Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson

When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex conversation' with him, being a single mother he didnt have a father figure to answer all his questions so I knew it had to be me. I also imagined that at 13 he probably already knew what sex was, I went more into the dirty stuff, things he was going to start finding out at parties, things like oral sex, anal sex, fucking different girls, threesomes, orgies, S&M and so on.

He got very interested in oral sex, he started asking me a million questions about it, he asked me what is he supposed to do when a girl is giving it to him, I said "nothing really, just let her know you are enjoying it" He asked me if I could show him how its done, he wanted me to do it to him so he could feel it. I mean I knew I was her mother and I wasnt supposed to be doing something like that but I wanted him to be ready, I guess I thought I could go through the mechanics of giving him a blowjob without feeling sexually aroused and I could let him get aroused only for the purpose of showing it to him.

I told him to lay down in bed and pull his pants down. He already had an erection as soon as he pulled his pants down, the first thing I thought was that he had his father's dick.

I didnt want to think too much about it, I just did it, I went right up to his cock, opened my mouth and started sucking it. I was 38 at the time and I guess I could say I knew how to suck a mans cock really good when I wanted to. I decided to give him a good one, I guess my mom's pride kicked in at that moment, if I had decided to suck my sons cock, well no other woman was going to suck his cock as good as his mother did the first time.

I sucked his dick in every way you can imagine, sucked his balls too, licked them, and even slid my tongue all the way to the beginning of his ass, he was screaming and moaning all the time, I didnt necessarily feel pleasure myself, but I guess I felt satisfaction that I was giving him the ultimate pleasure that he had felt up to that moment in his life.

When I felt in his body that he was about to cum I slid my finger in his ass to massage his prostate and he exploded LIKE A TANK! I didnt know a man could ejaculate that much at his age, he started screaming and he had a very very strong orgasm. I let him cum inside my mouth and I swallowed it all

He practically fainted on top of the bed as he orgasmed, he was orbiting around the world when I finished sucking every drop of semen out of his dick. I didnt know what to say, I knew I had gotten carried away with the whole thing and ended up doing a lot more than what I originally intended. I didnt say anything else, I just stood up and left the room. I went to my room and closed the door, on some level I guess I felt bad but I knew I had left him 100% ready to have sex with any girl after that.


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  • Man would love some conversation and discussion about Man on MAN guys are afraid????

  • Now, you need to fuck him. Hopefully, he will approach you.

  • Yeah I agree

  • Would love to hear about gay sex--anyone else

  • Man would love to read from some guys about the delicious pleasure of "MAN ON MAN SEX" and what a great taste cock and man ass

  • By always writing about the "Delicious taste of a Buds "Soft Man Meat" and sucking it up hard and throbbing and oozing tasty pre-cum all over my mouth and tongue" then rubbing it all over my cock to I could give my buddy a great ramming fuck!!

  • I was 11 when it came out my dad was fucking my sister and he went away a while and she lived with my aunt a bit.But my mother started sayn she was bathing me as i was a small built boy but she paid alot of attention to washing my groin and after bath #4 witch she was in the tub with me she noticed how hard a iwas and that my dick was big for my body size and i told her i saw my sister suck dad's dick and i jerked off watching .She said show me and i stood put my hard on in her face and said daddy did this and i grabbed her head and pushed forward and before she knew it i aws in her mouth and cumming but she did not fight and swallowed and after she said if i keep quiet she wll do that anytime i like.And that went on thru 3 marrages and many girl friends for me.

  • I never even thought of this till I( read this posting and the actions of my step don who's going on 15by7r his actions got the best of me for the past three months.
    As soon as his father leaves for work he's in bed with me and I( can't say.
    WELCOME HIM BYR HE HAS HIS WAY WITH MNE SEVER4ALM 6TIMES BEFOR HE HAWS TOLEAVE FOR SCHOOL SBF FOR THE REST IOF THE DAY HUIS CUM LEAKS FROM M7Y ERLL USED PUSS Within just a few minutes when he gets home from school he's right back at fucking me and this time I'm fucking him back for he's gotten to me big time I .we go on like this daily and I'm sure we're gonna get caught one of these days..

  • U ok?

  • Moms should teach their sons about human body and when they start masturbating. Likewise dads should do the same to their daughters when they have had their first menstruation. This way the children will not have to get sex 'education' from porn, classmates, and gay or lesbian persons. And whatever you do will remain within the privacy of the family.

  • I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!! Real safe sex education

  • Should moms give their sons head?

  • Yes she needs to show him no woman will ever make him cum harder than her

  • Lol. I think it's about love and affection between a mother and son. There is normally a strong bond and it's only natural for a mother to take care of her son's needs.

  • How old to start?

  • The same way you start with most people. Start being more affectionate and some clever flirting. Spend lots of time together and compliment her on her body and looks. Say stuff like I enjoy being close to you.

  • That's not an answer...

  • It is an answer. What sort of answer were you looking for?

  • "how old to start?"

  • Exactly how I said

  • You did not say an age.

  • I would say 14 onwards. But thats my personal opinion.

  • My mom started way younger, maybe too young for people here, but i don't care, i loved it.

  • How young??

  • I dunno if i wanna say, lets just say i couldnt ejaculate yet.

  • Did you still find it enjoyable?

  • I could still have orgasms.

  • Of course.

  • It wasn't my mom it was my aunt but its no one's business if mom's suck there son's cocks

  • I just think its hot

  • Yep it is!

  • I remember when my son started insisting on calling me mom instead of mommy. I wondered if a blowjob would make him call out for "mommy!" and asked if I could try something. I was right!

  • Lol. I'm sure your son would do or say anything you want for a blowjob

  • Or screamed it i mean

  • Oh i didnt tell him I was gonna make him say "mommy" i just did it and he said it spontaneously!

  • When i was 14 i use to lay on my back jacking off while my meaty cock friend would face fuck me. Now I'm 58 and wish I could do this again while my wife watches us.

  • What a nice mom

  • If we could provide some photos or some else could of what we are writing about like when I writ"He was mouth massaging a cock head"there is a small photo with a young studs head and a cock in his mouth with cum dripping out of the corner of his mouth" What about showing very shorts videos of what the guy writes just a small "cumming man cock" something like that!!

  • My cousin sent his 17 year old son over to mow my lawn and while he was doing this I was laying on the side of the pool nude from a morning swim. I was most asleep when he finished and stripped down and dove into the pool. Man I was really turned on at his great butt and that he had at least 4" of cock hanging down. I dove in after him and we horsed around pushing each other under etc then I got out and sat down on the edge of the pool with both heels on the edge of the pool spread so that my half hard 7" cock stood out. He swam over and to my joy bent down and sucked up my cock head and then put his index finger into my ass-hole finger fucking me and sucking wad after wad up the length of my cock thru my very sensitive twitching cock head and swallowed every wad of my cum. Man I lay back and rolled up on all fours so he could give me supper ass fucking!!

  • Man had a super time this morning. Had a physical with a new Doctor and when he started checking my cock. balls and ass I got a hard on. He made an apology but said he had to check those things while at the same time fondling my hard on. I sat up about this time on the exam table and so that his left pant leg was extended as far as it could go well needless to say I felt him up and we did a 69 on the table he was fantastic with a rather fat 8" cock with fore skin that I loved tonging back and tasting his throbbing meaty cock head and pre-cum. Wanted to taste his cum but he decided to give me a butt fucking which was super--we laid there after the 1st fuck and traded places and it felt fantastic to push my cock head into a new guys ass-hole and cum wad after wad with his very tight ass-crack milking my cock!!

  • List and talk about all the great Man on Man (including teenagers) sex U have enjoyed and want to do--My only rule is that guys must clean, deeply clean, and enjoy both top and bottom gay sex pleasures and if its a new guy or guys I have no intro to must use rubbers!!!

  • That’s absolutely disgusting

  • May be but apparently U some kind of a stupid straight stud that does not enjoy the great sexual pleasures of Man on Man sex!!!

  • I'll bet Ur even too stupid to get together with a hot horny stud and find out how it feels for the two of U to just fondle and play with each other cocks and balls getting hard enough for both Ur cocks to ooze pre-cum--bet U money U wont be able to stop once U both cum and U will also become a great cock sucker from what U

  • One other thing is that U should not only cum suck each other in a 69 but make sure Ur both deeply clean so U can enjoy being rimmed and tongue fucked--also always be deeply clean because after a great fuck in the ass it feels so good to have Ur fucker licking and the cum off of Ur ass-lips and tongue fucking Ur ass-hole--by the way when fucking a buds hot ass its also a great pleasure to have his long hard throbbing hunk of man meat to fondles. play with suck and jerk!!!!

  • One thing for sure from my experience in the military I know for a fact that most "Straight Guys" were very pleased and came back for another blow job more than once on the same day and almost with every one got them to jack me off as I sucked up every wad of their delicious cum! You would also be surprised at how man did in fact take up "SECRET COCK SUCKING" while at first they spit out the wads of cum but soon discovered they love the taste and swallowed every delicious wad of my cum!!

  • Why? How can this be disgusting?? Don't you think this is educational and totally loving act? I wish my mum had done this with me!! I think it's great

  • Note my Dad was gone by the time my Uncle and I were enjoying Man on Man sex but from my Uncle and a couple of his other fuck bud's learned that he was just as into Man on Man sex as they were!!

  • I would have loved if my uncle was fucking me hard

  • Boyd_332---Hey bud He not only took my cherry ass but he gave me my fist piece of hot man ass--must say it was fantastic with my cock balls deep humping his hot tight ass feeling his wrinkled ass crack milking the fat base of my hard fucker and jerking him off at the same time--and for sure always jerk a Bud U are fucking as he humps his wrinkled ass-lips twitch and milk Ur fucking cock--I have found that because of the very tightness of a man's wrinkled twitching ass-crack I get a better fuck than from a loose pussy--man I'll take man ass his twitching ass creak and having his big throbbing hard onn to jerk off as I

  • How did you arrive at the family section of a site called naughtyposts?

  • If its truly "naughtyposts" then man on man sex must be part of that!!

  • Have tried both man on man and man on woman and found out that fucking a hot studs very tight ass-crack was a good as a woman's but she doesn't have a great set of man cock and balls to play with taste and use!!!

  • I leaned how hot man on man sex was from my Uncle and learned from him that my Dad, now gone, was into it too--and how much he loved cum sucking and butt fucking 3 and 4 ways and more un-broken rule all must be free of all gay/straight sicknesses

  • Exactly right

  • My mom taught me the pleasure of pussy sex when I was about to reach puberty ... Since then we fondle, massage each others boobs and suck on our nips, eat each others pussy till we reach orgasms. She has a bf and she plans to introduce him to me soon after I reach 18...

  • Geez, that was soo hot. I mean I don't know if I could have ever accepted that from my own mom, but still I gotta say...he was pretty lucky. I mean any teen would be happy to be sucked off by an experienced woman. I wouldn't say that you should do him or anything , but you may have contributed on him having a type of woman he's into.

  • The fact that they are mother and son makes it even hotter.

  • Mother/son sex is super hot! Given the chance I would of fucked my mum.

  • Fuck yeah I would have loved to fucked my mom

  • Who wouldn't! Wish I'd been brave enough to try. I used to fantasize about it so much. Looking back on it now I really think it could of been possible!! So anyone who is considering sex with their mother, a least try and do some research on flirting!!

  • Mothers should initiate

  • Maybe, but sons can initiate too. Sons need to know it's ok to approach their mums for sex or some form of sexual activity.

  • Sure... i mean the very first time

  • Ok, I understand

  • God you all are sick go on the Jerry Springer Show and tell everybody about your sick lust.

  • If U are so disgusted why are u such a DUMB SHIT hanging out here and reading every thing. I am betting while U read all "this bad stuff" u have Ur cock in hand and are jacking off!!!!!!!!!

  • People hate what they don't understand

  • What's so sick about a mother and son? I think it's hot and more importantly educational!!

  • What's if anything is sick about man on man sex it is in practice all over the world!! I was in the Air Force and did tours in Europe, Japan and Australia and in every country found a very large number of hot horny gay guys

  • In advanced countries in Europe and Asia, mother-son sex is totally legal. In Japan it's part of everyday life. It's only in sick countries, such a the UK, where homosexuality is permitted and incest is not.

  • What age do japanese mothers start?

  • I bet its when she sees his 1st young Hard On!!!!

  • Good question! What age?

  • Up to each individual mom

  • I would of loved my mum to do this for me!!

  • My mom started pretty young. probably too young for even people here, but i dont care, all i felt was overwhelming pleasure.

  • As long as you are ok with it who cares what others think. A mother knows when the time is right.

  • Theyre just jealous anyways

  • Totally. People hate what they don't understand. If it comes from love it can never be a bad thing! Mother should be encouraged to do this and more!

  • Before my mom started she said she was gonna show me how much she loved me. i was screaming just like the son in the op

  • Lovely! So amazing

  • Real home sex ed. a mother's duty. so loving as well.

  • I couldn't agree more! As a teenager I used to really want my mum to be more intimate with me and I would fantasize about masturbation with her, Oral Sex and even sex.

  • Mothers should definitely be their sons first orgasm, and second, and third and 100th lol

  • Lol. Mothers and sons should be allowed to have sex anytime they like. I remember the first time I had sex with mother and the realisation of you're about to cum inside your own mother! So hot!

  • My mom started with handjobs. ill always remember the first one that started it. legalize this hot sexual activity.

  • I totally agree. It is so beneficial, especially to teens and above!!

  • Earlier

  • Disagree

  • Oh ok

  • So how did you end up in the family section of a site called naughtyposts?

  • This guy is only on here to cause trouble. Ignore him.

  • Man U are too stupid not to realize and understand that male on male sex has always been here is loved and to date i have never met a guy even if he prefers male/female sex that hasn't tried male and male and from time to time loves a good cock sucking 69 and most times trading a great fuck!!!!!

  • Just jealous i bet lol

  • Exactly!

  • My stepson who is 15 I basically did the same to him but I went a step further ended up ridding his cock cow girl kissing him and he came in me deep and man did he ever fill me up. Now we have sex three times or more daily. Gee;s even cane up behind ne in the kitchen snd fucked me from behind while fixing dinner said I was just to damn sexy and he got horney. God have created a monster but I sure love him,
    I am 33 years young

  • I'm 42 and have a 16 year old stepson, i have to confess i often have these naughty fantasies but in my case I know they'll always remain just fantasies. I would be way too nervous and scared of people finding out.

  • Have you tried flirting with your son to see if those fantasies may become a reality. If you're thinking about it, you know you want it.

  • Hot!

  • When my father left us mother became a lesbian and told me that she was going to make sure that I didnt grow up to be like my father. When it came time for the sex talk she told me that girls would never be interested in me so I needed to learn how to satisfy men because I would be a wife for some gay man some day. She sent me to stay with her gay brother every weekend and he taught me what being a sissy is and what I needed to know about pleasing men. I loved being totally feminized and was so eager to learn how to be a good sissy wife

  • Sex education should be taught at home! It is the best way to learn and the safest.

  • And the hottest.

  • Very true!!

  • Well now... looked up tsgtdick and found out that you are a man, so this is bullshit!!

  • Don't understand this STUPIDITY love sex and man on man sex is a great pleasure!!

  • Good job detective

  • I think you should have let him give you oral pleasure as well. teach him how to do it so he doesnt look like an idiot the first time with some other girl. my aunt taught me and taught me well. she told me that there is no embarassment about asking what the girl wants or likes, so i have asked every girl i have been with and they appreciate it because i always give them the rock breaking world spinning orgasm they want.

  • Your aunt was so right to do that! My mum taught me everything including intercourse which was amazing! Every mum should give her son practical sex lessons!

  • Would love to read a response to my

  • I will never forget the 1st time I tasted my Dad's 7.5" cut cock, all I was able to suck up at 13 was about 3.5 inches but jerked the fat base of his cock--that 1st time he made me suck up 3 loads of his delicious cum--Note he sucked up my boy cock too, man his hot wet sucking mouth on my cock all the way down to my balls and he told me, which I did, was to fuck face--note the whole time he was finger fucking my small

  • Did U teach him to suck off Ur Big Throbbing Daddy Cock???

  • Man after that we have great Man on Man sessions from jerking, sucking to 69's and butt fucking on a regular basis--man its a fantastic way to drain several wads form Ur

  • Well what you did your 13 year old son his first blowjob ..well he got to experience a truly amazing blowjob from you ..As long you did not have inetercourse [ you f--k him or you let him f--k you ] then one blowjob you gave to your son ..I guess you could think of as a learnig lesson.

    BTW .....Handjobs are under-rated the male / boy really loves having his dick stroked, the mushroom head of his c-ck rubbed, touched and his penis milked and the feeling of a girl (or ) woman's hands milking his c-ck making him "Cum"

    Handjobs are GREAT !!!!!!!!

  • Thy are great but nothing like a hot Bud's mouth massaging Ur cock head, while massaging the fat base of Ur cock with one hand and finger fucking Ur ass-hole massaging Ur prostate with the other--note that getting banged in the ass and Ur prostate massaged is a great fuck!!

  • By the way every guy I now that has butt fucked a buddy's hot very tight a mans wrinkled ass-crack is and does not stretch at all but stays very tightly wrapped around his fuckers fat cock working it lake a very tight pussy!!!!!! might add that when he works his ass crack on my fucking cock its one of the bests fucks I get!!!

  • U may think that "Handjobs are Great" but bet money U have never enjoyed and cock head mouth massaging blow job along with getting Ur prostate massaged!!! If U have U would know better!!!

  • Some one already said the first paragraph, which means it is you OP or just someone taking it further. who cares which

  • From another mother, i think its beautiful that you were the first woman to enjoy your sons wonderful love cream

  • I think its a mothers duty to be the first everything for her son. but you dont have to wait til cum erupts finally. you boy can still have orgasms.

  • I started sucking my son's cock when he was 7, and he had some fantastic dry cums.

  • He mustve been screaming so loud

  • Well what you did your 13 year old son his first blowjob ..well he got to experience a truly amazing blowjob from you ..As long you did not have inetercourse [ you f--k him or you let him f--k you ] then one blowjob you gave to your son ..I guess you could think of as a learnig lesson.

  • Nothing wrong with intercourse between a mother and son.

  • Mothers should give their sons frequent blowjobs sucking out their jizz

  • I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.

    I won't go into much detail , But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first orgasm ever. which eventually escalated through all the steps to having sex after a few weeks

    I have struggled with this all my life, was it ok or not? How could pleasure not be ok? Throughout adolescence and leading to now, I continued to often look up adult content on incest. How do you think I came here lol? Some of the stories are really hot, porn in the written word.

    There are times when I think that I was the luckiest guy in the world when it started and still agree. if you are disgusted by incest in general, and are mother to a young son, then I'll say youre missing out on the hottest sex in the world

    Do I wish she hadn't done it? Depends on the day. I can only ever think of one thing I would change. She always turned the light off before anything, i realized I would have wanted her to leave on a little so i can see her. More often I wish incest was viewed positively. I'm not saying everyone should have a sexual experience with their parents, or that if they did, that it had be enjoyable. Mine was. Very comforting :-D.

    I'll try to answer questions if I find one I am comfortable with but more seeking advice about processing such events please...

  • Its me: I forgot to say, that she has died, and that is what triggered this fixation all over again which had been a repressed memory.... so.... yeah I also have stretches of guilt and shame. They can go from that to hypersexual in a few hours I hope I convinced you and others that I am real and I want only serious replies. I know some what I said is nonsense but welcome to my brain

  • This is perfectly natural. I have made love to my mum many times.

  • How is the sex between you and your mom does she give you blow jobs

  • Yes, oral sex is something we both enjoy. Having sex with my mum is most exciting experience of my life and the sex is really intense and very passionate.

  • How old were you though?

  • I started at 14.

  • I started at 8. I know thats too young for lots of people but i dont care, for me it was amazing.

  • What a sexy little story. IMO you should have begun this several years ago, but I might be biased because mother sucked me off when there was barely any semen produced even with her blowjob skills.

  • "I guess my mom's pride kicked in at that moment, if I had decided to suck my sons cock, well no other woman was going to suck his cock as good as his mother did the first time."
    every mother needs to do exactly this. youre preparing him for girls his age but nothing wrong with sucking him off like a champ regularly

  • 100% agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ]Are you a mother or son?

  • it really is the hottest sex there is. my mom started with handjobs with ky warming lube when i was probably too young for even the people here but i dont care, i remember it clearly and fondly

  • Should have let him Fuck you and even do your ass.. let him know you like it and that he can fuck you any time he wants. He's probably been thinking about it anyway.

  • You should really follow up on that. Start wearing less and less around the house to encourage him about learning about the female body and learning how to really satisfy a woman. Or maybe be nude.

  • This how every mother should be with her son. It really is the best way to learn.

  • So right you are.

  • Definitely should start way younger though... with gentle handjobs at bath time. loved it.

  • I partly agree with what you say ..[ i think it would be okay to give him ( your ) son a gentle handjob ..and touching every part of the boy's c--k stroking it ..touching his balls playing with them ..touching and rubbing the tip of his penis ..I thik it would be okay to bring him to such wonderful feeling as to make him explode and shoot his cum

  • But even if he cant cum he can still have orgasms, i only remember alittle but when she gave me my first handjob and I neared orgasm i cried out "mommy! somethings happening mommy! whats happening" and she answered "just showing how much i love you" and she sped up the jerking while I moaned and screamed. never stop jerking till after he has an orgasm it feels amazing.

  • I bet your cunt was soaking wet why did you not let him lick you as that is what you would have liked .

  • I used to rub my moms back a-lot. Not sure how it got started but one day I was rubbing her inside of her thigh area and I kept creeping inside her undies. I kept pushing the limits and she never moved or got mad. I ended up sliding my fingers inside her undies and feeling her wet pussy lips. She never said a word.

  • Dude can you let me f your mom

  • I am a single mother of a 13 year old son who lately has been asking me some very sexual questions and I don't really know or want to answer him truthfully for he has been getting to me .

    Well it was bound to happen and we ended up having sex when he came into my room and caught me masturbating. Her came up to me hard cock in hand and told me I was going to get what I need for a long time. I started to get up but he pushed me back onto my bed and got right on top of me and started rubbing himself on my vulva and slowly entered me getting about half of himself in me and gave me several kisses telling me he never knew how good this felt having himself inside of me and began giving me what I needed for a long time a good fucking.

    For the past even months he sleeps with me and we make love every night and morning. I know it's wrong but I can't help myself for I have fallen even more in love with him.

  • There's nothing wrong with mothers jerking blowing and fucking their sons as long as he doesn't say stop, which he won't. But its your duty to introduce him to orgasms and when oral happens, be sure to swallow his cum or take it all over your face. Tell him youre teaching him to be prepared for a girl his age, but also tell him like the original poster: "no one is going to suck your dick as good as I will." But also make it clear that if any girl ever hurts him, mommy will comfort him.

  • Great idea!!!!...... Two people getting what they need and satisfied at the same time. Follow through now.

  • I always woke my kids up for school and my son was a typical boy, very stubborn to get up in the mornings. I could walk in there and talk to him for five minutes before he even moved around at all. I came into his room one morning and he was half out of his covers with most of his lower body uncovered. He had on pajamas but they did nothing to hold back his erection and as I walked up to the bed the opening on the front of them was spread out from his erect penis and I could see the base and pubic hair through it. I stopped and stared for a moment before coming to my senses but during that whole time I was actually thinking about touching it. I was thinking later on that some girl is going to be happy with him when that part of his life happens.

  • Go know you really want to.

  • This shit need repottig uno

  • And you need to learn how to fucking spell, you arsehole!

  • I had a step mom do the same thing to me when I was around 17, I think she really just wanted a younger cock because we had quite a hot sex life for about two years.

  • I am completely blind without my glasses on but I hate showering with them on so I leave them next to the shower. I was rinsing off and saw some movement over by the door but it was all just blurry dark shapes. I am a single mom as well and realized that my son was getting up in age and wondering what a women looks like naked. This was before the internet was a common deal. I just ignored him and let him have his fun spying on me knowing that I cold not see him. One morning I was getting all his dirty clothes out to wash and ended up with a smeared hand of sperm, I was more careful after that but was glad to see he figured out how to masturbate at least.

  • Show him a better way with a helper.

  • Wow

  • Last Saturday my 16 year old son gave me a fucking I'll never forget as long as I live.
    I'm 33 yes I had him when I was only 16 and for 16 years we have always been close but now we're a whole lot closer.
    I'm not married and I haven't been with a man ever since I got pregnant by my BF and when he found out I was pregnant he left and never has paid one cent child support and I have worked and raised my son by myself.
    Saturday morning I guess it was bound to happen for he's been teasing me a lot even patting my ass I was still in my night gown getting ready to do a load of laundry and he came up behind me took hold of my hips and pulled me close to him and he had a good stiffy, wasn't long till he had my night gown up on my back and his cock ball deep in me I tried getting him not to do anything but my words became garbled and useless. He'd stop holding himself in me kissing the back of my neck and told me " Mom you've been needing this for a long long time" kissed my neck again and slowly started in fucking me again. All day or for the most part we made love over and over ending up on my bed and for the night as well. it's now Tuesday and yes we've made love ever since three and four times a day and now he sleeps in my bed with me for that's where he's at right now sleeping like a little baby all tuckered out, as for me god I needed a man and now I got one, so what if he's my son.

  • Isn't it awesome how your young stud has the energy to fuck you so much. How many orgasms for each of you per day and how many hours of penetration per day?

  • A great ending.

  • God! That's lovely! Do you guys make out?

  • Yes and he's becoming very talented.

  • He'll make some woman happy.....someday!

  • Im fucking my ten year old daughter. Im a single father............

  • My 10 year old daughter, Natasha, has the tightest pussy any man could wish for. I'm married, and my wife fucks our 14 year old son.

  • Now that's TOO YOUNG......PEDO

  • No pussy is too young once the kid enjoys it.

  • You are?

  • That is sick

  • You just state that due to being brainworshed by society's archaic, puritan mores. The rest of us acknowledge the REAL world, which embraces healthy, new concepts that fundamentally prove the old standards were mostly fallacy anyhow.

  • How do you not hurt her? Does she like it?

  • Are you there. If your gentle and use lube it does not hurt. She does have the sweetest little dazed look on her face. She actualy came onto me over a year ago. She loves me too finger her and lick her bald pussy and play with her little tiny breast buds and lick them. She will masterbate on sofa in lounge naked in front off me. It realy makes me hard as she pulls her bald pussy lips open. Love her tiny clit and pink folds. Shes just learning too suck daddys cock. Love looking at her face with my cock in her mouth. Her hands barely fit around my cock. Have you any children..

  • SICKO...

  • Would you please give me a demonstration!

  • Bullshit.

  • I wish i could give to a little boy that much pleasure .

  • How little?

  • As soon as you think "now i will stop depriving my son of orgasms." start with handjobs if you want, theyre underrated.

  • Handjobs are under-rated the male / boy loves having his dick stroked, yanked, milked and the feeeling of a girl (or ) woman's hands milking his c-ck making him "Cum"

    Handjobs are GREAT !!!!!!!!

  • When my mom gave me a handjob first time, she went so fast and squeezed so hard that as I approached jizzless climax, I said "MOMMY SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. IM SCARED." And then she stopped for one moment and said, this will show you how much I love you baby. back to it. and I screamed for a full 30 seconds as she did not slow down during orgasm.

    Its the moms that DONT do this that are being abusive and negllectful. society has it backwards. Legalize incest and exempt parents from age of consent laws.

  • I am 26 and I have a 17 year old step son who is my son now for his father was killed two months ago cause of a industrial accident. I still grieve missing him a whole lot and his/my son has been paying a lot of attention to me making it a lot , but in a way worst. He is so much like his father it isn't funny.
    Last Thursday morning I walked into his bed room to get the dirty laundry and there he was back to me watching porn on his PC and it caught my eye and I froze. Unable to speak to him trying to make my presence known to him but my eyes were glued to his screen and I was getting wetter by the minute, my pussy twitched and I was pushing myself against my crotch of my pants and I had a little orgasm and then my son turned and saw me he didn't react the way I would have if I was caught by my mother at his age but no he came up to me took his hand and raised my head up and kissed my lips taking hold of me and kept kissing me I tried to break away from him but being 5' even weighing 99 lbs and he 6'1" and 150 lbs I was no match for him. What really got to me was when he unbuttoned my shirt and I wasn't wearing a bra and he pressed his bare chest against mine and held me there and I melted into his arms.
    We ended up having sex for three hours and him cumming in my unprotected pussy three times. I kept telling myself we can't but we did time and time again.
    It's been four days and I bet we have had sex 20 times already and this morning we watched porn together for that is what he wanted to do and he started in doing me just like they were on the screen and I let him. He even took my virgin ass and cumming in me there and he asked if I ever have had Black and I told him no you're just fine and he started in talking to me about a 3 some and I told him NO, how about a orgy he asked I told him no one can know about you and I, now I don't know what to think.

  • Thatta girl. Keep going.

  • The horse is out of the barn so to speak and there's not much you can do about it to right things in an immediate sense. You can though start putting some amount of limits on things begin putting the brakes on this affair. You may do well encouraging him to find girlfriends and even moving out of the house once he reaches age 18.

  • When I was growing up my Mom had "the talk" with me about sex and said I needed to know what a gloryhole was. She said she preferred if I learned it from her, rather than from someone else. She showed me a few videos, and it was awkward but pretty exciting.

  • Didn't you offer to makeshift one?

  • Im a single dad too almost eleven year old girl and wanted too know about sex and masterbateing and last week I descided too show her. I stripped her and lay her on my bed and licked her hairless pussy and fingerd her. I sucked her little bumps on her chest and little pink nipples and last night popped her preteen cherrie and although was only able put my dick in copil inches. Her little rectrum is next and I have put my cock in her tiny mouth and came in her mouth and she gagged a bit but swollowed lots off it and look realy cute as it dripped from side off her mouth onto her chin and then chest and everywere else. Im able too cumm in her as she has not had her periods yet.

  • SICKO!!!

  • I totally agree. The moron can;'t even spell correctly!

  • I know how you feel. I'm a widower, and I fuck my 9-year-old daughter almost every night. After the first couple of fucks, she began to like it. Now I hear "Fuck me, daddy," almost every evening. Her bald cunt is so tight that I would never fuck a woman even if she pleaded with me.

  • Another SICKO!!

  • You're the SICKO! reading these posts and complaining about the. I'm only sorry that you couldn't get it hard enough to fuck your own mother and daughter.

  • Hi. Good to hear, I'm not the only one, who does experience this. My wife has been in Hospital when our Daughter (10 then) in the Morning came to me and cuddled me under the sheets. I did not feel good because of the long time havin no sex, I had an erection. She touched it by accident first, then she took hold of it and jerked me. I think fist it has just been curiousity but by the time she seemed to like it. I never forced her to anything, but I let her do, what she wanted. Before her mom came back from Hospital, she gave and recieved oral (and loves it). The Evening before her mom came back, she gave me her virginity.

  • Are you there...

  • Are you there. Im singel father too a ten year old daughter and do same most nights. Whats your little baby look like. I love preteen pussy also...

  • Then what will happen when she gets older?

  • Are you there. I have three daughters and want share stories. Whats your daughter look like...

  • Hi I have a daughter 8 with the cutest pussy ever.when she was 6 I licked her and one time I worked my head in her bum and came .she didn't mind but then my wife caught me licking her and my world came to an end .my wife forgave me and didn't report me but I never even see my daughter nude anymore. My wife was used by her father and rented to his friends since she was 4 so she hates incest

  • Did you put your dick in your daughters mouth

  • Is pedophilia and incest becoming a thing? Trump for president!

  • NO!!!! "Pedophilla and Incest" have been around for ever and practice in every country in the world including the Leaders and Presidents in some countries thru out history--there are even religious references and are a practice by some groups !!!!

  • Trump is the ( p-ssy grabber ) he is a foul mouthed pig !

  • You sick fuck I hope you go to jail and die

  • Another poor bastard whose mother refused to let him fuck her!

  • Someone need to take your ass to the police and have you thrown in jail for the rest of your life

  • Well think about this if they Did put him in Jail he'd have all the hard throbbing meaty cock and hot man ass he wanted!!!!!!!

  • True

  • Shes so sweet..

  • I was 23 and I had a step son from my husbands previous marriage who was 14 his father wasn't around and he asked me about oral sex. Well I blew the talking part big time and ended up giving him a blow job and I got carried away. He was uncut and a good 7 inches a bit more than his father and he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth like he already knew what he was doing and when he came he grabbed the back of my head and pushed all of his cock into me going down my throat a bit and filled me with his cum. he tried keeping himself in me but I needed air and I started to hit his chest and he pulled out of me and then I told him I needed to breath and we both laughed. We layed there on his bed him still having a good stiffy and I took hold of him and glided my hand up and down slowly jerking him off and he told me not to stop and bent down and kissed the top of my head and I continued then he blew me away and asked if a guy cums inside of a girl does it feel the same? Ok for speaking of your father yes but a lot harder and he said I can't believe that well you'll just have to get a girl friend and he said I have one YOU I told him that can't be for I am married to your father and we can't do anything else or he might find out. He said I wouldn't tell him would you? No I said but still we can't and he rolled over on top of me and started in kissing me just as if I was his and I couldn't help myself I started in kissing him back and the next thing I knew we both were on his bed naked and he was giving me a good fucking, I even rode him cow girl and reverse and he even took me doggy and as wet as I was I really got carried away when he missed my puss and rammed himself right into my ass just as he came going deeper and deeper holding onto me then he said god Jill I love you so much and kissed my neck sending shivers throuout my whole body and I had another mind blowing orgasm.


  • We talked for a long time and kissed quite often and before we got up ended up having sex one more time. Yes I gave myself to him willingly and to this day we have sex when ever we're alone for a few hours.

  • Okay then, here we are over a year later. Her son is 14 and no doubt well versed in the act of coitus with his mother by now. That was an easy read. She did mention that the first thought she had upon eyeing her son's Penis was that it was just like his dad's. If she isn't getting her vagina filled with her son's semen regularly, this broad has mental/emotional issues she's ashamed of.

  • When I have a son I'm going to please him orally every single day of his life

  • Man that is Super, I have 2 sons now both in their 20's and we still enjoy fantastic man on man sex & yes when they were younger 13 @ 14 I let them double fuck me and loved the feel of there two boy cocks rubbing against each other as the cum fucked my hungry Dad's ass and no that has all stopped we all three fuck each other often but there is a point when it would be stupid to be ram fucked and hurt by there two big throbbing

  • Ur fucked up

  • Yes and I love it "Fucked Up" there is such great pleasure in Man on Man Cum Sucking, Jacking Off and Butt Fucking and U "Don't Know Damn Well What the Fuck U are missing!!" U must really be a "Sick Bastard" if this all bothers U so much to keep reading it all--Hell I bet Ur jacking off the whole fucking time actually really turned on by Cum Sucking and Butt Fucking!!!!!!!!

  • Go to fucking jail

  • I'll bet good Money that the whole time Ur self satisfying Ur self and really love being turned on by all this fantastic gay cock sucking and fucking

  • Can i be ur son

  • Man Yes!! Hey "CUM" be my son would live the pleasure of introducing U to all the great fucking pleasures of "MAN ON MAN SEX"

  • Wtf is wrong with you

  • What is wrong with you Dummy--U read all this and jack off too!!

  • Talk is cheap Miss.

  • I once gave in and sucked my son off when he was nineteen, an adult, we both initiated it. We have always been flirty with each other. I thought it was a one time thing, but recently he initiated and gave me really rough oral sex which happens to be my favorite sex play he even had me rim him not taking no for an answer and spat in my face. He really let me have it.Now I am really turned on by him.Should I just stop it? Any and all comments no matter how harsh would be appreciated
    A divided mother

  • I really wish I was your son. Nothing better than having a fuck buddy with a kinky twist and no awkwardness.

  • It's very good you satisfy your son's needs fully. You must have taught him fuck the right way till now? I was fucked by my mom at age 14. It all started with a handjob which me lust her.

  • My son has always been the type that when he goes to sleep a freight train through his room would not disturb him. He had a morning class one semester and I was thinking to myself nothing is going to get him out of bed that early and he is going to fail this class. I started going in and waking him up an hour before he had to leave the house. One morning when I walked in he had rolled around quite a bit and had no covers over him. His penis was sticking straight up and out of his shorts, I about screamed at first but then my reaction turned into desire. I could not believe one of my first thoughts was to play with my sons penis.
    So I believe that there are single moms out there like myself that would do that but I was able to control myself and cover him up then wake him. But what amazes me is sometimes when I start to open his door I wonder if his penis will be exposed.

  • I am completely with you. I experienced that with my boy when he was 13. he did not have an giant cock, I think it was just a normal cock for a boy that age. I did not know, what got in me but suddenly I was kneeling beside his bed and hat this Boycock in my Mouth. I never experienced something this weird and hot at one time. He quickly came into my mouth and still was sleeping. I don't know, if he knows, what I did

  • That one made my clit throb so I had to finger my self to a huge orgasm.

  • Nice

  • How old are you hun..

  • For eleven years I hadn't seen my son's penis then one morning I went into his room to gather his laundry and there he was laying on his back and his cock was standing straight up and god he was bigger than his late father's and I got turned on just at the sight of him. I hurriedly gathered his laundry and left leaving the door open when returning he was still laying there and I for some reason went in and sat on his bed beside him and eventually my hand took hold of his hard cock and slowly started in jerking him off. I guess thirteen years without having a cock in me got the best of me for I removed my bath robe and got over him taking him deep in me and his eyes popped open him saying out loud MOM and I layed down upon him telling him just to lie there and let me enjoy him but no he started in fucking me driving me to my first orgasm with him then he started in sucking on my nipples and that was all it took.
    He never made it to school that day and all week end he must have fucked me 20 times.
    I love my son and I love my lover even more, at 17 he is quite the lover.

  • A morning blowjob/fuck would definitely get me motivated for the day...

  • It is a big taboo but to be honest I think its a natural reaction for a woman to have. You are a woman after all, you love him and he is a man who gets erections and has a cock that you might like. Whether you decide to explore that side or not is really up to you, but if a single mother out there decides to explore it I dont think anybody whould judge

  • There's no doubt that it is natural reaction for a woman. As such, certainly & naturally people will judge it.

  • Bullshit

  • Don't you think that if she was bullshitting, she would have tried to make it sound a lot more nasty than she is? She got asked if she took her clothes off while giving her son a BJ, & she replied by saying she kept her undergarments on. I don't think she's bullshitting at all. I sense 100% truth in all of her responces. Perhaps you should know the facts first before you judge.

  • My mother gave me oral sex when I was 14. I liked it but felt confused and ashamed. After the third time. I told my father as I was at my wits end.

    My father's reaction was to beat my mother severely. He was inconsolable shouting and screaming and calling my mother many nasty names for a few days. Later in the week it got drunk and beat me.

    Over the next month my father beat my mother a few times and me a few times. Later he forced me to give him oral sex and he also raped my mother. One week later he killed himself. Both Mum have and me suffered for the rest of our days. I am 48 and have never had a relationship in my life. My mother passed away a few years ago and she blamed herself for the devastation our family suffered.

  • Okay first we'll get the crap out of the way. i.e. A MAN CANNOT RAPE HIS WIFE, PERIOD. Liberals fabricated that as a scare & it works for a few.

    Now, 14 is a bit young for any scumbag to be selfishly pleasing her desires with, even when it is her own child, for the reasons you outlined. Surprisingly, it isn't too young for a girl for totally different reasons. Furthermore, it's instinctive for them to be sexually objectified.
    Anyhow, your mother knew she deserved the beatings & was certainly sure to keep quiet about it when she knew the alternative. I'm betting that he had reasons to beat her previously anyhow so she was seasoned to it.

    What is puzzling is why your departed father took his own life.
    To that point, your mother set this chain of events in motion thus ;
    it's only fitting that she suffered the rest of her life after your dad took his.

    It's all fitting for you as well. You didn't need a relationship in your life. Although you may deny it, we're sure your mother took care of any sexual needs you had until she croaked. THAT is spelled out too well.
    I just hope that you drilled her well for her remaining 25 years or so since your father died.

  • By law YES a man CAN rape his wife

  • Any man who rapes his wife and says it's not rape because they are married needs to be drugged, tied up and his wife use the biggest strap on to fuck his ass raw and bleeding, then tell me if you were raped or not

  • Are you retarded? Of course a man can rape his wife you dumb c**t

  • Actually a man CAN rape his wife...its not something fabricated by the liberal agenda...if he fucks her without consent then its rape...marriage doesn't change what rape means.

  • Sorry to hear of it. Really it is taboo and for good reason as you most unfortunately learned. Maybe once upon a time when there was a need to populate the planet but we are far from those days. Hope you are getting the help you need and can get over this devastating event.

  • I really dont think its a strange scenario and happens more commonly than people imagine. Especially with single mothers and hormone raging teenage boys, sometimes things get confused and hey mother nature happens. Id like to know if hes come back to you asking you to do it again?

  • I know that most single mothers think about fucking their sons. Many, like myself, DO fuck them, and the kids not only enjoy it, but soon come to ask their mothers to let them fuck them. Mine is now fucking me a couple of times a night. He can't get enough of his mum's pussy.

  • I did the same thing to my 14 year old son, he to had his dad's penis but a bit thicker and I to got totally carried away. That very same night tucking him in for the night I bent down to kiss him and he wrapped his arms around my head and held me to his lips and I pulled back and he asked if I could do that to him again. I said now and he said no in the morning like you did this morning. god my body began to betray me and I told him we'll see and as I turned away to turn out his light he said tonight if you want to and I about lost it, Gads what did I do to him?

    I slept nude that night for some reason and at 330 am he crawled into bed with me and after seeing me nude he removed his PJ's and got right up next to me.

    At 430 when my alarm went off I rolled over to turn it off and rolled right on top of him and again he was supporting a massive boner which went right against my vulva and that's when he woak up and his first words were "Mom why are you so wet? did you pee? I started to get up and he threw his arms around me held me to him and his cock twitched and I froze. His cock twitched a few more times and I said NOOOOO it can't be happening as he slid his cock into me. God mom you're so hot on my cock much more than your mouth and he began sliding himself in and out of me and I started in matching his thrusts and I got hold of myself and told myself no I can't be doing this and he made me cum on myself and I lost it I went wild upon him and another and another as he came himself deep into me but he didn't stop fucking me for now he was on top of me sucking my nipples as still fucking me and I had three more orgasms and I told him we have to stop, but I don't want to Mom for I love this and I told him he was just like his father all he wanted to do was fuck and fuck and fuck and it's been three years since I had a cock in me and I didn't want to stop either but I said we have to and he made his cock bounce inside of me and I said stop and he did it again

  • Yes, ikt happens a lot more than you think. It happened with me and my mom over 30 years ago, and I loved it all!!

  • Yes he practically begged me to do it and I did. Its happened two other times since the first time I described here. Im not completely comfortable with it but its my son and I completely love the reaction I get from him when I make him finish. I dont think hes getting confused emotionally its just a pleasure thing between us

  • Well, I think you should do it as much as you want. As a grown man now, that had similar experiences with his mom, I loved it and am thankful for it! You should enjoy it!

  • I dont think I would ever be able to "sexually" enjoy sucking my son's cock, If I were to feel that then I might as well fuck him, and thats really not what I have in mind. To me its more like a nurturing thing, like I want to give him that pleasure and he loves it! Our relationship has gotten better since I started sucking his cock too, hes more sweet and responsible, I dont know where this is going to lead and Im pretty sure at some point we'll have to stop

  • Did he ever try getting you out of your clothes? If I was him, I think I'd wanna get you naked & at the very least eat out your pussy.

  • Yes he's asked me about letting him give me oral sex, I thought about it but as I mentioned I dont think I would feel comfortable feeling sexual pleasure out of being with him and I think that would be inevitable if I let him lick my pussy. Letting him fuck me would be almost the same

  • I wish I was your son, I'd show you how a real son fucks his mom. I'd fuck you all day & all night until you couldn't take it anymore, I'd eat that pussy sooooooo good until you squirted dozens of times & I would tongue fuck your pink tight asshole.

  • I experienced the same thing from my mom, but we actually went all the way. She let me fuck her, so I did, I fucked her hard, I munched on her pussy & licked her asshole!!

  • Im ok with giving him sexual pleasure but I dont think I want to feel sexual pleasure myself by letting him fuck me, if I like it that would be very weird and Im afraid I would want to do it again

  • You mentioned you kept your panties on, but you were naked otherwise. Did he suck on your boobs??

  • No, he only stroke them and I used my boobs to masturbate him too. if Im being perfectly honest I did sense a little satisfaction (myself) feeling his cock in and out of by boobs, like fucking.

  • Has he seen you naked??

  • The last time I was giving him a blowjob I took my clothes off, just kept my panties on, I could see he got incredibly turned on by it, I let him touch me a bit, just my breast, legs and my ass but I did it as part of the experience of the BJ I was giving him not because I was planning to go further

  • You seem to want to be in total control of the situation. My son dominates me totally. When I sucked his dick he shoved it down my throat until i almost vomited, and did that about fifteen times, and i got extreme sexual pleasure from it. That is one of the reasons i will probably stop it . Face it, if you are sucking your son's dick you are getting sexual pleasure from doing it, and maybe you should think of submitting to him by letting him do to you whatever he feels like doing to you. That might make your relationship more reciprocal , more honest and more rewarding for both of you, rather than having intense sex as you are denying that you are sexual partners.

  • You should let him fuck you just once, let him taste all your holes & just let him have his way with you.

  • To be honest I never thought Id say this but Im thinking about it, my son has been begging me for it and he is being very persuasive telling me he only wants to lose his virginity with me. I dont know yet

  • Did you let him finally?

  • If he has been begging to fuck you, just give in, allow him to fuck your pussy & asshole all night long.

  • I think you should just stop thinking about it & just do it once. Let him fuck the shit out of you & all your holes. If you did fuck him, & he asked to lick your asshole would you oblige & give in?

  • Did you have sex with him?

  • How's any girl going to compare to mommy now? lol

  • I first gave a blowjob to my son when he was 11 yo. I started fucking him when he was 12. He's 15 now, and puts his cock up me whenever his father is not around. I can't wait for him to get home from school and fuck my aching pussy.

  • Awesme

  • You have a pathetic imagination Mr. Unless she is mostly retarded no mother would describe a scenario like that the way that you did. Nice try but I don't buy it. I was raped many times, my first time I was 4 so I have experienced a lot. If you have any questions about anything it would be my pleasure to help you write stories

  • I wanna hear your stories. Please send me an email at

  • Start writing then and quit your bitching, goddammit!

  • I wasn't his mom but a older sister. My younger brother was living with me being I was 22 and he was 14 and he started in asking me a lot of questions about sex and wanted to know about getting oral sex and I gave him a BJ one he'll never forget and we ended up going all the way even anal.
    I have a steady BF and he don't know what goes on behind our closed doors at night with the 2 of us. Most of the time he comes into my room and spends the night but there has been a few nights I have gone to him specially if he makes love to me early in the afternoon and he isn't all that horney when bed time rolls around I'll go to him and get in bed with him.
    I would say on the average we make love at least once a day but there has been times when we watch porn together we make love maybe 8 times or for several hours at once. He's 16 now and he has become quite the lover and I don't think on my part it will end any time soon.

  • When I was 9 my 13yo brother raped me. It really hurt when he thrust his cock up me. He's 15 now and I've come to need sex from him. I have 2 or 3 orgasms to his one, and he fucks me up to five times in one session. I can't wait to be at home alone with him. We also fuck outdoors. I let him fuck me once against the church wall, and we could hear the hymn singing inside. I came three times with that fuck.

  • You are not alone girl. Factually, the concept you state here has been reported, many times covertly, numerous times over many years, in support of "sexual misconduct". Yours & many other's need to return to the man who treated you to the pleasures of imperative, aggressive sexual relations speaks a firm tone in support of that brand of coitus.
    That stated, I maintain that the 'r' word is a fabrication & more often than not it is a false flag. So much so that the use of the word means nearly nothing anymore.

  • Why dont you teach him how to FUCK? Since you are already at it I think he would find a lot of use in learning how to shove his cock on a womans pussy, he can learn with mom's pussy, show him how hes supposed to dominate you and fuck you like a whore in bed... ohh hes going to love that lesson!

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