ha! I happened on my mother in laws years ago. Her bed has storage in it, accessed by sliding doors on the side of it. She had/has six of them, mostly vibrators, rabbits, a squirming one but also a big eight inch suction bottomed one.
      I never looked at her in the same light again.

    • I was helping a female work friend so sort out her erratic computer and internet. We got on well but nothing sexual. One Saturday I was at her house and I needed the set up instructions for her router. She told me that the box was upstairs in her bedroom in the bottom drawer of a cabinet. I went up, in to the room and saw the cabinet but it had two bottom drawers so I picked one, the wrong one, and saw the two vibrators in there. One was a small one, probably handbag sized and the other was a rabbit type. I looked for a few seconds, closed the drawer, opened the next picked up the box and went back downstairs. I said nothing but fantasized about her for weeks!

    • I helped my adult daughter move last weekend. I went to move her night stand and the drawer slid open. Was packed with all kinds of vibrators from bullets to rabbit vibes, plus tubes of lube, flavor gels, and condoms.

    • You should have offered her the real thing. Dildos are fun, but there's nothing like the real deal.

    • I was at a buddies house for some drinks and he tried making some dinner for us in his half-cut state. He had trouble finding a particular pot he wanted to use that his mother kept in a drawer somewhere so we searched around a few of the cabinets near their open kitchen only to find some of her sex toys stashed in the bottom of of them. Just a few toys, but one was a huge plush monster of a thing as long and thick as my arm. Fucking laughed! That lady makes me giggle every time I see her now. She must be so hellishly loose!

    • Why don't you pot a real smile on her face take out your dick and say play with that it a lot better then a plastic prick . Good luck and happy fucking .

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