Gave a BJ to my son as part of a lesson

When my son turned 13 I had 'the sex conversation' with him, being a single mother he didnt have a father figure to answer all his questions so I knew it had to be me. I also imagined that at 13 he probably already knew what sex was, I went more into the dirty stuff, things he was going to start finding out at parties, things like oral sex, anal sex, fucking different girls, threesomes, orgies, S&M and so on.

He got very interested in oral sex, he started asking me a million questions about it, he asked me what is he supposed to do when a girl is giving it to him, I said "nothing really, just let her know you are enjoying it" He asked me if I could show him how its done, he wanted me to do it to him so he could feel it. I mean I knew I was her mother and I wasnt supposed to be doing something like that but I wanted him to be ready, I guess I thought I could go through the mechanics of giving him a blowjob without feeling sexually aroused and I could let him get aroused only for the purpose of showing it to him.

I told him to lay down in bed and pull his pants down. He already had an erection as soon as he pulled his pants down, the first thing I thought was that he had his father's dick.

I didnt want to think too much about it, I just did it, I went right up to his cock, opened my mouth and started sucking it. I was 38 at the time and I guess I could say I knew how to suck a mans cock really good when I wanted to. I decided to give him a good one, I guess my mom's pride kicked in at that moment, if I had decided to suck my sons cock, well no other woman was going to suck his cock as good as his mother did the first time.

I sucked his dick in every way you can imagine, sucked his balls too, licked them, and even slid my tongue all the way to the beginning of his ass, he was screaming and moaning all the time, I didnt necessarily feel pleasure myself, but I guess I felt satisfaction that I was giving him the ultimate pleasure that he had felt up to that moment in his life.

When I felt in his body that he was about to cum I slid my finger in his ass to massage his prostate and he exploded LIKE A TANK! I didnt know a man could ejaculate that much at his age, he started screaming and he had a very very strong orgasm. I let him cum inside my mouth and I swallowed it all

He practically fainted on top of the bed as he orgasmed, he was orbiting around the world when I finished sucking every drop of semen out of his dick. I didnt know what to say, I knew I had gotten carried away with the whole thing and ended up doing a lot more than what I originally intended. I didnt say anything else, I just stood up and left the room. I went to my room and closed the door, on some level I guess I felt bad but I knew I had left him 100% ready to have sex with any girl after that.

5.3 years ago

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    • A Man Tried on My Dress at Walmart

      I went to go try on clothes in the fitting room and left my dress as I went to try on clothes and then after I went to try on another outfit some man walked out of my Dressing Room and was WEARING MY DRESS. I was completely horrified as I called for assistance from a Walmart employee and showed the man modeling in the store with my dress on and they called Security. After Security showed up the Pervert took off my dress and began running through Walmart in his underwear and I was even more grossed out than I already was as Security chased the Pervert out of the store. I put my dress back on and left the store completely freaked out I really hope they catch that pervert who wore my clothes in Walmart. Next time you go to try on something in the fitting rooms make sure some creep doesn't sneak in to try on your clothes.

    • Fuck you, nigger!

    • I am a man. I am34. I am bisexual. I am divorced. I am In a stable relationship with a great girl.
      I'm a felon.
      I caught new charges this year for some things that happened in 2015.
      I found out about the investigation just over a year ago.
      I spiraled.
      I am doing a lot of meth and having a lot of sex with randoms.
      I'm so far gone and I don't even really care anymore.
      I have consciously given into every vice and no one in my life is aware of any of it.
      I am getting ready for work right now, I'm a waiter, I've been up for a solid 48 hours.
      I have been home alone since 9:00 am , it's 3:30 now and in that block of time I have been fucked twice and let them both cum in my mouth.
      After work tonight I'm supposed to get a coworker high and we're going to fuck some place semi public.
      I'm not working tomorrow and I plan to spend all day fucked up and having sex.
      I am not sure if this passive aggressive suicide or just an attempt to distract myself from the fear of losing everything to another incarceration.
      I lost 3 years last time and I doubt very much I can do it again.
      Mostly I just want it all to stop.
      I fantasize sometimes that one of these CL randoms will just cut my throat as he tears my ass apart with his cock.
      That would satisfy the most perverse parts of me I think.
      Other people don't think this way.
      I am lost and intentionally wandering further into the darkness. A social experiment Tyler Durden would be proud of.
      I just needed to say it. Somewhere. To someone.
      Thanks for listening Dear Reader, whoever you are.

    • Hey Dickhead yeah i'm talking to you, i'm getting tired of you talking shit about feet on this site. Was your dick kicked so much that you have a disdain for feet? Well fuck you, you homophobic bigot, why are you even on this site and you sure like to come back to respond to every comment because you clearly have no life and like to ruin every confession on this site because you're a dumbfuck with no life.

      I bet you're some Trump Supporter who sits in his trailer all day watching Fox News while cooking his meth and having sex with your sister and yet you think the Foot Sniffers are a problem to you and so does the Underwear Models because you're ugly and the only pussy you ever get is grabbing your sister's by her.

      I Hope you die of Covid you fucking loser and it would be one less piece of white trash on this planet that no one will miss. In fact I hope you get your dick cut off too so that way you and your sister don't spawn anymore inbred fucks like you.

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    • Fuck Mark Zuckerberg

      Mark Zuckerburg is a fucking idiot that clearly needs to resign from Facebook because he plays favorites, has let power go straight to his head, and has falsely suspended and banned users over dumbass shit and has profited on his own bullshit.

      There are a number of groups who dedicate themselves to hate and harassment and anytime you report these groups Facebook doesn't lift a finger to do anything about them but you speak out about something and they hit you with a suspension or ban which goes to show how much of a fucking dumbass Mark Zuckerberg really is and why he has let all of the power he's had over the years go straight to his brainless head.

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    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • You got that right.

    • If this is true you have most likely screwed his life up big time. You are already a mess. Therapy for both of you.

    • What are you on about! He just had the best experience of his little young life you wouldn't say that if you saw the way he looked at me when he realised I was swallowing his load.

    • Don't sit there and state you are the original OP from over 5 years ago!

    • My step mom sucked my Penis when I was 12 as we lay nacked in bed.I sucked her boobs and fingered her pussy.She went down on my 11 year old dick and sucked me till I was about to go crazy.I did have a dry climax and got to fuck her that day as .weeks later I started fucking my sis age 9,,better than moms p ussy..verrry tight and guud. Now im in love with cock suking and cum drinking and at 16 Im a cock whore for men for $$..sucking ,eatig cuk,fucking and getting fucked a lot.If Mom only knew what she started in me.

    • Bull shit

    • That is so hot! I wish you were my mommy : )

    • OMG! I love young cock to suck on ....

    • I know right! I have sucked a couple underage boys before and that was hot but the idea of doing your own flesh and blood is hot as!

    • I was able to confirm my wife's infidelity through the help of a cyber genius "Loop" who gave me a remote access through a spytech, I was able to see all my wife's phone activities which in most conversations reveals romantic chats and venues of meetings with her secret lover. It's really heartbreaking to know about her infidelity. You can as well contact this Cyber genis Via WhatsApp + 1 484 540 - 0785 , for his investigative and hacking services, he's a clinical and ethical hacker.

    • Holly shit that is great the first time my mom caught me using a dildo on my self she jumped in and took over and I had the greatest feeling ever when I started cumming and she just put that thing as deapest as she could in me it was out of this wold I was 14

    • My mom did me.

    • Wow I found this disgusting shit by accident and I have to say there are a lot of people here who deserve to be thrown off a skyscraper.

    • Shut up pussy

    • Why?

    • I told my mom that her bf wanted her to suck my diy. She said I bet he does. But I won't.

      I understand you weren't sure what you were to do, but I like your response better than my mom's.

    • I just got a hard on just reading this!!! Tks!!

    • Your one sick fucker , child molester

    • I find it hot tbh, I wouldn't have sex with a little boy because of it ruining my life but I have to say, if I could get away with having sex with a little boy I'd definately do it. The contrast between his little body compared to my adult one as I bounce on his little boy cock and watch his reactions is such a big fantasy for me.

    • If your a mom? I was caught by my mom jerkin off and shot my load ! In front of her ! She just looked at me and smiled!

    • SO good! Good for you! My step mom caught me smelling her panties at 13.

    • Bro what the actual fxck 🤢

    • Mom?..................Mommy?................I need you!

    • Your a good mom. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • I jacked off and came all over myself reading this story. Then I rubbed the cum all over my dick.

    • You troll can ruin the comments all you like with your ctrl-v histrionics, but you will never be able to ruin this original post, which is one of the sexiest on here and you know it.

    • I think all Mom's think of this . I gave my son one at 13 and he was out of this world happy .

    • Wait till he feels himself enter you for the first time. Even if he only has a small cock you'll probably cum from knowing what your doing and how you are literally making him a true "motherfucker"!

    • Several of my friends have admitted to me that they suck their sons' cocks and fuck them. All their sons are in their early teens, and can't get enough sex from their mums. I do the same for my 13 year old son when his father is not around. He also fucks his 7 year old sister. I taught him to suck her clit and give her a cum before he fucks her. At first she didn't like it, but now she asks him to fuck her even when I'm in the room. Some times she sucks my clit while my son's fucking her.

    • Did cum

    • No they don't, you're just a fucking pedo 🤢

    • Way to go

    • Dm please


    • That was hot. I remember my first Blow Job I was 11 the pool man sucked me and I sucked him

    • Fuck off pedo

    • Our gardner fucked me weekly during the summer filling my ass with his cum I soon learned to want him as much as he wanted me. He even taught me three somes with his brother.
      to this day I love Hispanics...

    • Now thats what I call a Swim

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